Is Spinoza's World Infinite?

Reply Wed 11 Mar, 2015 07:04 am
cvaontology wrote:

Krumple, I suggest that if you are going to be the "God" police, for instance, go around the forums looking for people talking about god, just so you can jump in and defend your atheistic reality you have created in your own mind. Then at least remember, you should also be open to the fact that you appear to be very insecure in nature about your own stance. If you work in a community where it is only popular to be a self proclaimed atheist, such as science or biology ect.. or you are a student somewhere, you should allow others to have formal discussions about topics. There is no "need" for people who jump in off topic, which you have done, you still have not mentioned a thing about Spinoza And your user name and logo need some work. The arrow on your logo is pointing the wrong way. Are you proud of that? Don't be so destructive and maybe you would have a clue, who God is. Maybe you should go poke around on the science blogs and stay away from philosophy. Please try to stay on topic if you are going to respond. Thank you

I thought maybe you would have actually said something intelligent. I gave you a chance but as I suspected you are a complete moron. You were completely unable to address anything I had said and bury your head back into your delusions for security.
Reply Tue 24 Mar, 2015 07:36 am
Krumple, The discussion was about Spinoza and his ideas. Go read some of his work before you resort to name calling. lol. And yes the topic is God. If you think you have figured everything out with the brain that is actually made up of God, the one substance that is our universe, then you might be smart enough to tunnel your way out. Further more, you don't even know what your talking about when it comes to the physics that God put here for you to try and read about. So go back and actually read some Spinoza before you try and join in.
When you learn how to join in on a topic you will grow up to be a man. Try not to be so insecure maybe, just breath and understand that you are not floating on a rock in a dry "happenstance" universe that just came around by chance. That is absurd. Tell me what the calculations are for matter to become conscious and we can talk. But if you cant see through that then just walk around with your ruler and magnifying glass preaching something you cant prove either. That should feed your delusions and make you feel secure. Keep trying and you will get it someday. Question everything for yourself. Cheers
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