WOODWORKING-making raised beds for the garden

Reply Tue 27 Feb, 2018 06:03 am
I've got beds that are only four inches or so above the level of the pathway between them. I've thought about casting my own interlocking blocks out of hypertufa and did make some prototypes but dealing with all the Portland cement was a pain. The rot resistant woods available to me are white cedar (expensive) and black locust (very difficult to find as milled lumber). I settled on cedar shingles. I cut six inches off the feathered end and drive the remaining ten inch pieces into the ground, staggering two layers to cover the seams. Using a heavy steel edger I open up a straight narrow slot for the shingles and drive them in with a rubber mallet.
Reply Tue 27 Feb, 2018 06:32 am
Good choice on the tufa mix. Ive tried it for planting pots and it is convenient but doesnt look attractive when youre trying to get something more finished. It has its place making "forest nooks where youd want to control a ground cover .

My cypress beds are set just at the ground surface. I screened an area and leveled it with a front end loader and a spinning laser level that I had in the company stores.

I laid down a single layer of brick for drainage and the laid the cypress beds on top (4'X8') . As you know, cypress is nice n heavy. cause its loaded with silica like bamboo. My raised beds take a fresh bucket of compot each year or so and give us the best tomatoes, chile peppers (Im a fan of hotter is better), and this yar, Im planting strawberries.

I used to garden on a half acre ground plot and I get just as much from the raised beds on a much smaller area and they look lmost Williamsburgish what with th cut flower bed within.
Reply Sun 4 Mar, 2018 03:31 am
Ive got onions in and Im going to devote 2 of the new beds just to strawberries. The neat thing about these is that weeds dont take over as they did in the old "Flat plat garden"
Reply Sun 30 Dec, 2018 03:16 pm
I made 4 more 4'X 8" boxes. Only thing different is that I built these from a material thats like TREX (its 10" wide boards 5/4 stock and is guaranteed for my life). I planted several sets of onions . I planted my garlic around Halloween in one of the older boxes. All in all, Ive now got 10 raised bed plots .I poured river rock walkway stones in between the boxes and around the outside about 3 ft wide. This gives water a nice daylight way to drain and it keeps the lawn mowers from pitching grass seed into the boxes and causing weed growth.
Ive got 2 boxes o strawberries (about 48 plants) garlic , herds , and now onions.

Planting onions before New Years, Organic Gardening is reccomending it (as well as garlic and spinach be grown as an overwinter crop that will produce useable plants waay before they would bolt in the brightening daylight.

YES, I have a little rolly cart for me and my cast to sit upon while I plant. But the neat thing is I can easily reach over 1/2 the width of each box while in my cast and brace.
Reply Sun 30 Dec, 2018 03:19 pm
I got the TREX like material at a building supply auction. For some reason the builders didnt want the wide stuff (I guss they use the plastic wood mostly for decks and like an even , not a random width look)
I got all the boards for less than 30 bucks for the whole pile.
Reply Thu 4 Apr, 2019 07:42 pm
My older Cypress beds are wearing very well. I think I will be having a bonus crop of strawberries since I ran the tendrils out and planted them last summer. I have 2 4X8 (ft) beds devoted to the berries and Im not buying any of the store berries becaue their all picked green in California and shipped east. They induce ripening in the berries by spraying with ethylene gas and they are NEVER fully ripe and are often hard nd tasteless. SO, Im looking forward to days in late May when our local crops start producing.
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