lil host
Reply Sat 1 Jun, 2013 09:54 am
you see bitch these rhymes were cold
disses are old
tryna find the soul o you find it it sold
i give me challenge some rhymes they'll always remember
like the 11 of September
and you acctually thought for a sec you won
bitch iamma end you rap career so you might as well get a lawn
cuz it aint to easy to take ma rap thrown
i take the words outta you head while breakin you every bone
these are wprds that well hurt you more than stone
i am just teachin you right for wrong
like bitch why you wearin a thong
cuz i am higher in the world than king kong
bitch you cant handle this
**** YOU thats ma final diss
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Jigajig 5
Reply Wed 3 Jul, 2013 05:22 pm
Haha yeah boys it's time for the guy of old to step in..
Haha yeaah..

Yo guys when I step to the mic and spit out my lyrics, hotter then than sun, da play playboy chicks you KNOW I got some diction up in here it's like I got verbal diarrhea. I've been rapping before you took your first crap, I could rap while I nap. Boys you cant beat this! I was rapping since I was a itty biity foetus! You slap me I'll hit you harder, you so deep in the closet your living in Narnia! I'll own you before you even start, reach into your chest and rip out your beating heart, I'll liquidate it before your very eyes, don't be telling me no more lies, you wannabe poser, and just like the great mosa I'll split you in half with my razor sharp wits I'll rip you and anyone else to bits.

I'm packing more heat in my words than WD40, b-b-boy time to get naughty. I'm rapping with the wisdom of the days of old, just like the great leopold. You think you can beat HA really? I'm causing more chaos than the ******* chaos theory! Guess what I just made you bitch, so stick your knickers back on get in the kitchen and make me a dam sandwich. I look at you rap and think "Man I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and **** out a smarter statement than that, these guys needs afew more rapping lessons stat" I could beat you in singing, in a C minor For a minute there I thought you were complaining about your sore vagina. Your rap sounds like a dying animal at the vets.. **** you call those lyrics? I've heard more coherent thoughts from a schizophrenic with Tourette's.

By now I think it's clear who won, you see when to rapping there's only me the one.
lil host
Reply Fri 5 Jul, 2013 07:26 pm
@Jigajig 5,
man **** what you said
you can step in i got these words that well pull a raid
eat your brains cuz am a zombie boy and you real afraid
you on fake rappers dick and there is were you stayed
**** the boy that yesterday laid
bitch so desperate went on mtv made
bitch cuz i own this **** own its fate
**** this you can never relate
bitch act tough while you cant get a date
Jigajig 5
Reply Mon 8 Jul, 2013 05:34 am
@lil host,
HA I got more wisdom than the Dalai lama
More charismatic than Barack Obama
Your a zombie, Bitch! I'm scared of no undead
Say **** like that I'll smack you upside ya head
Sensei's here back again to wet apes
Leave bodies leaking like kardashian sex tapes
I hope you get this message or the forensics will see you dead next morning
I made you search for heaven cause I made you the dead twin of the headless horseman
Even if you apologize I’m still gunnin your heart anyways
you just entered hip hop like a nun in a dark alleyway
I entered this Hip Hop to kill MCs
Flows tighter than Rick Ross in skinny jeans
More vicious than a bloodhound
I rock and roll like an epileptic in a hover round
Jot down the world in rhymes without any aid
And pour them on the mic like lemonade
You see son you can't step up to best
I'm ******* hard-core l-l-l ike Johnny Test
I’m ahead of the game without walking or talking,
Rap royalty rolling here, call me Stephen HawKing
I'm an intellectual your a dumbass ponce
you haven't impressed me not even once
I’m fulla good lines so you gotta expect this
I crush medulla oblongatas to leave you breathless
You issued the challenged yeah you can do it up
Step up to the stage OOOOO to late I just ******* blew it up.
lil host
Reply Tue 9 Jul, 2013 01:31 pm
@Jigajig 5,
they said that i a role model i said i aint
hope nigga thats the pictures that i paint
put it on the papers lil host kicks ass
graduated college and i went to no class
say you want a girl and every bitch will just pass
homie i put rap with it give a little jazz
nevr been a killer and yea i never sold grass '
welcome to the throne where you homies come last
so here's the champion yea that me
fucked with the wrong rapper i murder you lyrically
legend and they call me legendary
cuz in this race you gatta me one you cant me one or two
won you ass boy and i didnt even make fun of you
Reply Thu 8 Aug, 2013 02:18 pm
@lil host,
While I'm BUSTIN' my RHYMES, I'm so HOPSIN high
I'm a YELAWOLF not a DARK NOVA's hide
I'm SLIM and SHADY so fine, my TECH level's at N9NE
Colder than ICE, you're a square/CUBE hitchin a ride
I'm TWISTED and INSANE, a TWISTA in my brain
As a DOCTOR called DRE, said I'm MOBB DEEP in THE GAME
Then CHUCK D., said it was so EASY-E
A SNOOPin' DOGG, coulda gone B.I.G.
Now 2 PAC my bags, my FORT was MINOR to that
I CES I'm movin' my CRU, as a METHODical MAN
Contact THE PROFESSOR, the DFC is no lesser
MURDOCK wants to better, RED RAPPERs get redder
Still CHARLIE'S FORCE is a G, just like D.O.C.'s
Hence the GLIITCHin' disease
EMINEM please
just kidding... but did you miss ME?
lil host
Reply Thu 8 Aug, 2013 08:00 pm
yo see let me tell you what you are and are not
homie cant even write a 6 bar dot
6 bar not
put it on ma music
you got a bit of a mind please dont loose it
you aint hopsin high
you a toxin lie
you just homeless guy
and that was a hopeless try
to take a thrown
supid i am the mothafuckin don
cuz i am mothafuckin strong
and this the mothafuckin song
wats tat you wearin is that a mothafucking thong
you actually thaught you had a chance well you were mothafucking wrong
Reply Fri 9 Aug, 2013 02:33 pm
@lil host,
Sweet flow

Watch out I'm almost Chronic, 2001 say that I'm on it
Encore for my fourth shot for the top or no spots correlate
No more weight, no more waits, no more fates, no more faith
No sore brains, no sir crane, doper than, meth or cane
Dope's my name, don't you say, I'm no game, games are played
By kid's of age, I'm an overgrown love addict,
and don't cha know I'm lovin it, I'm stuck with it, enough of this
No more ****, it's OVER WITH!

No more no more
No more no more
No more no more
No more no more!

Aye! Pardon my pirating, it's just so inviting
Quit biting my lines in the water no more fighting
Typing and typing, who says that I'm writing?
Holding back crying, by laughing and sighing
I'm sighting, a life in my, future, it's lighting
It's bright but it's striking! As frightening!
"Maybe not" comes to mind in these times, you gotta, spin on a, dime!
Five dimes five times, and five rhymes, in fifths of crimes and shine
So kindly grind off the slime and grime,
before you light like flames in a dry dry night!

No more no more
No more no more
No more no more
No more no more!
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Reply Sat 10 Aug, 2013 08:21 pm
It's like I'm standing on a ledge, knife to my wrist
Looking off the edge, hands clenched in a fist
Eyes cry with suicide, I say goodbye to sadder life
Jump up touch a satellite, then down, won't put up a fight
The ground, looks oh-so nice, if I survive I don't mind trying twice
Now for sure I'm gonna pay the price, I apologize as I pray to Christ
I open my eyes, I never hit the floor, put on my shoes step out the bedroom door
Descend the stairs, gonna grab a new pillowcase
No one cares, but the damp imprint of my face
The damn truth is without grace, and now I pace with empty haste
I'm done with this, it's such a waste

No more no more
No more no more
No more no more
No more no more!

I want to live, but I want this to end
I gotta stand up now, now it's time to defend
The emo kid anthem, stand up hands up
For broken hearts! (Stand up), shattered minds (stand up)
Sudden cripples (hands up), the unkind! (Hands up)
I want to see SEAS of kids, adults, and teens
With hands in the air, and up on their feet
Turn up the speakers, help up the lonely!
Dig a little deeper, and just keep going!
A sea of faces, in a million places
Pick up your paces, how else can I say this!
No more empty nights! No more stupid fights!
Turn off all the lights! Keep yourself in sight!
No more topic flying! No more talk of dying!
No more awkward trying! No more awful crying!
No more loss of hope! No more talk of ropes!
No more stops from home! I need you to come home!

No more... (No more...)
No more... (No more...)
No more no more
No more no more
No more! No more!
No more! No more!
No more.
lil host
Reply Sun 11 Aug, 2013 08:55 am
okay okay suicide after this
cry out to god like you a phony am an activist
homie you style so phony
you probably a lil boy that like ponies
and act gangster when you wid your homies
but you just a fake ass nigga
get the gun out no balls to pull the triggah
you fake ass's figa
o this what we ganna do
i aint got no time for low competition
am winnin you with ma slang composition
**** you rhymes thy all need decision
you fake ass nigga thats only wishin
that he gets to fame
sell you soul out again
but i put you on flame
so **** you fake ass should be you name

Reply Sun 11 Aug, 2013 09:21 am
@lil host,
Your rhymes are so used it's like I'm seeing your girlfriend
Though you'd never have one from here to the world's end
You've got no style, ************ don't pretend
And you've got no reputation to stand up and defend
You're off the deep end, something just bumped you
You're kickin up the water worried and confused
You better submerge when you're seeing me come through
A bottle of moonshine, and two words a **** You
Funny man, step down, under ban, next now
Johnny 3, look at me, hot hot seat, look, you'll see
Deuce, on the noose, truth, in the chutes
Watch your head, I know I am
With my scope, right on the rim
Bullet between the eyes, holdin in these white lies
Colder than the white ice, bolder in these high fights
Standing right on the ledge, scanning high off the edge
Cramming I got the dead, planning I'd stop you then
Let me go, let me know
Step me down, or lift me through
lil host
Reply Sun 11 Aug, 2013 04:28 pm
ayo see amma end you career slit you rhymes throat
how can i battle a rapper than never wrote
always ghostwriting
see these words like it lilhostwriting
these are the words lil host said
**** ma rhymes so used like you mama's in ma bed
you the type of guy that will do anything to reach fame
but i kill you with words make you feel the pain
i'll curse you soul one minute were you soul again
i am a psychics biggest illusion
ma country was denied so ma existence was never proven
now i haunt ma enemies with ma words that way they always losen
if hip hop dead then am its new infusion
i am the new past's old
and yea your rhymes real cold
stop the challenge cuz you losin you should really fold
so can go **** you self you fake ass bitch
and yea battlin with me is a stupid ass glitch

Reply Mon 18 Nov, 2013 08:20 pm
@lil host,
It's been a while, like a pile of **** was left on my rival
My last recitals were suicidal, now I'm tough as ****, I'm a righteous idol
While you fight all idle, stuck behind your computer, haven't gonna mile
In three weeks you like the virals, you like the vile
Need to cry on the shoulder of the late night titles
I'm just guessing but I guess correct
Before you place a bet I'll break your neck
Take a leg and stave your head, patience man
I'll delay your death just to make it so you savor it
It ain't raining cats and dogs, it's raining ****
Don't act as if it was raining pets, it's reigning Gliitch
King of this with brain defects
I'm a painless prick, to draw blood like a pen that's red
A raider jet, as Em said maybe a space cadet
Or a snake at your neck, cause I bite lines, all venomous
Keep that pain in check, blame the rest while I wait the set
In my Veneno (yes), or a LaFerarri (best)
A Koenigsegg, Agera S, what does it take to pass the test?
Break a trust, betray a friend? Make a love come to an end?
**** it, I don't make amends, I'm ready for loss, I don't play pretend
Now to commend and condescend upon this render
No comment there, now to send one message and tie up loose ends
Can't comprehend what you can't attend
The end
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