People of Massachusetts, tell me this about Romney....

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boomerang wrote:

I can really only speak from my personal experience but I have known a lot of Mormons and to a person they have all been personally conservative but socially liberal. (I have never met a fundamentalist Mormon, I know they are more socially conservative, but they tend to isolate themselves instead of trying to interfere with other people's lives.)

Their sense of community within their ward (a ward is like a parish) is really amazing to see but it really extends out to the community at large.
They really do seem to care about the well being of people as a whole.
I never cared much for either of the Romneys.
I supported Goldwater's quest against George Romney
because of Romney's lack of commitment to the American Originalist ideals
of exalting Individual freedom by curtailing, constricting, & strangling government jurisdiction.
Barry Goldwater was politically defeated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
I don 't see that either George or Mitt Romney had much of a
natural home in the Republican Party (unlike Goldwater).

I don 't see Romney as much of a friend of personal freedom,
HOWEVER, I gotta admit this:
when he addressed the NRA Convention,
he cud have been passionate in telling us everything that we wanna hear.
He did not. He made little effort to pretend to be our friend.
That is NOT the conduct that citizens have learned to expect
from paradigmatic politicians. Thay 'd be more likely to regale us
with any lies that thay calculate will get our votes.
Romney did not do that.

That tells me 2 things about Romney:

1. He is not much of a good American.
George Washington, James Madison, and Barry Goldwater 'd not be proud of him. Neither wud I.

2. Romney is scrupulously honest, adhering to his own ideals
and unwilling to make pro-American promises that compromize his ideals.

He may stink, but he is not as bad as obama.
That shud be his battle cry.

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