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Fri 25 Jan, 2013 06:28 am
Greetings my little peasant,

My first language is not English. You called me a "Dick". My dear peasant boy, what dose this term mean? Do you know a lot about Dicks? In what position would like one the most, if you wanted one? Do you like them in the anus or mouth, any preference? Do people pay you for this service, if this is what you do? Is this activity a family tradition going back generations?. If you pay for this, a money saving tip for you - buy a child's cake icing syringe and add salt to icing mix (at least you will not have to strain those limited brain cells, thinking about whether to "swallow or spit"). Thank you for appearing to be so entertainingly stupid. Are you a Bruttunculus, working-class, ex-pat in Spain? If so, are you there for cheap sex and alcohol, amongst the Brit community or fighting extradition? Or are you just a bolshevik inspired prick? I am not implying these things, just asking questions. People of middle and upper-class would not be so unkind to jump to conclusions. Good breeding has its place. You are only here for the benefit of the upper classes. Are you a public toilet cleaner/attendant?

When I went to my food hall, I thought I heard your name spoken. When the seller had his knife poised above the smoked salmon, I thought he said your name. Alas, I was wrong, he merely said "Thick Cut?". I swore I heard the letter "n" pronounced. One cannot expect good enunciation from staff. Poor man couldn't have gone to public school, he was probably educated at some offenders school/institution. Simple reading and counting to 50, would be more than enough education for such types! Are you from the bottom of the social heap, or "learning disabled". Maybe in another life, you will get up the ladder a little - although, carthorses never breed thoroughbreds!!! I must get in the BMW to get cigars and champers. Being socially challenged must be a big burden. How many houses/caravans do you have, or do you sleep under cardboard? I only have three - in Cape Town, Paris and small flat in LA - abortion clinics pay well (loads of dumb people who cannot understand contraception, pay the bills) with other investments helping to pay for the Bolly (Champers).

I never look down on people like you, though. Getting rid of your unwanted pregnancies pays so well. It is a great investment. Could you afford to burn 500 Euros?
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Fri 25 Jan, 2013 07:04 am
What a dick.
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Fri 25 Jan, 2013 07:59 am
Germanicus wrote:

Do you know a lot about Dicks?

Well I’m not exactly a novice, what is it you need to know?

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