Wisdom: The Bull and the Crow

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A bull was wandering through a meadow when he came upon his old friend, the Crow, who was lying flat on his back under a tree.

The bull said, "Brother Crow, what happened to you?"

The crow replied, "Yesterday, I ate too many fermented blue berries and I flew smack into this tree and broke my wing. I'm so worried because the red fox comes by this tree every afternoon, and when he does, he is going to have me for lunch."

The bull replied, "This is terrible, I must do something to help you."

The crow said, "How can you help me?"

The bull thought for a minute and then he backed up to the crow and dropped a pile of **** on top of his broken wing.

The crow cried, "How could you **** on me when I'm flat on my back? I thought you were my friend!"

The bull reassured the crow, "Now don't get exited. When the sun gets hot, it will dry the **** on your wing and form a splint so that you will be able to fly up into the tree and escape from the red fox."

The bull strode away while the crow waited for the sun to do its work. Sure enough, in a few hours, the **** had formed a perfect splint and the crow was able to fly up into the tree just as the red fox was entering the meadow.

The crow was so happy about his narrow escape that he began singing at the top of his lungs in joy. His singing made such a racket that he annoyed a nearby farmer, who took out his shot gun and blasted the crow to smithereens.

The moral of this story is if bull **** gets you to the top, keep your mouth shut!
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