What the Space Shuttle Program should teach us

Reply Fri 29 Apr, 2011 05:43 pm
It's of little import what you call me, Farmer.

History is data and an attempt at weaving tha facts into a credible story. Its not necessarily taking up sides that cloud your abilities and destroy your objectivity.

I could just as easily make an argument that you are delusional. You minimize and ignore in the same fashion that you suggest I ignore. You've not addressed anything I wrote, in fact you never have, it's either just more euphemisms, meant to diminish or it's this, your latest tangent.

My objectivity is hardly destroyed by presenting facts gleaned from sources knowledgeable about US war crimes. Those same sources having largely taken their facts from US government sources and US sources.

You haven't once been objective on any discussion about US "incursions", US "mistakes", US "foreign adventures". Who cares what the hell some Adams or other thought. Be honest about the millions who lie dead because of US war crimes, not "foreign adventures". Think of the civilians who die everyday because of US drone attacks.

Why not deal with some facts. Start with the fact that the world told the US that it had to get out of Nicaragua, stop its crimes and pay reparations. I think that you are aware of this, are you not?
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Reply Sat 30 Apr, 2011 10:23 pm
Just within the last few days, I've heard you tell someone that you are always willing to look at the evidence and if there is a preponderance of evidence that should lead you to change your mind, so be it.

But that's just talk, Farmer, empty senseless talk when it comes to discussions surrounding the war crimes of the US. You aren't anywhere near ready to look at any evidence and discuss it on a rational basis. You can't, for yourself. You can't because you, like Cy, like everyone else, are scared of somehow "damaging your reputation".

Read Chapter Five Drowning with Cases of The war behind me: Vietnam veterans confront the truth about U.S. war crimes by Deborah Nelson. You can do so at the following link. [I hope it works.]

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Reply Mon 15 Jul, 2013 10:25 pm
what it taught us is that it is pointless. nothing useful is gained by it, and it costs enough to feed the planet full of starving third world nations.
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