About jury duty, have you ever been called upon???

Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2003 06:04 pm
I have been called three times, and selected twice.

The latest case was a horrible experience. Among the jurors, a very young person who thought the whole thing was a joke, and a middle aged whacko incapable of connecting any of the dots. The remaining jurors, though relatively sane and civil, all had their minds made up BEFORE WE HAD EVEN BEGUN DELIBERATIONS. The fact that I had "reasonable doubt" meant nothing to any of them. (BTW, the result ? hung jury, thanks to me)

If I ever get into trouble, I would do everything in my power to settle out of court, or, at least, ask for a non-jury trial.

Sorry for the negativity, but the thought of my future being in the hands of peers such as the ones described above scares the ...... out of me!
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2003 06:09 pm
angie, I've got a clue for you. It's generallly known that the jurors have made up their minds about the case before the closing statements. c.i.
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