Thoughts on Communism

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When I think of communism I think of governments and not usually societies. When I think of communist governments I think of government telling people who and what to be. How to live and shaping individuals into cookie cutter molds, a society of drones.

I am wondering if in a free society communism can actually be a good element to foster.

The problem is it is done so half heartily that it is rendered ineffective as a means to bring about positive social change. In a free society it is the fabric of diversity of social types being fully integrated that there are the proper resources so that consumerism redundancy is no longer a great unfathomable source of waste.

We have protesters now sleeping in tents by the thousand of thousands all over the world. This is a message along with many others. Another message is there are billions of cars sitting idle along the road sides. Why can't we get efficient enough that we cut the amount of cars and maximize the amount of actual travel? We have billions of vehicles and the world is not going anywhere. They are all sitting and getting fat. Or stranded and starving to death without a vehicle. Destitute.

If many vehicles were public domain... you could walk up to free car place near, you would take care of the gas and drop it at another free car place or bring it back. You could call people that live nearby and meet them at the free car place no id or payment required. This would cut down on the redundancy of many millions of cars in highly urban areas. No more care theft... If you saw a free car parked somewhere you could text a person who had use of it and see if you could use it while they were busy.

"Community Centers" urban ecosystems instead of city hall at the center, have the center of urban areas communal living. These centers where many free schools, sports areas, arts practice rooms, free and complete computer and hardware access, free cafetieres, redundancy reduced by many millions of factors, free clothing, free laundry.

Would people volunteer to clean up their city. It would seem with so much less redundancy and a pride in the system, that democratically elected government could refine such a system. It begins with homogenizing travel, education, healthcare, housing, nutrition and fitness, while not restricting individuality and choice.

Will all people want to be ballerinas and rock stars or will some still want to be doctors, police, factory workers, garbage disposal trash pickup workers?

Why be anything when you don't need to. When everything is free? You will still want to be someone. People will still want to fly like the wind, they just won't have to struggle so hard to do it. They will not be obstructed by food or health, no shelter, travel, or lack of education, people would share these resources.

What about the people who want to own land and their own cars, laundry, hospitals factories? That is fine too. Everything stays the same just the center of urban areas are integrated more and they are interconnected to each urban area with its neighbors and a complete network of world communities.

Communism and capitalism together so you still have the same stores but you also have completely integrated urban centers. These living centers would focus on places were basic resource could be shared rather than "marketed" to each occupant. Thus marketing for urban areas would be effective for disposable and personal items mostly.

With so few barriers, urban people would be educated, well fed, sheltered integrated, tribal, multicultural, dynamic. Even living space being shared could radically cut down on housing redundancy. An online liberal studies college masters degree course could be free for all...

People pursue happiness in various ways and all ways should be open and free. We have done a poor job of the community cohesive part of society. This is evident in many of today's sports events. Losing teams seem so angry and the winner abhorrently arrogant and prideful that the spirit of the game no longer lives in the sport. They act like "GOD" made them win...

What is the spirit of the game? "Unity" is the spirit of the game. Not adolescent but a mature and well refined spirit.

Spirits are refined when brewed together. They coalesce and the reason, forum, debate, science, rhetoric, rationale, study, community, bonding within this is a voice of humanity as a conscious whole.

I would suppose with the world as a whole creating these massive community centers in urban areas that there would be a fee to join it but it would humane if this were a basic right to every human being.

One might argue that is what soup kitchens are and social services today. But what I am talking about is urban sharing on a much grander scale... People sharing what they have. Look at all of the real estate sitting vacant? We have crumbling infrastructure homeless uneducated starving vulnerable kids. Banks inflating the price of a wooden box and an acre of land.

No chance at the american dream or happiness? Is that the constitution?

Why does communism have to be such that within a democratic and capitalistic society it cannot pay for itself?

The redundancy becomes so redundant that the core of occupants become defunct from success and the system.

People are using money today to do the most foolish and vain of endeavors.

Tit for tat while the pendulum swings.
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