Curious about the neurology/muscle science of walking in one's dreams....

Reply Sun 14 Nov, 2010 10:57 am
This morning, (like many mornings) I remember having a dream that involved me trying to get from point a to point b by the process of walking. The problem is that in my dream I was having a difficult time walking. Much of the time, I can barely stumble a few feet. On the rare occasion, I do remember about the physical act of walking in my dreams, sometime it's a slow and frustrating process. Much of this so called walking in my dreams is on my knees.

When I finally wake up, if I'm self aware enough to remember that night's/early morning dream I realize that I'm lying on my side in a fetal position with my legs curled up under me. And what a relief it is to stretch my legs out.

The purpose of this thread isn't asking for medical advice but sheerly existing out of academic curiosity.

As for the seemingly irrelevant details of this particularly embarrassing dream, I'll be vague. Who knows, maybe these psychological details might have a certain impact on the direction of my dream and ending up intensifying my need to walk to my final destination.

Scene: late at night (sometime after midnight) and I just entered a NYC subway station (that doesn't have a real world counterpart).

Motivation: I am getting off of work and I decide to take this particular train instead of going to the N or R line which I am familiar with but where the station is a couple blocks away.

Scene: The train itself is irrelevant but I can imagine a few people would be interested in the Lynchian details of the dream:
The subway platform is very crowded for this time of night. While waiting for the car, I start talking to a stranger. When the train arrives, only a third of the train's doors open to let people onto each individual train car.

The stranger finally pulls me out of one slow line of passengers to another train car where the car isn't so crowded.

Inside the train itself is covered with a sloppy fresh coat of white paint and tarps that were in place to poorly protect the passenger benches. In my dream, it is a well known fact that the MTA in their process to clean the trains, paints the interior every night.

Meat and potatoes of the dream: I get on the train somewhere in NYC, I find that the train stop in which I get off is in an unfamiliar part Holliston, MA or some nearby town in which I am not familiar with.

I'm not worried that I got off in Massachusetts instead of Astoria, Queens but that's another story. So I start to walk home to my parents house in Ashland, MA but then I start having the walking trouble.

I manage to walk a short distance: stumbling on my feet, then crawling on my knees. Part of the time I am looking for a cane or something to help me walk faster. At this point I wake up and notice my legs are not stretched out and they are in need of being stretched out for comfort's sake.

I'm certain that this is the same motor control/neurological interaction that goes on in dogs that "run in their sleep". You know... when the dog sleeps on his or her side and the legs are animated into a frenzied sprint.

The only difference is the position of sleep either allows the sleeper to walk as in the dog's case or have a difficult time walking as in my case.
Could this technically be anecdotal evidence that proves that dog's dream as well?
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