Dominant hand theory

Reply Mon 20 Sep, 2010 02:52 pm
I've come across an observation that may hold some kind of scientific merit. The idea is testable, measurable, observable and falsifiable as well. The idea concerns my dominant hand theory.

I've discovered that one can accurately predict the dominant hand a person will have at birth just by looking the back of their head. I would really like to know how this idea relates to biology and or genetics since a persons dominate hand could be implemented after conception.

The idea involves the spiral pattern that is seen on the back of the head in infants and adults. This spiral pattern is the same spiral fractal that we see in the phi ratio, fibonnaci sequence and the mandelbrot set.

It is also related to spin and the centrifugal forces that act upon matter, space, time and energy. Now the spiral that rest on the back of each human head mimics the same pattern seen in spiral galaxies, hurricanes, torsion fields, fractal geometry, whirlpools etc....

Being on a planet that is spinning is also a force that affects the growth of life on this planet as well. As for the spiral on the back of the head and how it relates to a dominate hand theory goes as follows....

The spiral can be located on different parts of the back of the head on either the right hemisphere or the left hemisphere and occasionally in the middle. The hair spirals themselves contain an eye at the center of it which falls in the area that predicts that persons dominate hand.

By imagining a center line down the back of the head one would notice that the eye of the spiral falls on either of the hemispheres of that persons head which predicts their dominate hand.

Some say that hand dominance could be decided during fetal development and that a gene may be involved in determining this cause. In order to see if this hypothesis is correct I have tested the idea by observing the subjects head first and then I would reveal their dominant hand to them even before knowing what their dominant hand was.

I have had a very high success rate with this test with very accurate test results. I was clearly able to determine who was right handed, who was left handed, who was ambidextrous and who was mixed handed. Those who were primarily right handed had the eye of the spiral far on the right hemisphere and vice versa for left handed people.

People who were mix handed had the eye of the spiral closer to the center of each hemisphere on either side or right in the middle of their head. Those who were ambidextrous had two spirals on the back of their head with each on either side (have several photo diagrams that show these results).

This theory may also have something to do with those who are the left brain user versus the right brain users. There may also be another connection to how high or how low the spiral is on the head which may also be related to something else biological that we may be overlooking.

As an example we could say the higher the spiral the higher the intelligence or status in a society and vice versa but this is just an example but maybe one that could hold scientific merit if it is related to evolution.

My question is could this be a plausible theory based on another scientist conducting the experiments in a controlled way in order to test its validity? And if so who would you recommend it to?

I have images of the test subjects on these two pages of my research.




The main page for my work is on www.ascensionq.20fr.com

Thank you, for your time.
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Reply Mon 20 Sep, 2010 02:53 pm
Ooooo . . . phrenology redux . . .
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Reply Mon 20 Sep, 2010 04:02 pm
My 2c worth. If you look into the paleontological literature re the coiling of "tests" of foraminiferans of the Cenozoic, there had been several dozens of papaers on rotational directions based upon geomagnetics. As far as I( could read, there was so much statistical "Smear" in the data that the results didnt appear very robust.

Reply Mon 20 Sep, 2010 04:43 pm
Helluva good answer, whatever it said.
Reply Mon 20 Sep, 2010 05:26 pm
lol, yeah, and again in English, please?
Reply Tue 21 Sep, 2010 04:45 am
Sea critters have their shells coiled in a direction that seems to be influenced by the earths magnetic poles (That, as we all know, keep shifting around every 700000 years or so).

My problem is that I keep being astounded that we have apparently very smart people out there who actually do research oin such stuff.
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Reply Tue 21 Sep, 2010 05:13 am
Well this is very interesting: they've linked stuttering with enforcing a change of dominant handedness.

In other words, they 've noticed that those children who were naturally left handed but forced to use their right hand have a higher likelihood of being stutterers.

I guess it makes sense - I'd just never read a direct link before. I wonder if since that practice has lessened, they've noticed a corrolating lessening of the incidence of stuttering. I'm going to research it.
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