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Reply Thu 10 Mar, 2011 08:20 am
@Kid A,
Knowledge as power is incorrect except in the sense that when one knows right, one is empowered to do right fully aware of the consequences of ones actions...

Those who act only because their knowledge gives them the power to act are no different from the beasts of nature who act not out of wisdom, but blindly and unaware... You could not possibly make a beast better by making him more powerful, nor would you make his survival or the survival of his species more likely... Consider, that we already have enough power, the power, for example, to enslave nature and tame it to our service... Our physical world opens its doors to our prying eyes so soon as we ask properly...That is not where, and has never been where the problems we suffer reside... Our problems are not in physical forms, but in moral forms... Since we cannot define moral forms, nor have true knowledge through them because they are infinites, we are left working out good on a case by case basis... This fact should make us slow to act, but the conception of the individual makes us inclined to act with a view to self benefit or self survival rather than to moral good with all its difficulties of definition... Look at the great waste of ink and paper on Ethics... Look at all the energy we give to the moral socal form of law, and what a waste of time, money, life and humanity it is... Look at how advanced we have become in the physical sciences under the umbrella of law... But, since the moral form of universal justice has not been reached we do not enjoy more of peace, security, or happiness; but ever less... When people are denied justice in their own lives and countries, they seek it else where and with all the power technology lays at their disposal...It is not for want of knowledge or power that we are driven to distraction, dispossessed, and denied our rights... It is not for want of power that we must fear all our neighbors and all humanity... Knowledge of the physical world, and the sort of power that flows out of it is not our common property, but flows into the hands of the rich which makes us all the poorer.... What we lack we most totally disregard, and devalue though it is the source of all value, the philosopher's stone of moral good, from which all true values and meanings flow...
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