Is 'Everything' One Thing?

Reply Thu 13 Dec, 2012 11:49 pm
@mark noble,

Everything is made of atoms (energy). Everything is different in every other sense. Different concentrations and vibrations of energy define each individual thing, but it is all made of the same thing. Try to imagine everything made of tiny white dots and nothing else (the floor, chairs, trees, people, animals, etc.)

To put into an easier to understand perspective look at a neutron star. Neutron stars, on average, contain 500,000 times the mass of Earth while it's only the size of Brooklyn. That's like the entire human population condensed into a sugar cube.

Appearances mean nothing
cicerone imposter
Reply Thu 13 Dec, 2012 11:52 pm
@mark noble,
The simple and only answer is no.

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Reply Fri 14 Dec, 2012 01:07 am
Appearances mean nothing

No, appearances mean everything !
"Thingness" is reported by the cognitive process of the observer. What constitutes those "things" we call "atoms" or "energy" are functional constructs for human purposes, and their applicability is subject to constant review.
mark noble
Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 06:38 am
Sorry Fresco.............not a reply to you, unable to 'reply to all'.

"EVERYTHING"-SET OF=comprised of all THINGS...

The brain is many things, but perceived as 'one thing'....yes?

There is not a 'deducable' thing devoid of components.....yes?

ergo - "EVERTHING" has components, but, in and of itself, it is 'ONE' thing.....

Oh sod off!
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Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 02:38 pm
everything is not one thing, bc truth exist so everything is an objective reality

u confuse all bc u r liars or bc u mean urself end, in both cases u r wrong revealin wrong being wht dare abuse what it knows being existing to pretend being existing instead
it is amazin how ur gods and u r

evil ways is what seek to abuse the knowledge how one thing is like everything, only to get smthg out of putin everything down

everything is like one thing only by its free superiority, when truth is superiority and truth exist then everything is the reality of its own existing free superiority realisation, but also a thing is individual free realisation to itself being real or presence wills

then it becomes easy for what enjoy any sense of existing in being superior to true existence, so for liars and for what cant mean but themselves life so never else even in concept of knowin its existence
it becomes easy in that case, to take advantage of knowin that everything freedom or superiority cant b existing so to abuse everything from weak perspective then to any thing freedom presence that could b forced and possessed for

otherwise everything is like anything in value of true existence, anything exist then so poor thing and that means a lot for truth value being existing since a thing exist also individually free realizin itself, of course u dont care for what i say u r inferiors, but true superiority is what know how a thing there is much more value then everything freedom which is easy doing or without doing or involvin its free superiority pick it is done anyways since everything

but it doesnt matter when smthg exist truly then finish anything of matters a lot like anything else that matters bc it is real it is always happening or there
the value of truth is infinite, it is true that is much mroe value then how truth is objective superior values

Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 08:09 pm
Hmm.. No argument here.

Comfortable view.
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