The Kvetch Thread

Reply Thu 1 Dec, 2011 06:30 pm
fired up my new to me used john deere heavy duty commercial 20 inch chainsaw I bought a while back and cut some firewood.

I got a good deal.

on the world's heaviest damned saw. urf.

but I got a nice fire going. who knew russian olive was such good kindling?
Reply Thu 1 Dec, 2011 06:50 pm
Well, that works out - it's considered a (horrible) invasive around here..
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Reply Sat 3 Dec, 2011 12:40 am
Oh look! My tag made it to 'THE TAGS'! Haha! Razz Mr. Green

Reply Sat 3 Dec, 2011 01:28 am
I'm mighty impressed, Gracie.
Reply Sat 3 Dec, 2011 03:39 am
Haha! Laughing
I love ya, you're my favorite! Mr. Green Laughing
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Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2011 06:01 am
More trouble with the cable. Snarl.

I had to reboot earlier. My cable box ain't the best. I was taking a break from work to watch something, and there were wierd letters in the place where the time is. I turned on the set and got a message to call my cable operator.

I called. A machine told me there was an outage in my area. Not to worry. But the message on the screen said to call the cable operator and a machine ain't a cable operator. I yelled into the phone that I needed more help.

I was connected to a live human who spoke perfect English. She said she would do some fiddling around at her end. Nothing happened. She told me that I had to reboot at my end. Nothing happened. Then she told me that sometimes when you reboot when there's an outage, it takes a very long time to come back up--like an hour.

She told me that if it wasn't working in an hour, I should call back.

So far, bupkis. Not an hour yet.

I hate being so dependent on my tv, but I am.

Hate when something happens, and I can't watch what I wanna watch.

My apartment is such a mess that I'll be embarrassed to let in the cable guy.


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Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2011 07:05 am
I waited the hour. Nuttin'. I called back. They tried fixing things remotely. Nuttin'.

Now I have to wait until next Tuesday (a week) for the cable guy to show up.

Not a happy camper.
Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2011 08:07 am
Tuesday? Way to go! They have you on the fast track. When I had months of on and off glitches late last to early this year, I was told once "2 weeks from Wednesday." When I groveled, she located someone who was "in the area". By the time they were ready to show, the system had corrected itself.

That particular case I remember vividly. After trying the reboot on my own, and calling, getting message a message saying the area was fine, and then finally getting someone, who told me to unplug the box and the t.v., I still had nothing, then for a brief moment I got a signal for a channel that I don't even subscribe to. We both found that interesting and a little amusing...until it disappeared. Nothing else though.

After setting up the appointment, scheduled for later that day (after my crovel...a combination of grovel and cry), I lost my balance and fell hard on my knees in a space I couldn't get out of. Managed to get the cellphone from my pocket and called my neighbor who unmangled me (essentially he moved a chair and a carton filled with stuff). For whatever reason, the t.v. set was still on with some weird message in red across a dark gray screen, the cable box was off. My neighbor glanced at the screen but was more interested in my apartment, insisting that he has a larger kitchen, and that I have a larger alcove. Really? The rear apartments are identical in size and are mirror images of each other.

At any rate, the apartment was a complete mess, including the blinds closed were all and because it had been quite windy, I had the curtains closed as well with 2 narrow oblong boxes placed across in an X (to keep the curtains from billowing) on 1 window. To add insult, the bed was unmade, and I had only 1 twister seal holding my hair back. I felt like I was in really bad Bela Lugosi/Vincent Price/Victor Buono movie. All it needed was Martha Stewart coming in instructing me on how to make even an untidy home a palace. That particular neighbor already sees me as strange, so I doubt he was surprised by what he saw.

What bothers me with the idiots at the cable company are that they tell me to check all the connections to the back of the set and the box. Well two things happen here. Neither the set nor box has been moved, and clearly, if I am getting a damn message from them, then the cable is attached (they always start by saying that it isn't).

Not sure who your cabler is, but I know from here, that Time Warner has been doing various upgrades for a while now and just about everyone has been hit with some mess. Upgrades? Where? Do they mean the blibbit telling me what the program is about and when it had its "original" air date?

Similar to you, I am not happy when the cable goes. In good cases I can resort to bare minimum t.v. by just putting the set on without the cable box being on. Not all the broadcast channels come through, but I get a few of them that way. Never CBS. I get the local fox affiliate and NBC. ABC is a variable as is the PBS. Can't remember the others.

Personally, I'd blame one of my neighbors for your problem with the cable. That's right, choose any of my neighbors and blame them. (a kvetch of my own is about to appear in a separate entry) Best of luck with the cable, I am hoping it straightens out before nightingales.
Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2011 08:31 am
Of course, I've got Time Warner.

Upgrades my ass. The latest cable box has been here for just a few months. How proud the cable guy was of its upgradedness. It's been nothing but a nightmare. I reboot daily and never know whether the set will go on or not.

I just tried playing the tv without the cable. All I got was a horrendous static noise. How did you do that?

I tried being pathetic with the operator. She was immovable.

The people on the phone say that the power is back in my area. The machine says it's still out. I'm gonna wait until the machine stops saying that and try again.

Fed up. Also PO'd, as my father used to say.

Reply Tue 6 Dec, 2011 09:06 am
Agreed, these latest boxes have problems. I know of 2 others that have gotten new box in the last 6 or 7 months, they both have trouble. Mine is slightly older, I got it in early 2009 right before I went medically into a tailspin. It was going from the analog to digital box, I have the HD box. I had a good guy. Although he was 7 hours or more late (at least he showed up), he lugged both standard digital and the HD box up the 4 flights and moved furniture (and dust) setting it up. I would have married him on the spot, but I think he already had someone. He went through all the details he could (a few of which I forgot immediately).

As to static or getting a signal. I don't know your set. I have a set which when cable active I turn it on and in the upper right I get "Input 2". If I press the buttons labled input on the remote for the actual set (Not the cable box remote) I go to Input 1 and that is when it comes together. The set itself is a 2008 HD Sharp Aquos. it's a simple 15 inch screen which is big enough for me and makes the weight easy enough to deal with for moving it.

Most times when I get something to work right with electronic gadgets it's a fluke. The Input 1/Input 2 thing was pure luck.

In many ways the old days were better. Went to the store, selected a set, brought it home, plugged in and got at least a weak signal on many channels even before hooking on the antenna. Plus an antenna came attached on some portable sets, including the 19 inch Zenith (or was it a Magnavox>?) we had. Lost the signal on ABC when the Verrazano Bridge was built, got it back by twisting the movable fine tuner dial that was around the channel changer dial. (alert Gracie Girl, that there was a time when we changed t.v. channels by getting up and crossing the room).

Wish I could be of more help.
Reply Wed 7 Dec, 2011 04:13 am
Thanks for trying. I don't have input buttons. The service was back on the last time I looked. I'm afraid to look again. Ich chubse in drerd--those cable people.

Where's the thread about your neighbors. If they're messing with my cable, I'd like to know.

Sigh. A day without TV is a day without sitting on the couch.
Reply Wed 7 Dec, 2011 11:14 am
I am glad the images returned to the set. Same as you, I get to the dread place when putting the set back on.

Now to on to the kvetch (aside from my fingers typing backwards).

The neighbors.
We have Becky Sue or Wanda Loo or whatever her miserable name is at the end of the hall (seriously, I have no idea what her name is). She isn't totally to blame for everything, the original blame goes to a guy named Tom.

Tom rented the apartment in 2007 or 8. He had a remote set up for his door lock put in, where a lazy person punches some code and it unlocks the door. They can do this from several feet away, which usually meant he'd punch these beeps as he went by my door. One time as he did this I yelled out at him, he got the message. He mumbled something the next few times he went by. He moved out at the same time that Time Warner took their 7 hours to show up. Maybe he was responsible for the delay and my subsequent hospital stay. Hmm...finally, I can send those stacks of medical bills to someone.

Anyway, Rhonda May or Clara Anne or whatever her damn name is in that apartment has taken it to a new level. She has activated some gizmo/alarm which gets set off when it's not properly locked. "Beep...beep...beep...beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep", fairly rapid succession almost like a smoke detector alarm.

Well, Cora Jane or Vera Lee or whatever her name is, has had this thing go off at least a few dozen times. I can usually figure out that it's not an alarm of danger, but only after the first few beeps...and it is insanely loud. When it went off Sunday, early, I cursed her out (through a closed door of course) and reminded her that if she was "too stupid to know how to use an alarm or unlock a door with a key like real folk do" that she should take the door and...well, I'd rather not repeat those words.

Holly Rae or Liza Lynn or whatever her name is, works in a high level job with travel and unfortunately there seems to be an apartment trade thing which takes place. One of her replacements is the crazy woman who runs. Now, she knows how to open and close the door properly, but she moves fast, insanely fast. By the time the door closes complete, she is already past my door and her feet have hit the first step down. I move a bit more slowly, and she unnerves me. She also may not be from this planet as she is quite tall...she is also rather unfriendly and impatient. Once, in fact twice now, I was on my way up the stairs, 2 flights left, the buzzer in her unit goes off, she responds and I hear the man downstairs saying UPS. 2 seconds later she zips down the stairs, and 3 seconds after that she comes zipping back up. She gave me an annoyed look as she came around on her way back up, I turned saw her at the bottom of the stairs holding a huge package, I turned sideways so she could get by, she didn't even thank me. Her look was more of annoyance that I was forcing her to wait for even a tenth of a second.

The tall alien isn't that bad I suppose. Neither is Bitsy Jo or Zelda Pam or whatever her name is. I just can't stand people who interfere with my peace and quiet for any reason.

Equal annoyance points go to the old fool in the next apartment, he likes to play with his trash in the hallway. He opens the bag, adjusts it, adds things, closes it, does this a few times each day. He gets bags which have a stretch factor and seem to squeak as he stuffs them. He is somewhat insane (clearly I'm not), so I try not to get in his way. His wife is nice except she sounds like a robot at times.

The person underneath me is still managing to perfect their opening and closing (as in slamming) the door skills. Last night, they pulled it off 24 times in a half hour. Makes me wish I had taken tap dance lessons, I could roll the carpet back and have a grand old time...at 3 in the morning.

Reply Wed 7 Dec, 2011 11:36 am
Now that's a kvetch!

I've only done apartment living when I still had hearing once.

It was torture.
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Reply Wed 7 Dec, 2011 04:04 pm
Sturgis, As you might imagine, I'm totally sympathetic to the idiot/annoying neighbors. The people underneath me play the stereo. All I get is the bass. Everything in my apartment vibrates. I stomp around a lot. The bass never lasts long, so I stopped stomping. On the other hand, the people to the north of me play their stereo loud and long. I complained. It's quiet for now.

So I was on the phone talking to the Lady Diane. My neighbor banged on the wall. Excuse me for laughing. I miss dem pre-war buildings that were built so that you couldn't hear your neighbors. Sigh.
Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2011 07:59 am
You and Diane were laughing!!!!

I can't kvetch about noise.

My apartment has decent sound proofing.

And I only have one party wall, and that's to next door's bedrooms.

THEY might have a kvetch.

You got TV already?
Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2011 09:45 am
Deb, Yes, Diane and I were laughing. Sometimes I'm amusing. Sometimes she is.

I got tv. Even responding to that simple question makes me snarl.


So I'm sound asleep, minding my own business, which is what I do when I'm sound asleep. They're doing some kinda brick work on my building. The noise woke me up. It's also upsetting the dog next door. Little Skipper is barking like crazy. I decided to take advantage of being awake and make phone calls I was gonna make when I woke up. (I actually set my alarm clock to make them.) I cancelled the cable guy visit. Coulda done that any time. And I called the drugstore. Where are the two prescriptions I phoned in?

There's a problem with my card? Huh? Your credit card. Not possible. The scrip is only a dollar on Medicaid. Is it my Medicaid card? Could be. I just got a Medicare card in the mail. Is there some kinda copay? Probably. How much? Won't know till I see the card.

I'm considering schlepping over to the drugstore now. By the time I get dressed, get there, and get back, it will be this afternoon. Then I'll have to wind down from all the activity and try to sleep. (I have earplugs.)

Or I can plug in the plugs now and deal with it tomorrow.

Hate these weighty decisions when I'm groggy.

Stop barking, Skipper.
Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2011 10:31 am
...make phone calls I was gonna make when I woke up. (I actually set my alarm clock to make them.)
That's amazing! An alarm clock what actually makes phone calls, I'm jealous.

You will be glad to know my neighbors are responsible for all cable woes. How can I be so sure? After blaming them here yesterday, my cable went out. It's the latest disaster, now changing a channel can send it to the annoyance space. Have to unplug it from the wall socket to get it back on, this means moving a table, then trying to stand again, there's a shelf that I keep hitting my head on when I do that.

By the way Roberta, I live in a pre-war building. Of course it was altered at some point and the larger apartment was cut in half, floors and ceilings were replaced with the cheapest stuff they could find. I think there must be sound carrying tubes buried in them as well.

You know I appreciated the sharing about your stomping around to quiet the person beneath you. I have done that at times...never seems to work though. My best method was the two canes. The rubber tip at the end makes them bounce so I can bounce them away for quite some time....of course that stirs up a lot of dust. I mainly used that on the nut job French guy. He was a music student at NYU and not a very good one from what I could tell. He lasted a year, was replaced by the drunken woman, now we have the door slammer.

Hopefully your medical/prescrip. situation will get worked out. If not, I think I can pin the blame on one of the stores in this area. Maybe that hideous Michael Kors.
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Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2011 03:05 pm
Sit down. Relax. Treat yourself to some liquid refreshment.

So I decide to go to the drugstore. First thing I do is use the Nebulizer so that I can breathe well enough to get the two blocks there and the two blocks back. While I'm nebbing, I remember that I have to pay my bills for the month. I also remember that I promised the landlord I'd send a little extra so that I will eventually be caught up. Then I remember that my lease is up for newal. I fill out the form and write a check for the additional security. I start to mutter dirty words. It's another thing I'm good at.

I get dressed and hobble on over to the drugstore. First I look to see if they have pocket calendars. I know they have them at Staples, but I don't want to walk the additional quarter block. They had inexpensive plastic covered calendars. I skim through but I did not check to see if every day was there. Some things you just have to take on faith.

I had a choice between stripes. No. Polka dots. No. A kitten. Maybe. And a mare and her foal. Another maybe. No such decisions are necessary at Staples. The calendars are usually brown or black. I'm already tired from the walk. Heavy duty decision making isn't helping. I opted for the horses.

I went over to the pharmacy and described the phone conversation I had. That there's something wrong with my card. The guy looks at the computer and says that there's nothing wrong with my card. They were just working off an old prescription. He assures me that all will be taken care of. I'm dubious but polite. I asked if he wanted my Medicare card. He takes a look at it and then in the computer. He asks me if I still have Aetna. Huh? I've been on Medicare for two weeks. I don't still have anything. He assures me that he doesn't need the Medicare card.

I hobble back, go to the supermarket, which was out of my current cookies. When I'm riding up in the elevator, I remembered that I have a newer prescription. I found it. I call the drugstore again. The woman I speak with tells me to bring over the newer prescription. Another four blocks.

I play a game and rest. Then I go. I see the same guy behind the counter. I tell him I have a newer prescription. He tells me I don't need a newer prescription. The problem with the older prescription was a mistake that had been rectified. I asked why the woman I spoke with on the phone told me to come back. He didn't know. He returned the newer prescription to me.

I'm back home.

I'm too tired to be 100 percent angry. I'm only about 50 percent pissed.

I'm also thinking maybe I shoulda got the cat calendar.

The brick noise continues. I've gone almost 48 hours with only one hour of sleep.

I have work to.

Reply Thu 8 Dec, 2011 03:23 pm
Reply Fri 9 Dec, 2011 02:16 pm
You can say that again.

The prescription saga has continued, unresolved, but I'm too pooped to deal with it now. I'm paying full price for the scrips. Thud. I'll be finished with my work and the heart test by Tuesday. Then I'll get rolling on this.

I'm halfway through the appendixes on the most boring book in the world. I then have a glossary of the most boring words in the world. And notes, which are boring even when the book is interesting.

Udderwise, everything is just peachy.

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