Is it possible to post something on my wall that does NOT go into the news feed, but is visible?

Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 08:19 am
I want to post something on my wall without pushing it to my friends through the news feed. But of course I want it to be visible on my wall. I want to post something without broadcasting it.
Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 10:50 am
You can change the privacy settings for that post only. To make it visible to only you, change the settings to a customized setting that restricts viewing to only you.

You can also make the post visible only to a select group of people by creating a list of friends and setting a customized viewing that includes only people on that list.

From the Facebook help pages, here are the specifics of how to use these settings:

Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 11:53 am
You answer does not make any sense.

I still want it to be VISIBLE TO FRIENDS !!!!
Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 12:44 pm
Then you need to explain better than this, what it is you are trying to accomplish:

without pushing it to my friends through the news feed

If you want to send something to your friends without it appearing on your wall, use the Facebook messaging system and send it to all your friends.
Reply Sat 21 Jul, 2012 11:35 pm
The subject of the original post is to have something on your wall or timeline that is available to others, but is not spammed into all your friends news feeds. For example, I want to put an photo album on my wall/timeline, but do not want the photos shown in my friends news feeds. I believe it cannot be done! If you restrict access then it doesn't get spammed, but it is also not available! If you delete the pictures it in your news feed, it does NOT delete it in your friends news feeds (tested july 2012). The only workaround may be to restrict the content and then release it (unrestrict it) many days later so that it will at least be buried along old posts in their news feeds. Also stupid friending messages also seem to be spammed to all the friends and there seems to be currently no way to turn it off.
Reply Thu 23 May, 2013 02:37 pm
I am having this exact same problem. i have been organizing photos from my Mobile uploads and wall updates into albums, and i put all of my pics of my exgirlfriend or posts we we were tagged in into one new album, and was SUPER EMBARRASSED as it posted that new album - not to my wall - but to my friend's newsfeeds! So Embarassing. I couldnt hide it from the feed at that point, all i could do was make the album Custom: Me Only. So now I am going to wait a few days till it gets burried and then make it visible to friends.

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Reply Sun 12 Jul, 2015 07:02 am
Dude, it's simply what Facebook is!, they "sell" our photos and information to advertising. They do this by holding people on facebook, this people are the audience that advertisers look for, and facebook give the advertisers the opportunity to reach this audience. If they took off the photos from the news feed, they will loose the audience and loose advertising and it's essence as a entreprise.

I remember I once wanted to do this, but I stop trying since I saw the contradiction on the sole existence of facebook as an enterprise.

Maybe some tech person would find a way through, but it seems difficult to go against all this profit interest. I remember once facebook was cool, because at least for me it was about building an internet community, and reach those who are far form you. But it went down really bad.
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