Efax vs. Regular Fax?

Reply Mon 15 Mar, 2004 09:16 pm
Yo yo yo dawgs. Slappy Doo Hoo is in the Hoo-Shizzle.

Anyway, I'm going to have to "build" a home office, and the main thing I need to get is a fax machine. However, we don't use a land line at my house, we all use our cell phones.

I'm going to need a fax machine. Is Efax a good alternative, or is it worth it to set up a new phone line, then invest in a fax machine?

I'm leaning towards Efax because I THINK it will be cheaper, but I'm not too sure how good Efax is.

Any experiences, advice, ect? And no, I don't know the volume of faxes I'm going to be doing yet.

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Reply Mon 15 Mar, 2004 09:44 pm
Not famaliar with E-Fax. My email service used to provide a fax number as a part of their service and it was very good but they dropped the fax service a few months back. Sad It's a bummer too because it was FREE baby!
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Reply Mon 15 Mar, 2004 09:49 pm
Well, eFax is gonna run you at least $150 or so a year for the service, plus your useage charges. I could be wrong, but I think its like 10ยข a page to send. Again, if I recall, there's like a 300-page-per-month limit, and then you get kicked into a better-featured but quite a bit costlier "Commercial User" category. You should weigh that against the cost of a basic, no-frills phoneline and a cheap, plain-paper fax machine. Make real sure upfront what your costs will be, and what limits you'll have before you do anything with them. You don't even need to put longdistance on that line; use a prepaid calling card for toll calls, if you want to ... any fax machine can dial the access and pin numbers fine all by itself if set up properly. And there's no need whatsoever for a fax machine to have caller ID, voice mail, or any of the other fancy extra-cost phoneco services. All it needs, all it can use, is a plain old telephone line with a working phone number. There's also the option of an All-in-One device ... printer-fax-scanner-copier. That's what I have; its not great at any one of those, but its more than merely adequate. Its not my primary printer, or my primary scanner, but it is my primary fax, and it gets plenty of use. Dunno what your usage pattern might be, but sometimes I'll have an exchange of a dozen or so pages in two or three sets between myself and the folks at other end before we get what we're after all sorted out. Just today, over about a four hour period, I had about 20 outgoing and a dozen incoming transactions, some involving color, with one hardware vendor and a couple subcontractors I'm currently in a warranty struggle with. EFax has been around a long time, so their business model must work for some folks, but I'd go with a landline and a real fax if fax service was critical to my office functioning well.
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Slappy Doo Hoo
Reply Tue 16 Mar, 2004 05:36 pm
Thanks timberlandko...I've got to get a rough estimate of how much I'm going to be using the thing, then figure out what each will cost me.
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