which performance should i choose?

Reply Mon 8 Oct, 2012 09:32 am
Okay so i have two performances on the same night, at the same time, what a coincidence huh?
the first one is a school dance performance, and although i say "school" performance, its not a tacky little amateur thing, its a state wide event that has been running since 1998 and our school has won 1st or 2nd place ever since my dance teacher started there so its really important to him, another problem is that im the lead dancer and i couldn't possibly not be there and no one will notice, my teacher will hate me if i skip out on it and so will the rest of the class.

The second one is a gig my band has and it could possibly be our big break into the music industry and there's apparently a lot of important people coming so it'd be a total loss to miss it, my sister is also in this band so if i skip out on it she will hate me forever. We have also already done our photo shoot and promo video for the gig coming up so people will obviously ask questions if im not there.

So i guess what im asking is which performance would be more worth it or more loyal of me to go to?
Any suggestions? Sad
Reply Mon 8 Oct, 2012 09:59 am
Your sister will be angry but I doubt she'll "hate you forever". Have you tried explaining this to the people in charge of both performances? They cannot change the dates, I am sure, but a little advance warning and explanation will go a long way in terms of preventing at least the social suicide aspect of it.

Also - ask your sister (very, very nicely) if something happens at the band gig, can she tell them that you're otherwise engaged? Someone interested in your band will be interested in hearing you if they are told - there is another way we can sound.

Big, big hint - being discovered is nice. Really, really nice. It is also really, really rare. I get the feeling that the school thing will not be repeated, whereas your chance to be in front of some important folk in the music biz just might be, particularly if you are good and you are on good terms with the people who book the venues.

Just a thought.
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Reply Mon 8 Oct, 2012 10:02 am
Any chance at all of rescheduling the band gig? Even if it is difficult to do, not showing up at all (to either event) would be worse. And you probably have more control over your band than over the whole dance competition.

Alternatively, is it at all possible to do both in the same night? Band gigs are often much later than school dance competitions.

(How did they get scheduled for the same night in the first place?)
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Reply Mon 8 Oct, 2012 10:05 am
The school thing sounds like a firm prior committment. The big band thing sounds like something you really want.

You're going to have to make the decision, yourself.
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Reply Mon 8 Oct, 2012 10:17 am
I see everybody's points..

let us know what happens.
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Reply Mon 8 Oct, 2012 11:00 am
One more question...

How far away are the performances, time-wise?

Like, if they're Thursday, that's one thing. If they're in two months, maybe someone else can take over the lead at your school dance performance?
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