a scary dream...it made me sick to my stomach...

Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 03:57 pm
I drempt that a few friends and I were in a house.an extremely old,creepy,dusty house that had a network of tunnles under it,with stairs or other makeshift shelters.we were going to destroy a worm that had been eating children.I'm not sure if an apocalypse had happened,or if the worm had made the world this way,but I could tell the world was destroyed outside the window of the tattered house. I know that we didn't see any adults around the tunnled house,we only saw young adults or kids.they were always busy-probably gathering food and such.also,we had seen wild animals, sometimes a deer or a lion wandering around,looking sickly.

There were 5 of us,but two of the people were friends I don't really hang out with much, aquaintences basically. One of my friends Kirby, lived in the house,and was leading us down to the worms so we could kill it.no clue how we were going to do that.she stopped us in a small room with a closet full of clutter and a tattered bed and dirty window.a boy was lying on the floor,relaxing.

she told us this was her boyfriend,and that he was a handful,sometimes liked to claim he was deaf.they started talking,and lion came in a laid down. Her boyfriend stared at it,and started talking about making alliances with the lions in order to survive.he was talking about forming a sort of pack to survive.as he said this,I saw a white rabbit scramble under the bed(although,this could've been my sister's rabbit in reality). I liked his idea,but this wasn't about me.Kirby didn't want to be an animal,she wanted to stay civilized,and be his wife.he laid back,and from his demenor,I was afraid he was going to kill one of us.suddenly,he showed us a ring that looked like a plastic dagger and said jokingly "what if I killed myself?" She seemed irritated but leaned over to kiss him.

One of my friends declared,"alright! I'm leaving." He got up,and the lion saw this and glanced a him.however,he made a weird pose,and continued walking,and the lion ignored him.I realized the lion wouldn't attack if you moved slowly.so I did the same,but stumbled,and caught the lion's attention.he started to follow me downstairs,but something in the room-now out of my view-was more appealing to him.the rest of my friends followed,and they boyfriend came also,but then rushed back.I realized Kirby never came down. Suddenly I heard screaming. Pure agony,just crying and pleading,and it wouldn't stop.the rest of us rushed down the tunnles,but the screaming continued.it got louder,and in between screams,I could hear her desperately trying to form the word 'help'.it hurt so bad,but I couldntve went back.one of the boys covered his ears,and cried.I went over to comfort him,but then I woke up,crying myself.

...what does this mean? I need to know. I've had this dream before,only the stuff in the first paragraph.
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Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 03:59 pm
Interesting recall you have.
Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 04:05 pm
Hah, I lived in Dayton, Ohio from age 6 months to age 5, and later, for a summer at twelve. All a long time ago.

I have complicated dreams that jump around from scene to scene and the people change too.

I gather I am the opposite of you - I ascribe no sense to dreams except that they are discharges of old brain tid bits in no particular order. That any apparent order is written by the waking person.

Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 04:53 pm
Most of the time, if its things I recognize, I know it is my own mind. My dream jumped around to many other things,so I left those out. I assume that when my mind has one theme,they are supposed to mean something I'm not seeing myself,that may be obvious to others. Like if I had a dream-as an example-that I was a puppet,and my friend was controling me,and I told it to someone else,they would come to the conclusion that the friend was taking advantage of me in real life.
Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 04:58 pm
This is your wrap on what passes in your brain.

Why would you care what someone else said? You are constructing dream scenarios because you think all the bits mean stuff.

Of course, whole professions have been developed on this kind of foundation.

Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 05:03 pm
I think you have a creative imagination.

You put your talents in real life into your dreams, sometimes that's how real life talents are born, from dreams.

Our brain will home in on a lot of things, past, present, future all scrambled.

This girl could actually be you, wanting to be married but scared that it will never happen..

Or, simply as usually a lion kills, you dreamt the ending of a death though not with the lion but then another lion could have been there Smile Who knows.

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Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 05:05 pm
Well, I'm not living my life by dream interpretations or anything.

Its just when a dream occurs a lot,I assume it me trying to tell my self something. There's plently of things I deny or push down, and I assume dreams are a playground for emotions and thoughts.if a certain thought or theme keeps appearing, I believe its something I'm ignoring anfd needs to be solved.and if I don't know,I ask various people,and see what impression it gives to others. Maybe they see something that I don't.maybe they see nothing.doesn't hurt to get feedback.
Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 05:15 pm
I think you are wrong. You're imposing your present sense of self on some brain bits.

Have fun, lots of people do that as they wake up.
Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 05:23 pm
-_- you make it sound as if I let dreams direct everything I do and think.that I believe that mystical dream waves determine my being or something. That I'm formulating meaning out of nothing.

I see nothing wrong in presenting a dream,and asking others feedback on what they think of it,as long as I don't let it direct my life desicions and way of thinking.
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Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 05:54 pm
I have very vivid, realistic, scary dreams sometimes too.

There's no direct simple answer to "what does this mean"?

Depends on what these individual components mean to you, and how they come together.

When I have particular type dreams, I think about what's going on in my life at that moment, and how it relates to the dream.

A few times a year, I'll dream about houses. I know for myself it's one extreme or the other, things are going really well for me, or really bad. Nothing in between.
Those dreams will be anywhere from I inherited a beautiful home with so many rooms it just goes on and on, and there's so much good stuff in them, to going into a house and finding my family murdered, or walking in and seeing the lower half of someone murdered in a doorway, realizing the killer is right there on the other side, and me quietly backing out.
That particular dream kept me from getting myself in trouble with something going on with me at the time, as I realized to me it meant to just lay low in the situation going on, and stay under the radar.

I've realized over the years whenever I dream about airports, it means I'm unprepared. Not so much on a surface level, like "I'm not finished with that project", but more like "I'm not prepared to face what's going on in my life right now, I have to get myself together/ready."
Nothing ever good happens to me in an airport in a dream. Always missing my flight, being directed to the wrong area, getting raped by a person who was supposed to be taking me to where I was supposed to be, etc. etc.

I think dreams are your minds way of interpreting your feeling/fears, good or bad and introducing them to your mind so you can make sense of them.

We just tend to pretend like the good dreams are all normal, and the bad ones shouldn't happen, or be remembered.

They are all telling us something, something that we should be paying more attention to when awake. I don't believe they are just random pieces of nothing.

I also have very funny dreams, and have been known to wake myself up laughing.
Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 05:59 pm
That's exactly how I feel about dreams. I don't believe they are nothing. Sue they don't mean that we should let them determine everything we think and feel and do,but its something to make a note of.

I have a few things my dream might mean to me,but I wasn't entirely sure.
Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 07:30 pm
Well, if there are a few things, maybe it was about all of them.

Dreams aren't magic, or premonitions, or from heaven or hell.
They are just extensions of what is going on with you. During your waking hours you absorb everything that's going on around you, but not on a conscious level.

When you sleep/dream, things you may not consciously be aware of present themselves, and epress themselves in sometimes strange (not necessarily bad) ways.

I recently read a book about creating artificial intelligence. Well, actually I just read the first half of the book, as it addressed our brain functions. I wasn't that interested personally in how it's being applied to technology/computers etc. I went into the book knowing I only wanted to read as far as the human brain part.

I learned something. A persons cerebral cortex is (following is a cut and paste from Wikipedia, says it better than I can)....the outermost sheet of neural tissue of the cerebrum of the brain....The surface of the cerebral cortex is folded in large mammals, such that more than two-thirds of it in the human brain is buried in the grooves, called "sulci"

ok, all this folding, all these wrinkles....are like a maze. Again, not in medical terms, but it's working to make connections....it wants everything to connect. When you see (these are my examples) a slice of bread, you may think of a sandwich of course, then a certain type of sandwich, etc.

But what's going on when you have this off the wall, seemingly unrelated to anything thought, like a deer riding a unicycle? Where did that thought come from? It's your brain trying to make a connection somehow between some instances of information your getting from the environment. The electrical impulses in your cerebral cortex and searching, seeking putting together and finally put together something perhaps improbable, but, well, I guess it's the best it can come up with at the moment. It all happens so fast you don't even realize there's anything to connect. You just have a flashing thought of a hula dancer ticked off at the plumber for not arriving on time with the enchiladas.

Your dreams are just happening when your brain is in down time, and can express itself more extravegently and freely.

I kinda feel sorry for people who think it's unusual not to vividly remember dreams, and I really feel sorry for people who say they don't dream. We all do. We just all don't remember.

Then again, I'm sure there's many who remember a lot more than you or I do.

Anyway, I think for myself, dreaming is important to my mental health.
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Reply Mon 8 Jul, 2013 06:59 am
Don't eat White Castle before bed time.

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Reply Mon 8 Jul, 2013 07:12 am
When I was 16, I went camping with two mates and we somehow managed to squeeze into one tent.
I woke up in the morning and told my friends that I had a vivid dream about someone trying to pull my willy off.
My mate over the far side said he'd had exactly the same dream.

Our mate in the middle dreamt that he'd been downhill skiing.

We only stayed the one night.
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Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2015 02:08 pm
You should write fiction.
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