Kindle, IPad or good old desktop?

Reply Thu 29 Dec, 2011 06:48 pm
Indeed, and I would consider getting one instead of an iPad, to do iPad-ish stuff (and probably magazines) while still using the original Kindle to read books. (e-ink and non-lit, lightweight, no fingerprints, and no stuffing around when you could be reading a book)

So I think the Kindle Fire is a tablet computer, and probably should have been marketed as something else to avoid blurring those lines, but who can resist cashing in the success of the Kindle name?
Reply Thu 29 Dec, 2011 07:38 pm
I agree with you on the e-ink for reading (much easier on the eyes). If he plans to mostly read books, a Kindle or other e-ink reader would be the way to go.

I actually found a device (no longer manufactured) that has dual screens - a 6" e-ink panel on one side and a 7" LCD panel on the other. It's great, plus it's expandable with both a micro SD card slot and USB flash drive. It opens like a book displaying both screens and has played every file I've thrown at it so far. It's not iPad quality or anything (android os), but it was dirt cheap (no support lol) and I've had loads of fun with it. Battery quality is more than adequate (which is important to me for traveling).
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Reply Fri 30 Dec, 2011 05:40 pm
I was thinking Kindle Fire but then I thought..maybe I need a little more.Sigh.
Reply Fri 30 Dec, 2011 06:01 pm
I received an iPod Touch for Christmas (totally unexpected). It's my very first Apple device! (I'm a little afraid of it lol).

But...it will do all the things you listed (web, email, music, photos) and more, plus it's a tiny little thing, so handy to carry around.
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