Convenience Store Prepared Foods –beyond the twirling hot dogs…

Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 02:05 pm
At our local 7-11 store, I’ve been noticing an increase of prepared food items. It used to be you’d see stuff like those dried up hot dogs twirling and twirling, but not much beyond that.

It has progressed to stuff like burritos, wings, bacon and cheese potato sticks, chicken sandwiches, corn dogs, pizza, taquitos, breakfast sandwiches, etc.

For some sick twisted reason, I am curious – how does this stuff taste? I am also very frightened to try it. Can it at all be healthy? The prices are great and on the way home after spending some time over a few beers, these items seem more appealing. Tell me now as there is one right next to my office and I need to know.
Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 02:20 pm
At our 7to11, which is not associated with 7/11, they keep a locally made burrito that is about the best in town. Only problem is with the plastic wrapper. I strongly advise you to remove it before you nuke it.
Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 04:48 pm
Not to mention 'eat' it Smile

Link - personally, I wouldn't eat that food, but that's just me. One wonders how much preservatives are in them, how long they keep them on the shelves, if they're heated or chilled properly, etc. A lot of that would depend on the people running the store.

I bought a cup of coffee at a 7-11 in Vancouver last year and I asked how old it was before I bought it. He assured me it was freshly made, and it was not! Gross.
Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 08:06 am
well that's the picture I get - that the food sits there like those long lost hot dogs twirling day in and day out until some fool walks in at 11:00 at night after having several cocktails and smells the aroma from those dried out old dogs and thinks that will hit the spot.

Then the next morning not only does the poor sap have an incredible headache, but a sick stomach and heart burn to boot.
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Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 08:35 am
I would suppose that in small quantities, the food would not cause a problem.If it were me, I would not have that stuff every day for lunch, but in a pinch........

I would expect though that the food is not the finest in terms of nutrition. Check the ingredients, especially the cholesterol and sodium content.
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