Need an experienced soccer trainer/coach to explain

Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:04 pm
Why would a trainer/coach do a drill with three U11 boys (boys that get the least playing time) play a game versus the rest of the team? On top of this, if one of these boys did take possession of the ball; on occassion the play would be stopped and the coach would give it back to the other team. Needless to say these three boys lost 0-10. What is the purpose of this drill? What does this accomplish?
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Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:10 pm
This was a drill, not an actual game that was lost 0-10, right?

I can see a lot of possible purposes. I think my daughter's team (U11 girls) does something like this.

For one thing, my daughter likes both offense and defense, and likes playing pick-up games with fewer people where she's not so constrained by a specific role. Where she can be all over the field. This improves her skills overall.

I'm certain that her team does a drill where one person has the ball and tries to keep it away from the WHOLE rest of the team. Then whomever gets the ball has to keep it away from the whole rest of the team in turn.

Then there's another where they stand in a circle and pass to each other, and someone in the middle tries to steal it/ gain possession. If so, the person that she stole it from is then in the middle.

All the same idea of working on ball handling skills, accurate passing, etc.

Especially, this drill seemed to be about stealing the ball from the other team, since the coach would start things over again once that was accomplished.

If those three boys tend to not get as much playing time maybe the coach was making sure that they had some extra practice time to work on their skills.

I really don't think 0-10 matters in that context.

Did you have the sense that those three boys were being shamed? What is your concern exactly?
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Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:33 pm
Thanks for your insight. I was just trying to get an understanding of what this accomplishes. I didn't see any other combination of boys but perhaps that will change at next practice.
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Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:49 pm
Let's say you were working on advancing the ball starting at the defensive
third of the field, up through midfield and then on to the offensive third.
You want the team get the basic passing down without subjecting them
to a whole lot of pressure at first, but you don't want the lolligagging
either. So you assign three players to harrass the rest of the team. If you
want really low pressure, assign three of your "lesser lights".
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Reply Tue 15 Nov, 2011 02:56 pm
I should mention that I only coached in our in-town rec league.
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Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 12:34 am
I play HS Soccer and there could be a number of reasons

Perhaps they were lucky:
Not many players have the opportunity to play a game by themselves to practice under pressure. It is really helpful for all positions, kind of training their instincts, how fast they react, along with accurate decisions. You see, they aren't being harassed or else the coach would've just told them to have 1 person at a time. 3 on a team is the standard number. 1 for having the ball and 2 for alternatives for passes. If there was only 2 people on a team, then obviously half the team would guard the one without the ball while the other half surrounds the one with the ball. If there was 3 people, then it will be easier for them to lose their enemies because the opponents will have to pick which person to guard, leaving them more space for passes.

The bad side:
However, you mentioned that the coach would stop the play when they get the ball occasionally. In this case, there is a possibility that this is because your team really sucks and can't handle the top 3 players of the team (sorry, reality can hurt).
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