So you think you can rap?

Reply Wed 8 Feb, 2012 09:45 am
I want to test my rap skills so i want to have some rap battles and if your interested join.i would also apreciate some judges to choose a winner. People who want to join i will reply to your rap , and for the judges read the replies of the contendors to see whos rap you like better. GOOD LUCK!!
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Reply Wed 15 Feb, 2012 12:38 pm
I don't give two fucks
you come to close
i'm knocking tooth out
i'm that kinda dude
that can go back in time
and teach Ali a thing or two
who wanna mess with best
i standing next to success
but i'm take my time to take the next step
no need to rush
i got much time, hours even
that's a jackie chan reference
if you can get it, you can kick
i'm to quick for yah these bitch
i control all these bitch
and when the door's close
i hit all these bitch with the hit stick
that's a john madden reference
if you didn't get then
go back rehear it, i'm not unfair with
it, if you wanna quit here
then accept these terms
i'm a beast and you're worm
if you agree, then you can take you defeat like a man
but if you must stand you ground
then i must ram your house
leave hoes in your couch
and stick my dick in your spouse
cause i'm the man with the plan to create
the largest landbase rap empire
that's a fire flame reference to Chingus Khan
my chaing hang lower than sloppy joe breast
that a reference to mac and chesse and jibbs in the same breath
with gives, you tell me win you find another **** as sick as this
Reply Fri 17 Feb, 2012 09:23 am
thats what i want to hear ill get back at ya
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Reply Fri 17 Feb, 2012 10:05 am
Ha Ha laugh out loud
imma make your girl proud
cut you open and sew you up with one stitch
my words are deep so bitch your gonna fall in my ditch
but your gonna need to come up with something better than this
you call this a dis, bullshit thats your diagnosis
id advise that you dont test me i make deaths turn into blessings
stop it ill make your beginnings turn to endings
ill give you a potion to make you feel negative emotions
my flow is like a river but they consider me an ocean
the **** that i embrace
will send you to a common place
so its time to meet your grave
p.s. i dig em everyday
you said you got the time but **** it wasnt worth mine
its ok though ill give you some anodyne
to prepare you for tomorrow
and live another day with sorrow
your like a game you just got played
game over, thats about the only thing that i display
Frog stePped Toad
Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 08:34 pm
My girl took some notes on wat your last posting 

Wat we came up with, was a mother fuker boasting 
My words aren't long but I fuking make the most of them

Talking about cutting people up 
But now your getting toasting 

So from one to another 
Like I'm god father and your the common other ****
Shut ur month or I'll fuking cover it

But not with my hands coz that's not my plan 
Or dig a hole! P.s because I'm more of a man

I'll just reply with wat ever it takes 
This is where I shine and pluck out the fakes
Ur denstiny is failure 
coz I've bearly started and look how pail you are 
Opp's did you say something or was that somebody farting
Man I could do this all day
Talking about a game we'll looks who's learnt too play

I think thats it now 
I give it you, it's your turn

Now I'm all done and ive gave you a bathing 
That worked a treat now my girl is laughing  

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Reply Fri 29 Jun, 2012 07:02 am
winner in my opinion is 1234troy1234 only because of the rhymes....bleet didn't have a good enough verse just my opinion...
personals: troy :5 bleet: 5
metaphors: troy : 0 bleet: 2
rhyme scheme: troy 10 bleet: 5

thats 15 troy and 12 bleet...some close stuff

good battle and to the both of you guys keep on writing
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Reply Wed 9 Jul, 2014 06:20 pm
yo you guys think you can rap but all you guys words I rip them in half and shove it up your ass go back to school and learn your basic math before I come and get you my words are are just lyrically epically gifted twisted words man yeah you think your that guy off Eminem's song stan well yeah your not and I get mad because all you rappers are nothing but fags you brag about have so many fans well they cant help you stand tall to write rhymes and ball all you guys just crawl once I even start writing a rhyme all you guys start crying and whining in but since the beginning I was in law and none of you can make a damn song kind of like watching your girl in a thong yeah what now your mad because I talked about your girl shut the **** before I have to hurl because I just saw your grandpa earl **** is that a boy or a gril idk but ik you rappers just got owned !!!
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Reply Wed 9 Jul, 2014 06:42 pm
you might be trying to diss but in fact you should be full of fright
i wanted to give you a little time in the light
but its time i show you a real lyrical fight
you think your all cool cuz you think you can rhym
but in fact when i was reading this i felt like it was a wast of my time
rhyms like these need to be put to rest
cuz your words dont even come close to the bestok im be spittin my flow
all you haters should know
that im comin out the best
im beter than all the rest
cuz im the king i wear the crown
start off on yo block then take yo town
i got the muscles got the pecs
you better watch yo mouth cuz i write yo checks
i'll have you on the floor better yet the concrete
im sittin on my thron have you haters bowin to my feet
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