My slow writing

Finn dAbuzz
Reply Sat 24 Sep, 2011 10:43 am
I'm still interested in learning how you intend to keep the reader in the dark on there having been an apocalypse.

You've used "goldilocks" planet twice now, but I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the term. I could try and guess, but it'll be easier if you explain.

The character of a genetically engineered bad ass (woman or man) has been used quite often by other writers. This doesn't mean you can't use it effectively and in a fresh way, but you'll need to be careful that she isn't just a cliche (unless of course that's your intent).

"Sigma?" Is there more to that choice of names or does it just sound cool to you?

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Finn dAbuzz
Reply Sat 24 Sep, 2011 11:07 am
Chinspinner wrote:

by the way, you a teacher or proof reader? Also I did read all you had to say and imagine it would continue throughout my twaddle. I am working on the **** ups, genuinely do you work in this business?

I'm not a teacher, but I have taught.

If I was a professional proof-reader I would starve to death. For reasons not worth explaining I taught myself grammar and failed miserably. With grammar and spelling I usually want to add more punctuation and letters than are necessary.

If by "this business" you mean publishing, no I do not. I have a couple of friends who do but they are involved in support functions (legal and finance) rather than the meat of publishing books.

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