Penn State Fined $60M, Banned From Bowls, Wins From 1998 On Vacated

Reply Tue 1 Jan, 2013 06:45 pm
Interesting. So, in theory, they can decide who they want to have anything to do with?

I wondered if they could just say that Penn State isn't part of their 'game' anymore.
Reply Tue 1 Jan, 2013 06:51 pm
i dont get how the state gets into the courts, as this deal cut them out because no state money goes towards the fine. many have said that the NCAA overstepped the authority that the law allows, i just dont understand how this suit could work to get the courts involved, as the suit it seems would get thrown out at the very beginning of the process because the wrong party brought it.
Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 08:01 pm
The case is primarily about the money that would be used all over the US for child abuse programs. Gov Corbett sigally came out on behalf pf the BOT back when the penalty was levied. He said that "PennState will and must abide with the decsision"
NOW that the new AG will take over in another 2 weeks, I think Corbett is getting a case of the "political jitters". The new AG, a Dem woman, based her campaign on a concern thatCorbett was not forthcoming about his role during the early investigations AND that his decisions as the gov were not in Penn States best interests. She is kicking the ball around and Corbett is really concerned that this could negatively affect his reelection campaign next year.
Corbett said that "politics has nothing to do with his decision ", so you can bet that politics has EVERYTHING to do with his decision.
Reply Wed 2 Jan, 2013 08:04 pm
i dont get how the state gets into the courts,
Penn State is a land grantuniversity and, as such, NCAA must abide with the constitution of PA .
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Reply Sun 6 Jan, 2013 10:37 am
The New AG has been followed around by the news reporters and Its beginning to appear that this entire NCAA "Suit" is a bit of political grandstanding that has been undertaken to limit any damages to Corbetts reelection run.
Even his supporters are sorely pissed at this turn of events.
"Why didnt he coordinate with the existing and the incoming AG about this case?" They say.
He had several years to use his powers as AG and then as the Gov(and member of Pa STates Board of Trustees) the reporters re wondering why hes tken a 180.
"Was he lying then , or is he lying now?"

I like that
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