Elections, how do you pick a candidate?

Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:14 pm
What websites do you visit and what publications do you read to decide which is the best candidate?

Portland Maine's recent election for Mayor was a surprise for me. I picked a candidate from an email and Facebook page that mentioned a progressive future for Maine.

When the election was over the liberals (Portland Maine is mostly liberals) voted in another person. I was way off...

When I took a look at who most people voted for I then wish I had been with them. Why was I left out of the loop?

There must be liberal publications and websites that detail each candidate and issue, provide clear polling info and website links etc... The voting ballot for mayor did not even specify if the candidates were registered republicans or democrats. I asked the persons who gave me the voting ballot, "who are the republicans and who are the democrats?", no one would answer. They said because it was a local election that political party affiliations are not given.

So where do liberals go to get the most detailed info on who other liberals are voting for, and who the incumbents really are?

I specify "liberal" here in this discussion because I can't seem to think of one single republican/tea party issue that I can agree with as of lately.

The worst thing that can happen in an election is that people are divided and the electorate loses it collective power due to too many straw men and impostor candidates. There were somewhere near 12 candidates for mayor in Maine... We on the left need to be unified to stand against this "conservative" trickery, deception and corruption.

These days just about any liberal is better than a truck load of conservatives.

Please post any resources you think might be helpful along these lines. Thanks!
Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:16 pm
League of Women Voters is kind of the gold standard:

Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:34 pm
Some other sources I use:

New York Times:


Talking Points Memo:


The Daily Dish:

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Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 06:06 pm
Sozobe, Thanks for the links! I have them in my daily reads now. If I have any specific questions on upcoming elections, candidates, polls and issues, who to choose and such I will use this thread to get info. Smile

Again thanks! The woman's league of voters is a great tip!
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Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 06:36 pm
Ones local NPR station does (or should) cover the important local elections. I rely a great deal on www.wnyc.org AKA 93.9 FM and 820 AM.

I also second Sozobe's NYTimes political pages suggestion for national elections.

When I lived in the Upper Eastside, the local newspaper, Our Town, had the best summaries and Q and A's of the city and state candidates running in that election covered in the paper's district.

So look for alt weeklies if Portland has the equal to a Village Voice or an Our Town.
Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 06:39 pm
Even the state election committee sometimes puts out brief summaries of the candidates. Try the candidates personal websites and read their brochures and assorted mailings with a grain of salt of course.
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Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2011 01:35 am
Based upon what the candidates have said n done,
I choose the one that most favors personal freedom,
Individualism, and curtailed, strangled government jurisdiction.

I also consult the National Rifle Association.

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