Who is your "go to guy"?

Reply Mon 26 Jul, 2010 09:26 am
I'm a guy. I have a 'go to girl.'

Guys are fun to discuss intellectual ideas with. They're good to have a drink with. As a straight male, in my opinion, most guys are not fun to 'hang out' with (I still 'hang out,' being a college student.). They're too competitive, they're often douchey, and they're more concerned about persona and 'manliness' than honest friendship.

Girls can be 'b*tchey,' but in a normal social situation (not a romantic or similar situation) with a guy, they aren't. Oh, and they dance aimlessly at parties; guys stand around, afraid to give up their man cards.

My 'go to girl' is my best friend. Even when we were both in relationships, we talked about everything. I can talk to her about my deep feelings more so than I could with my last girlfriend.

I have a strange feeling that I am really in love with her. Sort of like the cliche in movies where two people don't come to be together until years and years of being friends. But nothing is complicated with her, and I think I wanna keep it that way.
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Reply Mon 26 Jul, 2010 09:32 am
i've always sort of been the go to guy, pre internet i read about 5 0r 6 music magazines a month (all came with sampler discs so i was also exposed to the actual music i was reading about), read the weekend edition of the globe 7 mail, at least once a month i'd pick up a copy of some periodical (usually harpers, utne reader or mother jones), listened to mostly talk radio

since the internet, i do most of my music and periodical browsing on line and podcasts have filled the gap of the radio
Reply Mon 26 Jul, 2010 10:12 am
You're one of my go-to guys for music, no question about it. My older son is also my go to guy for music mainly because he knows what I would like. He's also my guy for movies and techie stuff. For food, I have to rely on myself.
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