Reply Sat 2 Oct, 2010 03:01 pm
Sounding all too much like Schoepenhauer's Title for his women hating rant. The only thing I actually disagree with Schoepenhauer on. Perhaps it is important to state that I am more like Schelling and Schegel on Women before I continue to state my premises on women. It is easy to say flattering things to say women to try attract them either through subtle use of speech or through gifts and presents but the greatest use of attracting women to us belongs to them. It is a mystery as all the species of woman are. Opaque and Undefined is the content of their minds all to sure of what they want just not on how to get it. Perhaps we can say is the means to getting what they want as Niethszche says.

Although this point would be invalid a priori because in order use a means a means must make the use of the the fact they are being used for something. So all men out there with a brain to think for a second does not appear that perhaps it is not that you are being used for the ends that is the baby but perhaps more likely then not that the man is using the woman for his own means of satisfying his pleasures. Then what need do men have for women other then to use them as objects. For if anything men are more unlike to objects then women because they depend on them so much to use the women as means and make a point that seems objective when instead it is opposed to the objective and suppressed and contradicts the subjective agreement of both with each other.

Now it is easy to say women are the frames of absolute freedom under the influence of grace with appearance seemingly as their greatest attribute and it must be said a Woman is defined on the level of aesthetic pleasure she effects into a man although this is simple blashphemy for that which is lacking woman is made up in numerous ways men could not dream of making it up.

Let us not jump to conclusions and continue to heap praise on the woman her chief enemy seems when she revert to the masculine principle of appearance to identify her simply as her self that is try to be a woman on the basis of what men think of her aesthetically speaking she has reduced herself to the opinion of men which are driven by rabid and aggressive impulses to appease a fulfillment that is meaningless. She becomes no more then a slave to the Will of men and the Man a slave to the labor of such a situation. Perhaps it is necessary for nature to continue to proceed in its action of surviving that Woman even offers the man a glimpse of something he think can comprehend when it is not able to be comprehended by him.

Man is the force of nature that phenomenonal force which seeks pleasure through the senses to penetrate those forces of nature that are supersensual to appease his own lust for appearance when instead he shatters the beauty of Woman not in her appearance but that appearance which lies beyond the appearance the very life giving force of nature which lays the ground as a necessary principle for nature to continue or to put it better the material force influencing the process of creation though limited to a measure which is placed on the man by the very nature of the Woman so it seems that the sensibility conquers the Will of the man's nature.

Let us not so soon to heap too much praise on the feminine spirit for in itself it becomes destructive when Women become more like men. It is keeping their feminine qualities that woman is a product of nature that supersedes it a Spirit to be touched or felt by man by only that which he can rationally discover on certain principle which are limited to his own nature. And the Necessary principles which limit man to his own nature are in themselves those principles which bring man into the world and distinguish him as a man.

It is known that as primordial beings we are all of feminine spirit this has not come to the knowledge of men but is only though the living force of the female spirit that creation comes to have a distinct purpose and an actual purpose for in principle it has nothing but an actual purpose not yet known but coming into knowledge only through the very privation of woman and the fecundity of her being.

Yes Women lust like men but they do not use this lust to accomplish a desire or a pleasure it is necessary to say they accomplish or desire nothing in their lusting but themselves for it is women that self is actualized and the search for self become an intuitive force which gives the principles which upon woman seeks herself. Yes she finds herself in Man but does Man find himself in Woman. I would say in a certain sense but I do not think it is appropriate to say he finds himself as a Man at all. That is why it is best to rest upon certain conditions and measures to define himself to his lover that is order to catch the woman's attention through acts of strength and knowledge. Women love men with money and knowledge those things we think they can't supply for themselves on the basis of their weakness when they possess a strength much deeper then man himself which is unconditional. Is it possible to say that Woman is the only Reason a principle is sufficient to let man be at all as a man.

Why are there men at all and we are not just all transcendent feminine spirit rising out of nature to return to the supernatural in one form with our Being. That being which has given us life and has sent us out as not just concepts but living beings with realities as either a masculine or feminine being. When Nietszche says Woman was God's second mistake he is implying that Man was the First mistake in a sense for what would Man be without the life giving force of Woman is he not contradicting himself on the premise and reducing man to nothing but an eternal contradiction with himself. For without the nature of Woman what is Man but a Woman.

It is necessary to praise our claims of nature that Spirit which arises first out of nature to rest in all its spatial forms on Woman where the Space is cleared for nature to come to know itself and as the being which self actualized itself in its clearing. For a second nature seemingly is dead as the clearing process is initiated but as it continues to realize this clearing is nothing but refined to the measure and limits of the masculine being which perceives itself to be the basis of nature which gives life to the spirit by penetrating it when without the woman he is all but penetrating his own nature.

Women defines the line and divides into its multiple expression which men claim to be their own when they all belong to the oneness of that line which is a necessity for the principles of nature to project themselves at all in such a vertical position. It is thus necessary to say that Woman represents the True Masculine Being and that the Masculine image in Space is nothing but that which is filled with material abstraction of this True Being. Men's true nature does not lie in the material abstraction but that which is void of it and lies outside the boundaries of its abstraction and determines itself a force to uphold the concepts which it pertains to only temporarily. The Spirit in Man is to bring himself into contradiction or even to sacrifice his own manhood to come to the true knowledge of what it is to be a man.

It is not that Woman do not know what they want it is men interpret what they Want in essence the object that belongs to man as a Phenomenonal being it is necessary that man commits a sacrilege on many an occasion when he wishes to interpret that the objective which the feminine spirit contains is become swallowed up by his subjective being instead it his subjective being void of itself and to become an objective being which finds affinity with the feminine desire to transform life not just into her appearance but into that form which belongs to her alone. It is when all men gather themselves to this point that the communal gathering will become so defined we might as well claim that man has lost his masculine spirit when instead he has only claimed a new one a more interpersonal and intersubjective person which runs perpendicular to his own being.

So Will man know peace, joy, intuition when he abolishes the masculine principle he uses to subordinate women to himself when instead he is negating himself to the obvious and self evident that his being has been swallowed up by the Apodectic principle of the Woman. In order for man to make sufficient means of his own principles which he has aquired through the spirit of the Woman to return to be swallowed up by it. It is then necessary to say that man speaks best when he speaks in silence and listens to the meditative and beings to be silent and meditate with the female spirit and at one with it. For only a true gentleman is take his place amongst woman to elevate his qualities as a man.
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Merry Andrew
Reply Sat 2 Oct, 2010 04:43 pm
I figgered women out a long time ago. It has something to do with shoes.
Reply Sat 2 Oct, 2010 04:57 pm
@Merry Andrew,
You're spot on, MA. Shoes. And wine, of course.
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Reply Sat 2 Oct, 2010 04:59 pm
Shall we circle for arch support?

Is sexy arch support a possibility?
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