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This song was actually inspired by Rosario to Vampire... But turned out to be dope a.f. Chorus is mostly singing. Then rap verses

When you touch the ground
Don't you melt away
I could ask you nicely
But you'll still change
Into a little puddle
Of mud...

One thousand wishes
And one thousand birds
But no kisses
Despite the thousand words
Since no one listens
When they don't want to learn
It hurt...

Cause all I know it this!

(Rap verse 1)
Blizzard bitterness!
Winter wicked wisp
Like a little lisp
It hinders on the hinge
But in this crysallis
I'm left liverless
So I'm dying quick
Please don't call me doctor
Don't none of you bother
The only doctor better
Was dr. Hannibal lecter
Received a letter
Red dragon kills you off just like Dexter
Mr. freeze, cold as ice record
Ready to hail down, this is winterous weather
So let it strike down, claw of a leapard
And slaughter every sheep, unnoticed by Shepard
It's silence of the lambs!
Lab rats still thinking they're the better man
Not aware the magnitude
Leaves every doc without a clue
Like I'm mad at you
But this haz-mat suit
Is seen in all the raps I do
Cause I'm icy, hazardous
I'm lacking this mechanist
See I'm a frozen pacifist
An anti-hero I rapped for this!
Mesmeric, I'm a mesmerist!
So mesongnathous, I'm jaws in this!
Encase the world in ice, mesophytes gone
Too bad I'm mesonophric
Freeze over galaxies metagalactic
I'm the first metagenetic
Use of metapsychology
I gotta be a prodigy
Predicted all the lotteries
Disobeyed methodology
I'm in love with this alcohol
Not the kind you drink
Gettin high off this methanol
And most people would think
Discovering methylene
Ready to burn rubber
Pourin gasoline
But when I recover
All over the nation
Freezes over like a failed creation
Icicles in desert homes
Ice blocks all cover tombs
Ice crystals fill the room
This SNOWSTORM will be our doom!

Withering away
You are bound to break
Despite the floods of snow
In the final days
Not even you could make it

Ice wall
I see you collapsing
I watch you fall
I see you fall upon me
You once stood tall!

But that was your final warning
Because the world is warming!

(Rap verse 2)
So back to the ice age
Living down in my cage
I say that Christ saves
But I know quite that I'm crazed
Swimming against the high waves
Molding as if I'm clay
Gotta find a new way
Before I lose my right days!
Like lightning its striking
Fighting to get the world back
Mother Earth about to go slack
Come into the church
Can't be saved now
For the world has come down
With the disease
Oh little baby please
I know that it's cold
But now try not to freeze
Snow so deep
It's up to my knees
Even when I bleed
From upon the highest tree
Statue of Liberty is drowning
The founding of snow was astounding although
It's like a science
Trying this compliance
Like appliance of pressure
Will make this righteous
But no I tried to hide
Heaved a sigh
Crossed the divide
Everyday objects
Lost in context
When not complex
Like an ice castle
No hassle
Fire the cool-cannon
No dampin
Out the mans and
Avalanches in the canyon
Floods of soldiers mold you
Into a bulltrue cold blue
Like a glacier, I came here
To conquer the place here
You face sheer raked queer
That's just another fake tear
Oh the butthurt
Must work
Dumb jerk, kicks dirt
Dust clouds and snowflakes
Know now they forsake
Everything with one take
And no wake
To concentrate
So this hokus pokus brosif brofist
Bogus notice oh **** focus
yo **** goes blip know this lotus
Won't get potent no
Is bloated
Snap a pic, photo
Go to the grotto oh no no
It's so/so
And hoho Santa
Dressed head to toe-oh
In red and rojo
Merry Christmas
Sleds and snow-oh
And before the lights go
I want the world to know!

Washing down the drain
And there's no way
To ever see the rain
Ever again
The world is crumbling awaaaay...
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