England's Queen Elizabeth the first owned 3,ooo dresses

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Those who study such things say that England's Queen Elizabeth the first owned 3,ooo dresses. I've often wondered how many palaces she needed to store them and how many people it took to keep them clean---or did they get rid of them if they got dirty?

I wonder if she would be wowed about the 2012 Olympics and which of her 3,000 dresses she would wear.

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England's 'Virgin Queen'

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Elizabeth I

Elizabeth refused the sovereignity of the Netherlands in which year (this is the first time)? 1575. Elizabeth refused once again in 1585, ten years later, but took them 'under her protection'.

It was said that Elizabeth I was in love with Robert Dudley. When his wife died in suspicious circumstances, Elizabeth was blamed. What was the name of Dudley's wife? Amy Robsart. She was killed falling down a flight of stairs and broke her neck. Suicide? Or not?

Elizabeth was held prisoner in the Tower of London after a failed rebellion against Mary I, her sister. In which section of the Tower was she kept? The Bell Tower. Elizabeth was held prisoner for three months before Mary's advisors tried to have her executed. They failed, and were forced to let her go.

After her father's death, Elizabeth was invited to stay with her stepmother, Catherine Parr, and her new husband, Thomas Seymour. In which palace did they stay? Chelsea. Elizabeth was rumored to have had an affair with Thomas Seymour there. When this reached Catherine's ears she quietly sent Elizabeth away. Catherine died later in childbirth, and Thomas was executed for trying to get into the king's bedrooms without his leave.

Elizabeth I was born on September 7th, 1533. In which English palace was she born? Greenwich Palace. All of the palaces above had significance in Elizabeth's mother's life. She married Henry VIII in York Place (which was on the Thames), was resident in Hampton Court Palace during their marriage and grew up at Hever Castle in Kent.

Who was Elizabeth's grandfather? Henry VII. Henry VIII was Elizabeth's father, Arthur was her uncle, and William was the first king of the house of Normandy.

Elizabeth was the last ruler of the house of Tudor. Her successor was of what house? Stuart.

What state, in the U.S., is named for Elizabeth I? Virginia. She was nicknamed the Virgin Queen.

Queen Elizabeth I had many favorites during her reign. In what year did her favorite of favorites die? 1588. He was Robert, Earl of Leicester, who was already married. When Robert's wife died in 1560, it was thought by many that he killed her, thus making him unsuitable for the queen. Nonetheless, he was still her first love, and the one she had loved the most.

What church was established in England in 1559? Anglican Church. Though Henry VIII spoke out in defence of the Catholic church against the criticisms of Martin Luther, when it came to his "great matter", namely his wish to have his first marriage annulled, Henry fell out with Rome. The eventual outcome of the matter was that Henry separated from Rome and formed the Anglican Church, allowing him to marry Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn.

In what year was the Spanish Armada defeated? 1588.

Who succeeded Elizabeth upon her death in 1603? (Hint: Check the Roman numerals before you answer ...) James VI of Scotland. He was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, Elizabeth's cousin. By the way: James VII of Scotland was also James II of England (this was before it was known as the United Kingdom.) Oh, and I do hope no one put Elizabeth II... she's not THAT old, you know.

How was Elizabeth related to Mary, Queen of Scots? They were cousins. Henry VIII's sister, Margaret Tudor, married James IV of Scotland, Mary's grandfather. Mary's son, James VI of Scotland, later became James I of England.

During Elizabeth's long reign, the first settlement in what is now the U.S. was established. What was its name? Roanoke. Roanoke was established in 1587. Jamestown was founded in 1607 and Virginia became a royal settlement in 1624.

How many siblings, or strictly speaking, half-siblings (who survived infancy) was Elizabeth officially acknowledged to have? 3. Mary and Edward were the two who succeeded to the throne, and Elizabeth had another brother, Henry Fitzroy, who was the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. It is possible that there were other half-siblings whose royal parentage was never acknowledged.

Who was Elizabeth's mother? Anne Boleyn . Here's the run down on Henry's wives: 1. Katherine of Aragon- married Henry's brother in 1501/1502 and then married Henry in 1509. Henry divorced her in 1533 because she had not produced a male heir, though she did have Mary I. 2. Anne Boleyn- She was Katherine of Aragon's lady-in-waiting, and she married Henry in 1533. They had Elizabeth I shortly afterwords. Anne was beheaded in 1536. 3. Jane Seymour- Jane married Henry in 1536, right after Anne's death. She gave him his only surviving male heir, the future Edward VI, but died days later in 1537. 4. Anne of Cleves- She married Henry in 1540, but they hated each other on sight. They were divorced within six months, though Anne got a palace and a few other things out of it. 5. Katherine Howard- She was about 20 when she married Henry in 1540, and she had an affair during their two year marriage. She was imprisoned and later beheaded on February 13, 1542. 6. Katherine Parr- She married Henry in 1543, and was married to him at the time of his death in 1547. She married soon after Thomas Seymour, the uncle of Edward VI, but died in childbirth in 1548.

Whom did Elizabeth succeed on the throne? Mary I. Mary was Elizabeth's half sister (her mother was Henry VIII's first wife). Edward became king in 1547 after his father died and Mary succeeded him in 1553.

And finally, with whom is Elizabeth buried in Westminster Abbey? Elizabeth Regina. Mary . James I had the two sisters, Elizabeth and Mary entombed together in Westminster. On their tomb is written the following: "Partners both in throne and grave, here rest we two sisters, Elizabeth and Mary, in hope of one resurrection".

On what date did Elizabeth I die in 1603? 24th March. Just before she died, it is said that she whispered the name Robert. This was obviously Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, who had died some years before.

Her Secretary of State, Sir Francis Walsingham, wished her to take a more positive role in opposing the Counter Reformation in Europe, by supporting whom against Phillip of Spain? Dutch Protestants. The Counter Reformation was the Catholic response to the Protestant reforamtion. The Jesuits, founded by Ignatius of Loyola, led a campaign to support the Catholic doctrine.

"I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a King ..." is perhaps her most frequently quoted saying. Where did she give this speech? Tilbury. She gave this speech to her men at Tilbury in 1588, before they set off to fight aginst the Spanish Armada.

Where was Mary Queen of Scots executed? Fotheringhay Castle. After she was beheaded, the executioner picked up her head by the hair. He then found that she was wearing a wig, and the head fell and rolled away, revealing silver hair.

Elizabeth's cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, was found to be involved in which plot, that finally forced Elizabeth to sign her death warrant? Babington . Mary had thrown herself at the mercy of Elizabeth a number of times, but had in the past tried to claim the throne of England. Elizabeth could not take any more chances, especially if there were a Catholic uprising.

After finding out the Earl of Leicester had secretly married, whilst still protesting his undying lover for Elizabeth, she was almost induced to marry the Duke of Alencon. What finally turned her against it? He was Catholic. Dudley had married Lettice Knollys. The Catholic 'problem' stopped her from marrying a few times - including the Habsburg Archdukes.

To try and resolve her problem with Mary Queen of Scots, whom did she want to marry Mary to? Robert Dudley. Dudley was the man Elizabeth wanted Mary to marry, that way keeping her by her. But she chose to marry Lord Darnley, who later fathered James VI of Scotland, later James I of England.

In 1569, the Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland aimed to restore Catholicism and put Mary Queen of Scots on the throne. What was the name given to this uprising? Rising in the North. Elizabeth did not know what to do with her troublesome cousin Mary, she did not want to kill her, as she would be killing another Queen, but in the end she had no other choice.

Many musicians and poets in Elizabeths court praised her with what name? Elizabeth Regina: Fair Oriana. It was the poet Edmund Spenser who dedicated his poem Faerie Queene to Elizabeth. The name Oriana originated from the Fairies. Oriana is said to a queen of the Fairies.

Besides the future Earl of Leicester, what other Englishman caught her eye at a masque, and in 1572 became Captain of the Gentlemen Pensioners, her personal bodyguards? Christopher Hatton. Elizabeth had pet names for both Hatton and Dudley. Robert Dudley was 'Eyes' and Hatton was 'Lids'. Both were very annoyed when Walter Raleigh came on the scene.

After she recovered from this, she declared she would appoint someone to be Protector of the Realm in case of an emergency. Whom did she choose?
Lord Robert Dudley . Robert was a favourite of Elizabeth's, and some believe that if he had been single, Elizabeth would have married him. He was the fifth son of Northumberland, and was appointed Master of the Horse.

In 1562, she came close to death. Which disease had she caught? Smallpox.

On what date did Elizabeth open her first Parliament? 25th Jan 1559. This was originally supposed to have happened on the 23rd January 1559, but Elizabeth put it off, describing herself as not feeling 'herself in good disposition of body'.

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