C'mon Spit Your Sh*t!

Reply Sun 1 Aug, 2010 07:42 am
c'mon, write your best pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase!
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Reply Mon 2 Aug, 2010 02:02 pm
So yah think you can rap.
But ill be putting you on tha map.
Hidden , where satellites won't find you.
Cause Baby you dont even got a clue.
Nigguh You might as well be a elephant ,
but this **** ain't relevant .
This isn't no rap session ,
It's My Rap Lesson.
So Listen up to tha words i say.
I don't think you nigguhs know how tuh play.
But for now ill be preaching.
Foe you fools who thinkk yah teaching .
your not teaching yo just rhyming.
It's ALL aboutt thaa timing.
All you need is that one chance.
Tuh knoe in advance.
But honey it ain't about what you know.
It's about how tuh Make A sick flow.
Reply Tue 3 Aug, 2010 05:09 pm
Wondering why i would wanna spit my best,
on the internet, that's like exposing my chest,
Outhere no one knows about copyright,
they're like.hmm"Should we copy what he write.
I don't wanna write no more, cuz i feel like writing to a whore.
and yeah, i don't know how to get my own lady, im more braindead then slim shady.
Ain't rapping for the bitches, hell no,
give me the fat lady the cooks and does the dishes. Smile
Reply Wed 25 Aug, 2010 06:57 pm
Dude are you seriously ******* brain damaged?
Cus I don't know how the **** you come up with some kindergarden knoweledge,
And damn let me jump off the scrimmage,
Or let my bitches do some Bridged,
Yee, I know I'll hit em,
I'mma make you cry at my lyrics,
Make you insanely desperate,
Then get you lyrically inherited with my lyrical acid,
I know i'm keeping the flow,
but you might not notice cus you're retarded and slow,
and to let you know, you can ******* come and give my dick a blow,
Yeahh bitch, better cry now, leaving ya ass listening to some gay ass bow wow,
Now nigga, i guess this is all, ciao.
Reply Wed 25 Aug, 2010 07:16 pm
Bitch, i bet you can gag on a mean dick,
Hold on was that really it? Or do I have to stop on this spit?
Nah bitch, I'mma keep on till I cum on your tit,
Hell yeah, now that's a flow,
We all know, you already knew that cus your a bitch ass hoe,
Think you can rap? Nah, don't even try but i bet your better in a fap,
You can do that? then come and jerk it off,
Yeahh, I'mma keep on letting you do that till you feel that blast off,
You might think, what a jerk, but bitch that's how I am; so berserk,
Cus nigga's like me will be with them ******* dirks,
And ya hoes will be thinking, 'damn wat an irk',
I don't give three shits either wat ya say,
cus you know i dont keep it too gay, i keep it straight like a damn array,
Yeah that straight up your ass to make you ******* bray.
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Reply Fri 27 Aug, 2010 04:25 pm
haha dawg. Why'd you wanna do that,
sounds to me like youre somekinda albino twat.
By the way would u be the bitch,
to do the food and wash my dish?
Cuz it seems like you're pretty atracted to dicks,
and im attracted to chicks, so wanna do a mix?
And your gon' hit me with your acid?
All girls screaming:"Euuh! Goddamn, wash it!"
By the way mister,
i'm white, so find someone else to be your fister.
Cuz you're some corny ****,
looking for someone to smash your ass a hit.
And anyways, you can't be keeping the flow on the internet,
typing it down, man, that's a' piece o' bullshiit.
Wondering who is Bow wow,
is that the guy who looked at your girlfriend and yelled:"Fat cow!"
Now bitch, imma call it.
Btw, check your pocket, i snatched the wallet.
Reply Tue 31 Aug, 2010 07:44 pm
Of course you can keep up with the flow,
Dumb ass, are you this retarded? Cus I know I'm lyrically acid,
and you're ******* insanely breasted,
I'm sure I'm attracted to dicks, like your mom,
She'll be sucking on that dick as tiny juice cums out called napalm,
And damn dude, just calm, and put some of that shaving cream on before you're hairy ass turns into a bomb,
Eww nigga, you just farted,
Cover your nose and get darted, sadly you have to admit that you're living a no life becus your family is a acrid,
Sorry for your lost, but cover your dead body with a blanket,
or I'll cover your fugly face with a bucket, you know what, **** it,
look at your face, you need to tuck it, like a shirt, and then cut it, cus your face is dirt,
When you get hit on your face don't come crying to your mommy saying it hurt,
Cus nigga i'll give ya a revert, then make ya pussy ass squirt,
oh shut up! you pervert.
Reply Fri 3 Sep, 2010 01:33 pm
Yeah you damn right i'm a pervert,
but you stepped up to get served first. And i will cut it, and your the shirt, it's kinda ugly u making my mom a flirt, goddamn it man, howd'ya know she could squirt?
Your a fake ass wack fag, shut the **** up or imma kick your chest back,
into your back, i don't give a **** if your black.
Man, im white but im right, i will rock this mic, and my pussy is way too tight,
for your big nigger cock.
Ooh, wait, my mom just made a cockblock.
dawg, what do ya got against hairy asses, by the way, i shave, that was my mom, wash your glasses!...
Imma light a fire burn you to ashes, i have a rap life im a piece of white trash.
You can be laughing at me right now, but in 5 years, Kapoorw. Ill be out on the market, while your sitting here, writing that i farted! U allready said that your lyrically acid, about your repeating mouth, srsly man go wash it.
Im out, have a nice life. Smile
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Reply Thu 23 Sep, 2010 09:53 pm
Ha , Can't even treat a lady correct,
I think yo flows got a BIG defect,
Or Maybe it's your face, or Maybe your game,
cause nigguh your retardly lame.
I got flows tooo no doubt about it,
I think yo dick might be too small it won't fit.
and of course not I don't think your a jerk,
But i do think yo flows need some work,
I'm just trying too use some technique,
Trynaa be one of a kind, tryna be Unique( ;
I'm trying to accomplish, & to Demolish
All this wack **** ,
But nah, some of you got some good flows I got too admit.
I think you may be a litto gay, if a may say,
&Youu ain't put **** up my ass, now thats a little gay.
Ahhh , So Im outtt ,
Noww don't go frownn & pouttt ( ;

Reply Thu 30 Sep, 2010 05:27 am
I won't do no awesome intro,
ill just tell you, that you're a big wacko.
Get the **** out, get away.
Bitch, don't you ever call me no gay,
We're writing rap battles on a internet forum,
what do you mean by flow?
Only thing i know, is that your confidence is low.
My grandma just died the other day!
U know what i thought?, atleast she wasn't gay.
I'm so tired of your ****,
if you're so good why don't you make some kinda record hit.
So you can send a million nigga, you just became my number one enemy,
Get to me, and ill make u flee.
I don't give a ****, and i wont ever write on the internet about my flow,
cuz no one would ever know, what i had to show, what would make me go crazy with the flow.

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Reply Thu 16 Dec, 2010 11:04 am
these raps are real cuz its wat i feel to be real you aint gotta steal wat i do im spittin for you dont be scared here i come boo. doin wat i like your raps are good sike! ill own watchu say own ya all day dont *uck wit me cuz ur gonna see how mean i can be ill put you in the cemetary talk sum *hit your gonna get reck your mouth sayin *hit you cant check go to the bank and try an get sum money but aint nuttin there aint that funny you better check ya rank i own a tank all you gots is a little beat shank shut ya *ss up before i erupt your girl sayin ya i told you yup dog im feelin this flow so im jus gonna go i run this show yo hide behind ya gat dirty *ass rat come step to my face you better say grace ill put 6 feet down dark dirty place im gonna end it now im done wit my flow endin this **** with *uck you i gotta go......... lol hit me [email protected] 8)

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Reply Wed 5 Jan, 2011 08:39 pm
Bitch do you like cock? Or do you like to rock?
Don't get it? The gtfo and go somewhere else to cockblock,
I bet your pussy is so tight, I might give it a try to bite,
I'll lick it all, including your juicy juice,
What now? Am I making you horny? Don't, you'll get a bruise in your puss,
If I ever met you, I had you gagging on my dick,
And if I am a dick, I shouldn't be hard to swollow,
You should just keep doing your **** and follow,
Don't hollow, don't scream 'hay papi', cus I'll penetrate it,
Want some cum on your tits? Delicious **** for your bisc,
oh, I meant bis-cot. Now swollow my cum cos it's so delicious Smile.
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Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2011 12:45 am

Spit my best with a vest strapped to my chest
to protect me neck from the stress and press. this
is just a stage, ya'll niggas will fade, to hell you pay
in heat fire you lay, sorry for the delays and the firey
days. but im the demon the hot bee im stinging, pain
im always bringin burning sounds i hear you screamin.
welcome to my cave where you learn to be my slave
in this rap game i own you for a decade i dont play.
you have to make gernades and **** some chikens for
your pay, virgins wont get laid, the chickens die you
dont get paid. haha
ya'll are the chickens ya you bet i was trickim, was it
you i was dissin or is there someting missin, o ya heres
my ass **** thats what you should be kissin.
Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2011 01:06 am
spit on polish it
watched a corner
where you goin wid
lil jack horner?
Reply Tue 29 Mar, 2011 08:59 pm
lil jack horner, are you a stoner
or a lil bitch kid tryna hide his boner.
if your gonna jump on then lay some ****
dont hide like a bitch what can you spit.
dont.....you.....worry....ima go easy so your eyes dont get blurry.
wait nevermind i wanna crank you neck you have no respect
no dignity kept you need to be checked yo check out pest
leave like the rest or take a bullet to the chest.
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