What is the deal with spotted dick sponge pudding?

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Q: Why are Jewish men circumcised?

A: Because no Jewish woman will touch anything that isn't at least 20% off.
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I am not amused. I don't crack dirty jokes.
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Q: Why are Jewish men circumcised?

A: Because no Jewish woman will touch anything that isn't at least 20% off.

Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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No, you just set up the gags. You deliberately did this when you asked about spotted dick knowing full well the sexual connotation.

Spotted dick goes back to a time when Dick was a popular contraction for Richard, as in Dick Whittington. Today Rich or Ricky are more popular. We're fully aware that Dick has other meanings, and we do use the term ourselves, but would be more likely to use it to mean idiot than anything else. If you want to try spotted dick, you should have it with custard, then if you want to try ruining it with jelly and or marshmallows that's up to you, but try it as the chef intended first.

There's other cases where words change as they come across the Atlantic, like rubber, which over here means eraser, even though we're aware of your meanings. You have to take the prize for ridiculous names though.
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I still can't look at that name without laughing, it really puts spotted dick in the shade.

Anyway here's a recipe for spotted dick from the BBC. Remember weights and measurements are in metric/imperial, and oven temperatures are degrees centigrade. If you want to try it you need to use conversion tables. Also Americans tend to have a sweeter tooth than us Europeans so you might want to use more sugar. Whenever I use an American recipe I tend to use 1/4 of the sugar, and it works out fine for my taste.

And Finally, tradition tends to win over sounding silly.

The traditional suet pudding Spotted Dick has been renamed "Spotted Richard" at a council canteen - because customers keep making jokes.

The new name for the dessert, with another alternative Sultana Sponge, has appeared on the menu at Flintshire Council headquarters in Mold.

The council said catering staff made the decision after "immature comments" and it was not a policy decision.

But one councillor described the move as "political correctness gone mad".


Council chiefs have reversed a decision to rename the pudding Spotted Dick after receiving "abusive letters" and accusations of political correctness.

Canteen staff at Flintshire council had decided it would be referred to as "Spotted Richard" on their menu after "immature comments" by some customers.

The council now says the pudding will revert to its traditional name.

But it has warned any customers who act in a "childish way" to behave themselves or be refused food.

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No I was geniunely curious about delicacy. I actually thought "spotted dick" was a species of bird. I don't call PENISES anything other then PENISES - my mind isn't in the gutter.
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