Rough Tracklist for "The Javeline"

Reply Tue 14 Jun, 2011 01:30 pm
1. Rhymezone
2. Be Sick (Here we go)
3. Green Light
4. Straight
5. Hind Sight
6. Can a whoop ass
7. Lad
8. How's it Feel
9. Loafer Diss
10. A Party
11. Rainbow Freestyle
12. Sianara
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Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2011 06:17 pm
Please Be Sick(Here We Go)

Im coming at you
You gonna feel me
This is just how we, reach the top
Till we hit the bottom, then we fall
But we're gonna be coming at you hard
So you better get your ass of the floor
And flow like this cuz we gonna come at you hard
Make your pants fall to the ground
But I gotta a little more for these clowns
Im gonna make the rounds
Hip up and burp up a trailer
Get your ass burning
Cuz we're setting this place on FIRE
Dont Be Sick
But listen to me cuz Im not a liar
But you better pack your **** up and retire
Cuz I roll like a tire
Please Be Sick
Im gonna stick my tip in that hole
But girl you better get low
Please suck my dick bitch and blow
And man dont tell me, I already know I have a sick ass flow
But you better be ready for a dro and a lighter
Cuz I spit hot and so so tighter

Here's the beat Im using off of FL studio
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Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2011 07:05 pm
Rainbow Script

There so bashful
They want more
Does it so much its like a chore
Riding dicks like a whore
Buying rubbers at the store because he wants more
This is how he works, riding cock like a wild boar
As he reaches for more condoms in the drawer
He's makin the rounds on these clowns
Look at there frowns
They come out and get flushed down
**** went down
They wont back down
Damn there forming and army
Better send in the carnies to shoot this bunnies
There gonna copy barney dollie and there floppy dick on another guys asshole
Yuck shut that **** up
Literally! Fuckin queer
Wish washy, pish poshy, spit that **** out
Little cub scout
I know that for sure with beyond doubt
But I was sent here to do damage with a pen
Ima comedian
Every now and then, time and time again, over and over again
This is a freestyle
Meanwhile while your damaging assholes, look
Im sitting here in the lab with punchlines in the book
Workin on making your asses shook
Its a subliminal message
You get it?
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Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2011 07:40 pm
"Nightmare" I'll add this song as a Hidden Track

They ask me if this is, what life suppose to be
I dont know, if I only I could see
If only I could ask
Why, why is it me?
I need to be calm, settle myself down
Take deep breaths
Yes, yes I got a million reasons off of my chest
In the past, past
Yes way back
To the times when I was young
Sayin **** just for fun
It got me into some
**** that I didnt want, it was a nightmare
But I got a thought, it was right there
In my grasp
If I wanted it that, trust me I would grabbed it
I would of kept that in my hands
Squeezed it untl I ask
For forgivness, thats not my acts
It would be my ass, that was in trouble
It's just the facts
But what if I asked you, asked you to be my hero
Would you take the time
Take the time to sit back and watch me rhyme
This is my passion
The reason why I came up
Put a spark in the ass of the cannon to blow
Keep tuggin at me but you aint gonna get me to go
Although I know my life was similar
To yours but no need to get insecure
My feelings were as worse as yours
But thats why we're here
Are asses are here, to live
Take some advice from me and live
I love this life, love yours too
Just dont gettin knockin on heavens door, thats now what you do
But this is some advice from man to man, from me to you

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