Is MMA halal?

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Assalam alaykum wa rahmatulla wa barakatuh, may blessings be upon you insh'allah!

I´m in a really confusing and difficult situation. I´ve got some questions.

I´m 14 years old. I quit playing soccer 1 year and 4 months ago, I didn´t think it was fun anymore. My parents (dad) didn´t like it at, they thought I had potential etc but I thought that it was a waste of time because I didn’t think it was fun anymore..

After almost a year my mother and my brother said that I can´t just be at home not doing any activity. I´ve been a huge fan of martial arts and that was my first thought after I quit. I really believed and still do that I can do very well and I put more pressure on myself that I had to be successful to show that I was right and to please my parents and myself.

And after I had begged to try my mother agreed, so I started training MMA which is a mix of all martial arts. My father doesn´t like it and my mother thinks it´s good that I’m having fun. I feel that I have potential to be very good but I found posts from several forums where they said boxing was haraam because of the deaths, harming Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that if you fight you shouldn´t punch in the face etc.
But MMA is completly different, there has been 2 deaths since the sport was born and that was when you couldn´t even call it a "sport", when it had no rules. Since they developed rules, weightclasses etc there hasn´t been one single death.

People doesn´t understand, they train for a fight for at least 2 months they are educated and elite athletes that can take "damage" that a regular person can´t take and even if a “regular” person would have competed the referee wouldn´t let it go that far so there might be any damage. This is a sport, not a brawl where they hate each other, it´s competition. There is a muslim brother named Reza Madadi who is going to compete in the biggest organization in the world (UFC) Januari 20th.
The difference between boxing and MMA is that in MMA, if the referee sees that there can be a serious if the fight continous injury or that a fighter isn´t defending himself he stops it.

The other thing is that you can win by your opponent gives up due to a submission or if his hurt and there are more tools like kicking to the body/legs or wrestling with takedowns which makes it less possible that 80-85% of the punches are coming to your head like in boxing. On top of that there are doctors that take care of them (the competitors) before the fight, so if they don´t pass medical tests or if the doctors see that they aren´t healthy enough they won´t get to compete.

They also get checked after they have fought even if they didn´t get hurt and they´ve got ambulances there too. So they have maximum security. In boxing they let the fighters fight until they can´t stand up which makes it more possible that they have serious injuries etc. And the boxers don´t have the opportunity to give up if they are hurt. Their corner must throw in the towel.

And the biggest problem is that my parents and my brother will be disappointed and go like "oh man, look at the many we wasted" and then I don´t know if I´ll have the same motivation as right now. But of course I´ll sacrifice anything for the sake of Allah SWT no matter what!

So the questions are: what´s your opinion on this? Do you see this as harming your body like in boxing? And is this type of money-making haraam, even if you use it for halal like charity? Why do I have a feeling that I can be successful and that it´s meant for me to do this if it´s not allowed to doo this? I feel that I´ve been blessed with free training gloves, I learn very fast and in this sport you don´t have to bow to others.

Please, I need an answer very quick because the training season starts next week.

Sorry if it got long but I just want to make you understand the situation so I can get clear answers on my questions. /Your brother Ibrahim
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