If I'm using my own desk in your house

Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 02:01 am
that is I bought a desk and I put it in your house for me to use it , does the desk belong to me ? or you ?
remember I'm using the electricity ,the light ,the water of your house .
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Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 02:21 am
If you paid for the desk, then it is your desk. You get say over the usage of the desk however who ever house it is in, they have say over what gets put into their house. Who cares about the water, food, electricity? It is your desk. Now if there is some sort of compromise made over the use of the desk because it is in my house then by all means that should be upheld.

You shouldn't be obligated to share your stuff even if its in someone's home. Most people ignore that simple thing and that's why there are packed small claims courts. People simply can not make verbal deals/contracts and stick by them.
Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 02:45 am
but they are paying for electricity , and they bought the land and the house .
I'm using their house .
Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 03:18 am
it depends on how often you water the desk and whether or not you use the electricity at the same time as the light
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Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 04:38 am
"but they are paying for electricity , and they bought the land and the house .
I'm using their house . "

Irrelevant unless it was in the agreement. If you are exchanging the use of their electricity with your desk then fine. But if that is not determined then by all means, your desk is yours and they use it with your permission. They don't get overriding rights to your desk because its in their house.

Think of it like this. Someone owns an apartment building, they pay for all the consumables. So your stuff sitting in the apartment is for them to use when ever they want simply because they own the building? The fact that you might be paying them rent for the space is irrelevant.
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Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 05:01 am
There are a number of issues here. Did the owner of the house agree to have you put the desk on his property? Did he give you permission to use his utilities, and if so, did you agree on any compensation for the use of said utilities?

If there were an oral or written agreement regarding the use of your desk in his house, then, the issue is pretty simple. It is your desk.

If you did not agree, and simply moved the desk into the house without his permission, the issue becomes more complicated. There could be a question of trespass, and illegal usage of utilities. Theoretically, the desk could be considered abandoned property, the ownership reverting to the owner of the house.
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Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 05:35 am
permoda12345 wrote:
that is I bought a desk and I put it in your house for me to use it,
does the desk belong to me? or you ?
remember I'm using the electricity, the light, the water of your house .
The desk remains your property,
unless u attach it to their house,
whereupon it becomes part of their real estate.

Thay can charge u for rent
of their house if thay wanna
+ utilities.
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Reply Mon 24 Jan, 2011 05:52 am
Well, I'd first call the police on you for breaking and entering into my home then obviously trying to squat on my property, an illegal no-no that needs to be addressed. Once you are removed from the property, I'd have the police confiscate the desk and perhaps the illegal drugs that fill the drawers that most likely induced the thread in the first place if they are to be found in the first place.

Now, if we are talking about you renting or subletting a room ( AND IF electricity [lights are redundant option to this equation as its a part of electricity] and water are included in the rent) in said house, then clearly the desk is yours to move around your said rented space or completely remove from the living space altogether.

Perhaps in the rental agreement that if you don't pay your rent and are in arrears then perhaps your desk can be used in lieu of payment. That's if your desk is somewhat worthy piece of furniture.
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Reply Tue 25 Jan, 2011 01:09 am
If I had to make room for and care for your desk, then I would probably feel that I could use it once in a while.

But it does belong to you and you can remove it at any time.

My use of the desk would be in exchange for the space it takes up in my home.
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Reply Tue 25 Jan, 2011 09:41 am
I immediately take possession of all property brought by anyone who walks into my abode. That they are able to leave with any of it is solely through an act of my magnanimity.
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