Freedom of speech vs freedom to sell said speech

Craven de Kere
Reply Tue 17 Feb, 2004 06:19 pm
fishin' wrote:
But how do you go about proving that one single song is what caused another person to kill? You don't have a fixed trail to chase after here.

I remember only a few cases where the murderer said they killed because of a song. I vaguely remember Iron Maiden's "Eddie" (not sure if I gotr that right) being blamed in a "Eddie told me to kill" explanation.

You get into what influenced who and there are millions of things that influence every one of us. That makes it almost impossible to pin a death on a song or "artist" so you don't see the lawsuits and those that do get started never get anywehere.

Yeah, by and large I agree. The art imitating life vs. life imitating art issue is complex.

I wrote about it as a kid. My opinion then is the same as it is now, that art tends to be as much a microcosm of life as it is something that shapes society.

I dunno. Maybe I'm not explaining my thoughts here well...

Nah, I think you explained it well. It's just that the issue is complex.

I do think the DMCA and such are on shakey ground. So maybe comparisons with that is flawed.
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