Being and Nothing

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This is the fundamental and most significant question that Being presents to us yet it is the most likely to be evaded in our understanding of it. Simply Put This is the ultimate question in which Creation finds its purpose. It is given a purpose not to be judged on the boundaries of natural law but superseding it. It is impossible to speak of this first without asking the question What is Nothing and Being. The question has been evaded continually throughout the ages simply because an answer can't be supplied but neither is the question shut out from being asked until most recently when all philosophical inquiries have seemingly ceased. Whether this be because of a lack of thinking or the common belief that all things Philosophical in nature have been discovered only seems to dampen the most essential question of Being which has yet to be explored.

It is necessary to presuppose Being itself to be nothing at all as the modern's propose to be something seemingly found a treasure only to be known by this age forgotten to those ages which have preceded it. There is no more arrogant as a premise as that as if Technology has allowed us to correspond with Being itself Technology is only doomed to fall prey to its own follies. Indeed Nothing itself is Pure Being but in what sense has it derived this purity in which it breeds the material world seemingly from out of thin air. Does Nothing have a creative force to it that has not been explored. Perhaps the world has come to us by chance but by what means has it come to us in this mold? Indeed Nothing if given a material being for its existence and creative force would necessarily eliminate all premises for the existence of material things. Which would be nothing but a contradiction of all material beings thus contradicting and eliminating the presence of nothing to be related to something material.

It is impossible for nothing to be related to any material Being Possible only through Being itself which corresponds both to each other in itself. This question can not be answered though until we have found the relation between the material world and nothing. Essentially Nothing has no meaning in our existence because the world as exist to the Subject is simply material and Phenomenonal. It appears as we move our way beyond appearances to the Noumenonal world that we only result in coming up with more appearances of a material World. This though is a logical fallacy and nothing but saying the grounds of all existence rest in a material being a specific one possibly in which is the foundation for all grounds which spring from it. As if all representations are mere collections of thoughts that we only negate into being when we start thinking of them.

Essentially what is the point of thinking something we have given cause to think if it has already been contained in our mind as a thinking subject. It is essentially impossible. This unfortunately is the mind of the modern man who appears to be able to exist purely without thinking and thinking he reaches a divine notion or understanding of things he only falls into a mediocrity which deprives him of the richness of the Beauty and Goodness which surrounds himself in the material world. Instead he corrupts it with his vile laziness and outright blasphemy by basing the goodness or wickedness of a subject based simply on what it has to offer him whether that be in looks or thought.

Has the Modern Man not learned to be silent and to simply listen to himself!!!!! Has he neglected the voice of being as it stands in front of him as nothing at all as that simply undifferentiated moment in which his world is transformed from thought to Idea and Idea to thought. Has this simple transition of man been negated and completely ignored by the fact the Modern man is not satisfied with his own material being. He wishes to undergo change to appear new when he only continues to appear older.

Awaken out of your slumber and stupor for it is not good to sleep when thoughts are at their freshest and most brilliant points. It has seemingly pleased man to come to a brilliant idea and advancement and to leave it a thing unused as if it has passed and already come into the hands of the ancients when it has escaped his mind that he thinks he possesses the knowledge of all. All knows him but he fails to know himself he becomes a slave to his own inclinations. And a man who falls slave to his inclinations can never transition from Reason to Being for he has violated the natural law.

As we can see the modern man has fallen asleep when his thoughts and technology have awoken only to find himself dead amongst his battered and shattered creations which although superseding the previous ages have brought nothing to it but slumber and sleepiness a sort of drunken destruction. Has man forgotten himself in order to find himself. Is he worth so much to sell himself for such a low price only to think he will find happiness in being cheap!

This indeed is Being in its first which so desired to know itself it became nothing not in the material sense but superseding it and bringing the material world into being through it. It has thus followed after this that Being ceased to be by becoming nothing at all by becoming subsumed by the material world and losing its essence to its opposite. Being was located where all opposites were fixed and mutually excluded from other opposites. These other opposites represent nothing at all because their were no opposing factors which opposed Being in the Beginning.

A force without having any opposition applied to it is the Being which negates all opposition and in turn thrust its Being into nothing creating opposition. The greatest opposing force is that which offers no opposition and it Nothing in coming into being has become all that Being was this is to say Opposition to itself. Nothing though masked under the material world can never subsume Being for it is impossible for that which opposes Being to on the basis of its opposition subsume it.

Being then can only rest on itself that is opposite who seeking to subsume itself and represent that which it has been called into being with as itself. It is impossible though for this to happen and only Being can offer what we hold in debt to it. It is only in ceasing to be that the individual can come into pure being simply the fact that nothing about him exist this is to say his primary existence supersedes his material presence and his material presence is brought into Ontological Alignment when he simply embraces Art that hidden nature in himself which calls into being for him to transition and to elevate himself to the Universal place of Being.

In doing so Art has taken on its natural form and has been given the force of Phenomenon that very force that opposes it has subsumed itself by subordinating itself to nature. Subsumed itself by reducing itself to all oppositions and leaving itself to be the only opposing force left to itself. This simply is not possible if not for the mediating force of nothing which on its grounds lays the foundations for this to become possible whatsoever.

Nothing is the foundation of all Being as Nothing as a phenomenon and it is only possible to know Nothing through Phenomenon though in a limited sense. Is it possible that nothingness has brought Phenomenon in alignment with its material being only to exclude nothingness as being except in the material world. This would exclude the material world as not existing in its simplicity of not existing as something that exist as nothing which determines all material beings.

This though is nothing but a simply contradiction. Nothingness in its being is nothing but contradiction its posits being to exist in its fullness within it but yet it ceases to exist as it transitions itself in being with itself that is to posit itself as its opposite. Nothingness then can be said to be nothing but its opposite and all things opposite to it nothingness. This though is a absurdity and can't be posited on its grounds as an answer at all but only a question which negates itself and ignored the fundamental question at hand.

Nothingness is then only a necessary grounds in which those Apodiectic necessities of the material world are drawn and given their absolute boundaries. It is then necessary to say Nothingness gives us the standards of what is Being and What is not Being it merely draws the line for all Beings that rest outside itself to be subsumed in its being that is to say the material world holds no basis or grounds for reality without it preceding the material world's existence in so far that the material world was simply nothing at all.

This is to say that our knowledge of the material worlds in relation to nothingness as we reach the sphere of Being that is the sphere of the Material World is very scanty and to come to a definition of it through the material world is pointless and leads us nowhere at all as the modern age has tried to do with its rapid advance in science and technology only has become its own detriment.

An Age transitioning Point is not the change in which its technology takes place but the ability to stand in constant wonder and silence at the simple beauty of Being in which Technology takes its place as simply a theoretical practice and only for the means of practical use for our every day life not as a method which controls our every day life

Let our words not master Being in its sublimity even if they bring being into subordination with them but let us leave these words to silence and nothingness in which these words find their proper foundations and logical continuity of a word as that which expresses being in its nothingness or as not eliminating but thrusting it forth in its negation This is to say transitioning into Being this is to say by not being it at all but simply being in the presence of it. Swept away only to find Joy in returning to its roots those roots which the ancients had a greater knowledge of then what we know of Being as it presents itself to us in the modern world.

Being has been corrupted and distorted only in its ambiguity to appear good but all the taste and inclination it offers only leaves us empty and in a state absence of the grace which Being offers. The material world only ceases upon its own propositions as its falls back onto its grounds as something which stands as the Apodiectic creed for all existence. It only seeks to find something true to believe so it ceases to express its belief but confounds it into a reckless drunken state of chaos in which all beliefs are negated and confined to atheism.

Is the modern man not satisfied in his gluttony and pitiful disgusting and ugly individual is he who has so wasted those potentialities and robust promises that technology has so graciously offered him only to make him a useless person for its own sake. Has the Modern man become so absent of sitting in stagnant silence that he has caused himself to go silent? Do the commands of his superiors call into action from him only a thing which will lead him to inactivity and pure passiveness to miss out on the real content and only to find it having the content fed to him.

The Modern Man is No more fit then a BABY!!!! And just as TS Eliot has put finally Being has begun with a bang and it will go out with a whimper. Yet it is in those minds who wish to become Philosophers kings and to align their thoughts and words with the divine presence of Being who will elevate a people to an axial age in which Reason and Faith shall walk hand in hand never to lose sight of each other but to fixed on each other as lover mutually excluded from each other but in simple union with each other.

Only until this age has been established will the ancients realize the purpose they had set out in their thoughts and it will not be brought to the Nilhism which the modern age has so projected upon itself. It will be the age in which being calls into self itself that is opposite and empty itself into nothingness so that all phenomenon and material may appear before it simply as the clearing of its being to the unity it posits in itself.
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Reply Wed 13 Oct, 2010 08:01 pm
The best truths cannot be spoken, and the second best are misunderstood.
Heinrich Zimmer

You are attempting to use words to describe the Indescribable.

We are the Eyes of the World, Witnesses of Creation, the Transcendent Manifest in Time and Space revealing Itself to Itself.

btw dance every day, to the rhythm of the Universe.
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