How can we be sure that all religions are wrong?

Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2018 11:26 am
And many people who hold a non-popular view of a creator God are summarily dismissed as delusional, even by those with the popular view of God.

That is true. I find myself seen exactly as you say.

But is it a good reason to reject it? Should we choose what we believe based on its popularity?

And since we are presumably taking a scientific approach in this thought experiment, what would the tenets of various religions predict if one is seeking after their God? In the case of religions that cite the Bible as a source of predictive wisdom, the scenario you describe is precisely what it predicts. Chalk one up for Christianity as described in the Bible.

Even in science one must be willing to go against the popular conception if the evidence leads there. Why would we not expect the same to be true if seeking God?
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