Skiing, or snowboarding?

Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 12:43 pm
Next month I'm going to a ski resort. I have zero experience skiing or snowboarding, and wondering which one would be easier and/or more fun for me, and would pose less threat for crashing head first into a tree, falling into a snowbank not to be found for three days while I bleed and freeze to death?
I checked, and they don't allow sledding. That, I'm good at.
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 01:03 pm
Snowboarding. No splits, fewer nutcrackers.
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Slappy Doo Hoo
Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 01:57 pm
I've heard skiing is easier to learn. I think I'd rather snowboard, but I don't want to spend both afternoons sitting on my ass, either. Have you done both?
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 01:59 pm
Neither (worth speaking of). Laughing

I've done both and spent most of my time on my ass. I only went because of the hot snowboarding dudette.

But the snowboard was easier for me by far.
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Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 02:39 pm
Slappy, if you've never skiied you are the perfect candidate to learn snow boarding. It's easier to learn than skiing, especially if you haven't been near skis. It's more like surfing and as long as you have some bum padding you'll pick it up faster and easier.

Skiing on the other hand is much harder to learn well in only two days. If the hill is not to drastic, you should be fine and have fun, but (I'm used to the rockies) if it's a big mother of a hill, stick to the board.
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 03:10 pm
I just asked a friend and he said snowboarding is easier but the falls are worse.

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Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 03:48 pm
Skiers have the reputation of being more adult and better behaved. Try the snowboarding.
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Reply Fri 12 Dec, 2003 10:43 pm
snowboarding from a muscle science point of view is easier to learn and your falls won't be bad if your not trying the fresh powder on the advanced slopes. plus snowboarding is just more fun.
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Reply Mon 20 Sep, 2004 11:39 pm
snowboarding vs sking
ive been skiing sinse i was 3.. im now 15..... and ive been snow boarding for a season.. and my bro has been boarding for about 4 years......
i came bak from perisher blue and thredbo in nsw on sunday..... from a weeks holiday
this is what i think.....

Snow Boarding is ALOT easier to pick up then skiiing....
you get the hang of it quicker.... but you have 2 have guts.

skiing you arnt in the snow alot.. except when you fall over....
but with snowboarding.. its haRD TO STAY STANDING FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, without losing your balance.. so your in the snow alot more....

skiing is easyier on t-bars...
but snowboarding is ALOT more fun....

i like both.. im staying with both..... in aweek im already doing rail sides....
but with skis i can do 180s of jumps...

iif i was you and i couldnt decide.. i would definally hire your equipment at the mountain.. so if you dont like one.. you can swap it for the other.........

hope i helped:)
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Reply Tue 21 Sep, 2004 04:24 am
I've never tried snowboarding, but I've been an intermediate skier since '71.

Skiing really isn't that hard. The equipment has gotten so good that injuries are rare. If you find yourself going too fast or getting out of control - just sit down.

I taught our three kids and one family friend the basics - it really isn't all that hard. One disadvantage I've observed about snowboarding is using the chairlifts - it looks like you have to undo the bindings for one foot every time you get on.
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Slappy Doo Hoo
Reply Tue 21 Sep, 2004 06:49 am
Well now this thread is a year old...I went snowboarding back in Jan. I did snowboarding. First day was like watching a toddler learn to walk: I'd start going, and BAM, fall on either my face or my ass, and fall hard.
Second day made it off of the bunny hill, and while I could go for a while, I still fell hard a lot. Once I probably came close to knocking myself out after my head hit the ground pretty hard.
I dug it though, and will probably go back this winter.
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Reply Tue 12 Oct, 2004 05:34 pm
I'm 25 now and have skied every year since I was about 5.
Last winter I gave snowboarding a serious shot & hit the hills about 3 or 4 times a week.

I really believe it's easier to pick up then skiing, a lot easier. But, as stated, when you start out you're going to damn near knock yourself unconscious if your board catches an edge.
I was actually worried I cracked my tailbone for awhile there after falling on my ass so hard so many times.

Go again this year & I promise you will be carving nice turns after 2 or 3 weekends.
If you haven't already learned, the best way to start out is using the falling leaf method:

- Start on the far side of a slope, face up hill, and gradually tilt the board downhill until you slowly start moving.
Pick up just enough speed to make it to the other side of the slope.
- Once you're at the opposite side of the slope, point the other side of your board downhill & work you way back to the other side of the slope.
Keep doing this until you're comfortable facing up hill, and switch, facing down hill.

Once you've mastered both sides of the falling leaf, go to the bunny hill and concentrate doing 180s in the snow.
You know, having your right foot pointed downhill, and rapidly turning the board so your left foot is suddenly facing down hill & vice-versa.
Get good at that and then work on complete 360s.

This is what I did, and I'm decent now. I can't do the tricks my buddies can do, but I can keep up with them and go just about anywhere they go (unless that's over some crazy ass jump).
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Reply Fri 22 Oct, 2004 04:39 am
hey everyone...
im a 15yrold chick who loves the snow, it has always been part of my life sinse i was born, and i 1st started skiing when i was 3...
and this year i started snowboarding....
i want to stay good at both.. just so i can do whatever, when i feel like it when im there.... but if i had to choose i'd definally go snowboarding...
2 years ago on skkies i started doing 180 off jumps and this year off table tops, going into the jump fwd, turning and landing and going the rest of the way backwards. ive always been doing basic grinds on skis for the past 3 years but this year was doing, rainbow grind, and alot longer grinding boxers....when i was 8 i was going down oympic and perishers most difficult run "Kamizai" and "double trouble" (i dont know about other resorts in austrralia"
but after 2 days of snowboarding i was grinding and jumping SMALL jumps...

i definally think snowboarding is easyier to pick up, but i think its abit scarier down the harder runs... for me it was to go from y heels to my toes..... i am goofy... i found that its the oppostite to skating and surfing..(i am natural for them) but ofcourse everyone is different
if your fit already go snowboarding, but if you want to get more fit go skiing....
i find that snowboarding hurts your joints ALOT more and skiing just works your musels alot harder and better.
mm i dont know wat else to say........
snowboarding is heaps more fun 2 learn then skiing i must say.... and even though you fall over more, you dont look at stupid when you do..

Razz Very Happy
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Reply Fri 22 Oct, 2004 04:45 am
sorry me again
sorry i 4got.. like above poster (before my preivous post) he said in a matter of weeks you;'ll be carving.... if you try hard enough youll have it in a number of days..... i was down there for a week, and skied 2 of them and one night.... at the end i was carving around corners.. but i strongly suddjest that you pay for lessons...
i came home with a twisted wrist, ankle, another sore wrist, and a sore head from the last lesson i had comming back on the home trail, the tail caught edge under alot of snow and i hit ice, flipped over and landed on my head.....
my worst fallw as when i was going down a double blue and i flipped 3 times over (going down hill) and slid right past my instructure head 1st down the hill.. lol.. but the falls are always great to laugh about afterwards....
in lessons, you learn and meet people at the same time.. its great....
ok ill go and shutup now
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Reply Tue 26 Oct, 2004 08:40 pm
As a Skier and a boarder myself I would have to say skieing is easier then snowbaording but snowboarding is more of an adrenalin rush and more chalenging first off on snowboarding its hard to get up were as skies are a bit easier.Hmm so really its personal choice really.
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Reply Tue 26 Oct, 2004 08:42 pm
and on a added note i read up somewhere that its easier to Ski then to learn snowboarding
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Reply Wed 27 Oct, 2004 08:21 am
A while back I decided that I hated winter in New England. Winters aren't going away, so I decided to find a way to enjoy them. Having never been exposed much to either before, I considered both skiing and snowboarding, eventually settling on the latter. My wife, who had been a skier for a long time, also tried it and is "bilingual" now. On days when conditions are good she'll ski, but on other days - especially mushy spring conditions - she'll rent a board because she says it's easier to still have fun that way.

From my own experience plus hers and other friends', I'd say that skiing and snowboarding have different learning curves, but it's all a wash in the end. The very early stages on a snowboard are brutal compared to skis because there's no easy "bail-out" plan like the wedge for skiers, and you end up falling a lot. You quickly reach the advanced beginner or lower intermediate level out of sheer necessity, and then there's a stage where snowboarders actually seem to progress more quickly than skiers up to semi-advanced levels - that "intermediate plateau" that so many skiers get stuck in seems to be delayed for a while, often beyond where a lot of people care about getting better anyway. After that there seems to be a short stretch where the skiers catch up and pull ahead a little, and then you're in competitive territory where you're so committed that it's pointless to compare the two.

The other thing about skiers vs. snowboarders is that neither is evil, but they are different. Snowboarders need to be aware of how scary they can be to a skier who hears that roaring/scraping noise coming up fast behind them (maybe less of a problem in western conditions). Skiers need to be aware that snowboarders have a blind spot on one side, and can freak out when someone comes out of it. Both need to be aware that the rhythms at the same speed are just different, calling for extra caution when passing etc. My own pet peeve as a snowboarder is long rolling traverses, and ski punks who force snowboarders to stop in the middle (requiring that the unbuckle/unstrap or monkey-crawl to get going again) by cutting them off thoughtlessly. Snowboarders and skiers can coexist, but only if they show a little consideration for one another.
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