i want to know

Reply Fri 25 May, 2012 06:28 am
i want to know if ma breath even bothers to stay alive
i want to know i can feel alive
oooooooh sry i spoke again
is that forgiven cuz as i light up i feel the flame
of unspocken misery
of an note or 2
i feel the life comin up i cant rise
i see the sun thinking wise
maybe i was suposed to transfrom words into advice
i just want to know
if another breath shall go
i just want to know
wat i should know
is that okay
as i stand after a log crowl and say
can i live today
i just to know
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Reply Thu 21 Jun, 2012 01:56 pm
@lil host,
i'm controlling the brain
kill yourself, i'm killin your name
lighting you up with an arsenic flame
your bowing to me like you were my dame
disrespect me... i'm sending shots through your window pane
mixing your coffee with a dangerous bane
step in your house with matches and propane
this is what happens when you go insane
you wake up tomorrow like nothing happened.... like everything stayed the same
people saw you at the scene,,, and the cops try to explain
you lost control so there's no memory of this that you can regain
i only know that i brunt your ashes...every single grain
i remember this because the burns on my hand...they still remain
people that lose are gay....i'm winning like charlie sheen
drain your splenic vain in till there's no blood in your spleen
i'm a robot from hell......(pause).......an infernal machine
you have to dodge these bombs like a matrix scene
just know that your not dealing with an ordinary human being
i'll make you eat my infected lyrics that weaken the spine so you take a sabin vaccine
but then it goes to your gut giving you nitrosamine
when these blue skies turn gray
energy disappears from radioactive decay
when the devil rises he will make you lead astray
poison your brain in till it slowly dwindles away
find the devil in my soul with black dna
enjoy living cause when you die this is what the world is like
so i'll be ready to introduce you to the afterlife hahahaha

i'll be waiting
lil host
Reply Sat 23 Jun, 2012 08:11 am
all u write is nonsense
fro ur reference
i burn flame wen i spit
man battlin me ur brain goen me no regrets
but nigga u aint much of a conflict
so kiss ur ass goodbye
u homeless drug addict
i am smooth as ice hard as solid
so u can go cry in ur moms hand cold
cuz u bitch lost against a twelve year old
Reply Sat 23 Jun, 2012 03:08 pm
@lil host,
not responding here check the neverrending forum..p.s the only **** in your rap that made sense was

all u write is nonsense
fro ur reference
so u can go cry in ur moms hand cold
cuz u bitch lost against a twelve year old

thats it....did you even read mine...there was really no point in responding cause you can't beat that
lil host
Reply Sun 24 Jun, 2012 03:04 am
see man u want my best i will give u it
Reply Sun 24 Jun, 2012 07:03 pm
@lil host,
lol ok man go for it..were just havin fun anyway
lil host
Reply Mon 25 Jun, 2012 07:54 am
lolz sry for wat i wrote in neverending rap just got made cuz u dissed ma country
Reply Mon 25 Jun, 2012 09:41 pm
@lil host,
yeah i know...im sorry also man...respect to you homie
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