How far do you go to accommodate disabilities?

Reply Mon 11 Apr, 2011 04:27 pm
Meantime, as someone who can't presently responsibly have a dog of my own, I actually like the barks of neighbors' dogs. Sounds like good neighborhood to me.
'Course, our irish setter was a barking fool - if you want a good guard dog, get a duck, they're more discerning.
Pacco was a big warner of advancing dogs and bicycles, but given the possible aggravations of two relatively high trafficked streets, quite sane re barking. I insisted he calmo'.

A few days ago I heard a yell when I went to the mailboxes down the street and felt something near my ankles.. it was a little fluffbudget that got out, what a darling. His person arrived shortly after.

This said, as someone who seems less allergic these days - my sensitivity level has no doubt improved - I've had issues with cat and dog allergens. Used to get asthma at the house of Marvel the poodle. Many claim that poodles are non allergenic. Poo on that. I couldn't get near that dog. Got asthma from our own cats. Don't put me next to one on an airplane.
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