Rap Battle Tournaments

Reply Thu 20 Jun, 2013 12:03 pm
Hey this is a forum for a rap battle tournament ill be hosting and ill get a few judges but if you want in just let me know
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Reply Thu 20 Jun, 2013 02:57 pm
Can I have a cup of tea and think it over for a while?
Reply Fri 21 Jun, 2013 12:39 am
haha yeah homes we got all kinds of time fo we kick this thing off
Reply Fri 21 Jun, 2013 01:08 am
In the end, I had a nice cup of darjeeling and decided to stick with playing bridge, as I don't really have the time to commit to any serious battles at the moment.

Thank you for the kind invitation though.
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Reply Fri 21 Jun, 2013 10:03 am
i want in
Reply Sat 22 Jun, 2013 04:14 pm
sweet homes
war child
Reply Mon 24 Jun, 2013 11:51 am
The definition of war child
In war vet scrolls
Is the vortex flow that made the orbits roll
Yo, it's the morbid foe
That opened doors
With the dopest statements
Which made a potent
For street poets to grow
You can't resist the rhythm
Of this lyricism, the best decision
Is to listen while i thicken
The structure of my writtens
So when i spit'em,
I leave any infrastructure in a state of demolition
When it's my time
Your time stops like a shot clock
Try and **** with me,
And get you cock blocked
Your luck's in vain, like a blood clot
I drop hot lyrics in a drop box over your drop top
My cock's stuck every time that my cock's sucked
These great spars, are straight art
I make scars in brave hearts
With plagued bars,
That place you court side
To witness the raw quartzite
That defines war child in 8 bars
lil host
Reply Mon 24 Jun, 2013 02:45 pm
bro i wanna go in it 2
lil host
Reply Mon 24 Jun, 2013 02:56 pm
@war child,
yo ma flow is deep
i murder rappers when im on ma sleep
war child a pedo yea you creep
i move you of the game like sweep sweep
it aint about winnin it about the champion i keep
the is a rap battle what you doin
ma raps are historical something no one can ruin
i eat rappers i am the lion the king and yea i do it wild
i murder beats and dont creat a war, child
its what the rap game needs
i man that the truth only he feeds
a soldier with an army he leads
a rapper that dont clap a gun to prove that he hardcore
am like the king of this of better of being a man whore
cuz you dont wanna see the lion out of his anger roar
it int about money its about the lyricism i implore
bruv i am just trynna have a challenge reply if you want some more Smile

war child
Reply Mon 24 Jun, 2013 05:40 pm
@lil host,
lil host, you're an ill hoe
and you still hope that you'll spill dope lyrics
hovering from clinic to clinic,
to dispose the dildos' that's built in your spirit
you're not historical,
you're histerical,
and since you " sweep, sweep "
sweep the spilled cheese when you shift off my testicles
I do this unethical and unorthodox on purpose son,
you don't use a gun, cause you're not old enough
to being able to purchase one
call him a child ? you're blind that you wouldn't be inside your mum
if she didn't slurp his cum
and the bitch done gave birth to this ****
if you're a lion king,
you're lying kink
flaunt us a circus stunt,
where you jump after i whip your verses with scourges
cause you a worthless chump
Reply Tue 25 Jun, 2013 12:14 am
@lil host,
sounds good till i can make it official just keep let me know who else wants in and you guys can rap here freely
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lil host
Reply Tue 25 Jun, 2013 01:30 pm
@war child,
bitch i'll eat your brains
i'll set the thunder lightning the hurricanes
and i dont use i gun cuz i am a man without it
not a pussy a go to war with ma fist the truth i'll always shout it
your seconds of life bitch you gatta count it
cuz i take spirits killed the beats from the minutes that i found it
and then talkin about ma family now you crossed the line
am not the bitch who gave his sister a 69
this bitch so hopeless for money he interviewed for a porn channel
they told **** off he cant even give a proper anal
you miss we these verses they'll murder you and throw you notpad in an canal
**** you rhymes
cuz for your ******* career this is the end of times
this is your end on lines
cuz rappers like you i finish them regularly
cuz you stupid if you thought you could've won me!!!

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Reply Thu 27 Jun, 2013 12:26 pm
anyone wanna battle?
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Reply Fri 9 Aug, 2013 04:45 pm
Caution, this is from a serial killer's point of view. Rated R for extreme violence

So chop chop chop chop!
There goes your left hand
Chop chop chop chop!
There goes your right hand
I am a nice man, capable of high stands
But when you're in my "hands"
There'll be a big fight, and

Watch your tongue or I'll cut that too
Trying to decide, what should I do
The body's easy to hide, and we could get through
But the act of killing is hard, even with you
It's so easy to, evade the cops
And not get shot, this kill ain't a flop
FBI most wanted, I come out on top
I always wanted to be famous, so, CHOP CHOP CHOP!

Avoid the alleyways, on Wilshire boulevard
I have nasty ways, of slicing out your beating heart
Finding you is easy, killing you isn't hard
And my escape is breezy, I promised to leave a postcard!

I like painting smiley faces out of my victim's blood
Some call me sadistic but I'm just making fun
When it comes to the gangbangers, I really know them best
I love the taste of the thuggish screaming human's flesh!

Now I'm cuffed, my mouth is stuffed
I'm headed to living hell
It's kind of funny, it's kind of stunning
But there's always a rotting smell...
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