Saddam Captured in Tikrit

Reply Sat 20 Dec, 2003 01:56 pm
David Letterman's Top Ten Questions Asked By Saddam Hussein When He Was Captured

10. "Be honest...have you ever seen a nicer spider hole than that?"

9. "Who's got a coat hanger -- this beard itches like a son of a b*tch!"

8. "Anyone have a mint?"

7. "Is this about the illegal music downloads?"

6. "Am I going to be on 'Cops'?"

5. "Which describes me better right now -- 'haggard' or 'grizzled'?"

4. "How did you get past my impenetrable styrofoam brick?"

3. "Do I get the 25-million-dollar reward?"

2. "How's the war going?"

1. "Will you go easy on me if I tell you where Martha Stewart is hiding?"
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Reply Sat 17 Jan, 2004 10:38 am
i am a Chinese.it seemed to be nothing with me on this incident.but i also want to say something,just my own opinion.
to most Americans,it is good for them.because they can eventually have a good sleep through the whole night.but the unknown of Ben Larten is still a demon dream to them.
to Iraqi citizens,they may laugh at last because their bitter lives will go in the near future.
in closing,i want the world in peace for good.
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Reply Sat 17 Jan, 2004 10:49 am
Hi, koolplay. Hussein is gone now, but the war goes on. It may never end.
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Reply Sat 17 Jan, 2004 11:01 am
edgarblythe,maybe you are right.
let's see because we cannot do any help.
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