The Nature of Gravity

Reply Sat 22 Jan, 2011 04:58 pm
As I understand, science recognizes gravity as an independent force acting upon all massive bodies in the universe, carried and mediated by the proposed Graviton boson.

This could be, but for lack of convincing evidence (in my opinion), I've developed my own theory: gravity is not an independent force, but rather a constant electromagnetic attraction between massive entities.

In this theory, I propose that sufficiently dense bodies -- the earth, for example -- act as natural "anchors" for this force, creating a "gravitational center" or "gravitational reference."

Additionally, this theory transfers the role of gravity's "force carrier" to the massless photon boson, the quantum of light; and while I've yet to research this myself, I recently read that the maximum speed of gravity is predicted to be the speed of light.

Thus, the topic at hand is this: how do you believe gravity works, and what is your reaction to my theory? I'm inviting further exploration of it because I recognize the lack of concrete premises; I, too, wish to see greater analysis and development of it, but I'm only one man.

(If "theory" doesn't suit your fancy, you can consider it an hypothesis -- or even just a concept. I'm not trying to make it more than it is.)
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Reply Tue 25 Jan, 2011 06:35 am
It would seem I've actually just come up with Newton's theory... interesting.
JD The Confused
Reply Tue 19 Jul, 2011 09:27 am
And yet not totally your concept has the added advantage of experimentation could be done newton came up with a theory and everyone fell behind it like they did with einstien...though both are not complete there are missing factors that can only be found by experiments of course if you **** up it could destroy the world...or the galaxy...hell possibly the universe i would suggest on minute scale for testing like try your concept with a smaller magnet to see if you can produce artiificial gravity. even if its on really small scale if you can produce 2 gs of gravity on the planet then you can bring 0 gs to 1 and regulate the known problem of gravity on space ships and the possible terraforming of other planets...if only we had ...money... so we could obtain this research even on the smallest scale.
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