Who saw Final Destination 5?

Reply Fri 12 Aug, 2011 08:43 pm
How much did it suck?! It's probably the dumbest movie ever. Everything seemed really fake and the actors weren't that great. It was really dissapionting. I spent $8.50 out of my allowance money to see that crap. HaHa!

Have you seen it? If you didn't, great. Save your money. If you did, did you like ANYTHING about it?
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Reply Fri 12 Aug, 2011 08:47 pm
How much is your allowance?

Reply Fri 12 Aug, 2011 10:28 pm
10 dollars every Friday if I'm not grounded and I do all my chores around the house.
Reply Fri 12 Aug, 2011 10:29 pm
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Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2011 06:53 am
I wanted to know what kids were getting nowadays.

Is that a typical allowance, and what kind of chores do you do to earn it?

If you don't do all of the chores, but just some of them, do you get nothing?
Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2011 09:01 am
Well, I guess it's typical. But some of my friends don't get an allowance but a couple of them do. Some get 5 dollars a week and some get 20. I want to get more than 10 but my dad won't do it. There's not much I can do with just 10 dollars every week.

Yup! My dads really strict about chores and responsibility and school and alot of stuff. So if I don't do ALL of them completely and correctly I don't get anything. I have two other siblings. I have a twin sister and a older brother who's 16 so our chores rotate ever week between me and my sister. Matt's chores stay the same.

This week's chores

Gracie (ME!)- dishes, wipe counters(kitchen&bathrooms), clean up after pets,
Lissa- vacuum (living room and den), sweep floor(kitchen and bathrooms), wipe down kitchen stuff (microwave, stove, oven-outside of the oven)
Matt- take out the trash, mow the lawn(as needed), mop floors, clean the garage(sweep,dust, straighten up)

We don't do chores on Sat. And Sun.

We also can get our allowance taken away and we can get grounded if we get bad grades or behavior in school (detention, suspension, PTC, any grades below C-), if we stay out after curfew, if we get an attitude and a whole lot of other crap.

I always get my allowance taken away for some stupid reason so when I get it I want more than just 10 dollars. That's fair right?

Oh! And my brother gets 25 dollars a week because he's older.

Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2011 09:35 am
It sounds like Matt also gets more because he's doing some heavier work, like mowing the lawn and cleaning the garage.
Although, if you're physically capable of it, and do a good job, you could work up to getting paid the same thing, if you were to take over the responsibilities.

He is older, and he's had "the job" longer, has more experience. That's like in the workplace. If you just got hired, or have been there only been there a year, the person who has already been doing it 5 years would be getting paid more.

If you want to make more, maybe you could volunteer to either do some more things, for a little extra, or show where you could solve a problem, come up with a better way to do something.

Or, you could work on not getting grounded, keeping your grades up, etc. so that you don't miss out on those weeks allowance. That sounds to me like the better way.

You know, between you, your sister and your brother, you dad is handing out $45 a week. That's close to $200 a month! Remember that he's got to work for his money too, and pay for everything around there. Maybe if you could come up with a way to make things a little easier for him, he'd be happy to pay a little more.

I'm not lecturing you. I don't even have kids. It looks like your dad is teaching you to be accountable for your actions. You know that all you have to do to make more allowance, is to keep your nose clean and do well in school.
That would be a start to more money.
Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2011 10:07 am
Yea, you make a lot of sense. 200 a month? I never thought about that. That is a lot huh? And I guess Matt does do harder work and stuff and I don't really wanna do his chores so I guess I should just stick with my 10 dollars a week. I do pretty well in school, all A's last year but I do get in trouble sometimes because I talk a lot in some classes. The only time I get in trouble at home is when me and my dad or brother argue and that gets my allowance taken away pretty quick but I guess I could work on my attitude to but GOD, they're soo annoying.

I just wanna get more money easier. I can't get a job because no one wants to hire a 13 year old even though I'm really mature and responsible and stuff. I can't even babysit!

You don't have kids? Why? You seem like you could be a pretty fair mom. I don't think my mom wanted kids either. Oh well! At least you never had to change crappy diapers! HaHaHa! My brother wasn't potty trained til he was 3! Ha!

Hey! What if I ask for 15 a week. And a added chore. You think that sounds fair? You think he'd go for it?
Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2011 11:00 am

look at it this way.

You're making $10, and want an extra $5.

That's a 50% raise!

If you got an extra dollar, that would be a 10% raise.
That would still be a lot to ask for, if you were on a job, but might be doable if your employer (dad) saw you were really good at what you do (being Gracie) and showed potential.

Look at is like a promotion, having a different job.
If you got a promotion at work, you could get a BIG increase, like 20% ($2) or even 50% ($5), but you'd have to show them you were able to do something worth that increase, not taking on another little chore, but something bigger.

and what about your sister? Do you think she's going to sit still while you get another $5, and she doesn't?

Maybe the 2 of you can team together, to do something one of you can't alone!
Then, you could split whatever increase you could earn.

On top of that, if you could figure out a way to save your dad money somewhere else, and were doing a good job, you could use that as leverage.

Let me tell you what leverage is. You're a smart girl gracie, so stay with me.
Here's an example. You know that knob on the toilet you use to flush? That's a lever. You just give it a little push, and look at all the stuff that happens! One little effort on your part, and gallons of water swirl around, wisking away you know what. Can you imagine all the effort you'd have to use if you had to carry all that water, and do all that work the toilet does?
A little effort, a big result. That's leverage.

If you would like $5 extra a week, figure out some way to save your dad $10 a week.
If you make a deal that he'll give you half of that savings, you get $5, and he's happy because HE has an extra $5.
Even more importantly, he's happy because you're showing him you're thinking.

You say you wipe down the counters, etc. You use paper towels? Tell dad to stop buying them, and you'll use old rags. Spray down the counters with vinegar and water instead of expensive cleaning sprays. Vinegar and water cleans just about anything.
Maybe cut down on soda, making yourself ice tea out of tea bags (maybe flavored tea bags) instead?
I'll bet if you look around, you could see things that without giving up too much, or just changing how you do something, could save him $10 a week.

Who washes the car? Maybe you and you sister now?

Reply Sat 13 Aug, 2011 11:47 am
Ha! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU CHAI! Those are awesome ideas and they could really work! My dad's car does need a good car wash and so does Matt's! My dad's room is always really messy and I know he hates that. Me and Lissa could clean it and stuff. He's always walks Sly, our dog, every morning before work and in the evenings after. I could do that too. There's probably a lot of other stuff if I think about it.

Thanks Chai! You're rally good at explaining stuff and I liked how you talked about the toilet. HaHa!

For grown-ups, do you really only get 10 percent raises. I mean, I know 10% is gonna be more than an extra dollar if you make more than 10 bucks but it still seems like just a little extra. Right?

Thanks again chai! I really like talking to you! Very Happy
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Reply Fri 6 Sep, 2013 02:58 am
hey, graciegirl I have also the same experience to watch the movie. It seems I just waste my time to watch it. I am about to go for a event programme and a friend of mine take me to the theater hall and had a longest 1hour in my life.
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