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First off I don't believe the end of the word is "near", perhaps humans could occupy the earth and eventually the universe and there may be no real end in site. This is not a religious thread but one about collective human accomplishments.

With all of the troubles of the world it seems sadly that the human race should be preparing for its own extinction.

Even if a mass extinction does not occur in the next year or so (which I do not believe in all this end of the world rapture crap anyway) maybe a partial extinction could occur.

This could leave technology fractured. Entire swaths of technology could be lost leaving the few survivors of any world catastrophe at a loss for any progress for many years to come.

At this point it might be prudent to create an earth project that might embody all of this technology and be readable with the most minimal of technological necessity.

Ironically much like the mythical Mormon scrolls and telescope/spectacles that was claimed permitted people to read these false fabricated scrolls. That being a lie it still has its philosophical merits for future consideration.

A tablet and a decoder. A decoder that would make a tiny speck of dust reveal its trillions if not unlimited of lines of code. A crawler that would suck up information everywhere it encountered it, preparing it for its journey into space.

Inventions like the wheel and the turbine, mathematical discoveries, pi and e=mc2 all revealed from the tiniest book or source.

Processes for purifying gas from oil. Designs for combustion engines. Schematics for computer operating systems, earth science plate tectonics, animal DNA and of course the detrimental human impact on the global resources. Death by industry and atomic radiation.

It seems if we use our wisdom we will realize that information is the only thing we have to pass onto the future. A snapshot of the height of our society and a monolith to carry our languages and thoughts to future beings for consideration seems apropos.

Maybe the entire accomplishments of the human race are mediocre at best. Maybe not even worth a footnote in these future alien's own history.

I am reminded of two things. Once I saw this house where an old lady had died and the entire house was demolished by vagrants and all of her things, family photos and memorabilia were strew along the floor. Is that the future of the human race?

And why are we racing? Are we in a race to make a perfect human from spliced DNA? A human that can change shape and/or location at will? A human like Jesus (written about 2000 years ago) who could have scars appear in his hands at will or pop up into the clouds and hang with God or descend into hell with the shap of his fingers.

A race that embodies all form and culture. Superman/woman.

While the world dies around, this/these, super being(s) we empower them with the reader spyglass telescope thingy and the blueprints for every known scientific invention since the discovery of fire, census data, history, science, literature, and even speculation.

A few thousand years of actual civilization written on an atom or copied onto many billions of atoms. Could a natural disaster bring us back to caves and maybe millions of years of human stagnation?

And what of the missing link? Will we complete the book or leave a section out? Who's names or what deeds will be stricken from this book? Should we include a chapter on religions?

Is it possible to put all of the books and information of our government and of the technology sectors onto one chip? The library of congress embedded within one single atom?

We design a super intelligent being able to live in space and to carry with it/them all of our knowledge we have gathered from experiencing first hand the earth and the ability to read and understand this knowledge by using a chosen universal language. Perhaps a language, symbols and a diagram that we can provide to help future beings to unlock by our own Rosetta stone.

What kind of atom with a book encoded within its architecture could withstand an encounter with a sun? If we encoded this book on an infinite number of atoms and coded atoms to transfer this book between atoms all on their own we could saturate the universe with this type of atom matter so redundancy would reveal its nature and matter. And what would happen to the decoder? How could we make this decoder so obvious on how it worked and if it ever became pared with another intelligent life form would it be evident that it was a time capsule from Earth?

What if the matter that is in our world is encoded with information from other earths and races and we have just not detected their book of life on such a tiny particle, yet? Perhaps the decoder is something that all, even mediocre, earth races will eventually stumble upon and learn to invent? It seems this book would take an army of editors and contributors (much like wiki).

Thanks ahead for any comments and responses, sorry this is such a downer thread but I just think it is noteworthy. It seems the earth itself is a time capsule that we as human have been trying to read for millions of years.

Is there a book of life?
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Reply Thu 11 Aug, 2011 08:46 am
I was just sitting in my apartment and thinking about this thread and I got really sad for a moment.

It seems unscrupulous humans are our worst enemy.

As I was speculating about this my mind was distracted by the sound of an ice cream vendor truck passing faintly in the distant through the neighborhood.

If this book of life had a loud speaker and played a tone for every word then anyone with ears to hear would recognize the tone and consider, perhaps reason if the tone was random or intelligent.

So it would be both a book and song of life.

How one would power a loud speaker billions of light years from the closest sun is also a question. So then the sense of auditory hearing with rational becomes the spectacles and goggles. Our ability to reason and perceive. One should be able to extract the data from this book in parallel.

Billions of micro ipads (androids) floating though space.

We will be sure to provide a good reading lamp. Smile
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Reply Wed 27 Nov, 2013 07:52 pm
Number theory suggests that we can philosophize that in a given box, all objects inside the box could have the same size and weight, and we can guess this equality even if we do not open the box and look at the objects.

This is because when we look inside a mirror, we create a "synthetic" axis of symmetry, nearly proving the conjecture that similarity and congruence simultaneously can and can not exist in multiple dimensions. That is to say, if simple congruence is an illusion, perhaps there is a super-congruence that is tangible beyond the grasp of everyday perception.

These considerations suggest that image-based capitalist franchises such as the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain are sociological symbols of dream control.
Reply Mon 2 Dec, 2013 11:34 am
We are supplied with dream imagery everywhere along many avenues of society, it is up to the observer to control their dreams or allow their dreams to control them.

Our own conclusions about life do not have to be mainstream... Having a vast scale for individuality insures that no other person can be congruent to me.

And our earth experience is our own to forge and pursue...
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