Socrates and Plato's Republic

Reply Thu 24 Mar, 2011 10:37 am
In Plato's Republic, Socrates claims that the aim of education is not "putting knowledge into souls that lack it," but rather "...turning the whole soul until it is able to study that which is..." What does Socrates mean by this?
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Reply Thu 24 Mar, 2011 10:56 am
What Socrates is referring to can best be represented by what happens before the simple sentence:

I am hungry.

Notice that nothing measurable or definable happens before the "I" in "I am hungry". Who you are takes place before the "I". Man has spent 'forever' attempting to define his Be-ing by "putting knowledge into the souls that lack it". Even Socrates attempts to define Be-ing with the word "soul".

In the sentence "I am hungry" we focus on the hungry and not where the 'hungry" comes from. "Hungry" comes from what happens before "I". You are not measurable or definable.

Since Be-ing happens before the measurability and definability of "I am hungry" and can't be represented by measurability and definability, what questions do we need to ask to uncover Be-ing?

This is what Socrates means.
Reply Thu 24 Mar, 2011 11:38 am
'We' don't need to ask questions, 'we' just need to get out of the way, for our 'self' already knows what to do and provides its own guidance.

'We' think because 'we' have gotten so many others to agree with what we think that it is O.K. to push our 'selves' around in that direction because 'we' become addicted to the acceptance.

'We' however, have not even come close to scratching the surface of what Be-ing really and truly is.

'We' continue to 'go off in the direction' of where this deceptive acceptance is leading 'us' and has been for over 2500 years. If this persists(and it will) then 'we' will only 'uncover' what has already been 'uncovered' over and over and over again. 'We' are simply just too afraid to go off 'on our own' because we have become addicted to the acceptance of others, so that 'we' may continue to bullshit our 'selves' into Be-ing pushed around.

Very few people are aware of this, or ever have been and even fewer have done any actual un-covering.
Reply Thu 24 Mar, 2011 12:10 pm
As I have said in many posts on this forum, I have made the 'leap' into be-ing.

I can tell you without any hesitation that your 'rant' happens prior to the 'leap'. After the 'leap' what you said isn't even addressed by you.

This 'rant' you express occurs quite often in your postings.

The only one you could be upset with is you. You know that you haven't gotten your job done (made the 'leap') and given that I have made the 'leap' it doesn't appear to me that you are doing the work required. Your efforts are but a semblance of what is required.

Stop trying to speak for everybody on the planet as if it is "we' who hasn't done the job. It is you that has "not even come close to scratching the surface of what Be-ing really and truly is".

Instead of 'ranting' in agreement with what I posted and trying to gain agreement with some while chastising others, why don't you just get to work. Start systematically reading/studying Being and Time by Martin Heidegger and stop posting about something you know nothing about.
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