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Reply Tue 13 Jul, 2010 09:27 pm
This worl needs a superman
and i kno u can
so please o please save us from wat weve become
bevause were lower than scum

Verse 1
cocky **** that arrogant is what i am
and i dont give a damn
cuz im the greatest of what luda called the last of a dying breed
cuz all this world has come to is greed
yea and all a nigger says is show me the green
sorry for all young ears i wanted to keep it clean
but this is pissing me off i feel like bonds on a roid rage
i like 2 pac lemme outta this cage
cuz imma ******* beat this world
like chris brown beat his girl
now everyone had this look on theier face
like im from outter space
i must be green like a martion
why yall judgin hes comitin arson
i wish yalled just open your eyes
so i can shout surprise
look what the **** your worl has come to
dont ******* blame me it was all of you
and i wanna get outta this ****
be gone lickdy split
but i aint got the ball to take the easy way out
there somethin in my mind clouding it witth doubt
and it says
why should i ******* save them they created it
i dont wanna clean up there ****
i aint fuckin superman
yall better get a plan
cuz i dont get give a ****
**** this i quit
a job i didnt even ask for
protecting the earth from all its evil rite down to the core
but then a look down and thres my angle and she says
so here i am superman
and i dont even give a damb
cuz im doin thsi for you
and all ths listeners too
i feal the groud shake
my knees quake
he comes up from the ground
lookin for someone to pound
hes gott an effef up face
he dont belong in this place
hes got evil runnin through his veins
hes the worlds evil and everyones pain
he goes to speak
i tell him everything hes gonna spit is weak
he comes for me fist flyin
with every hit i feal the evil dyin
as he falls to teh ground
i look around
everyones got tears in there eyes
takes me by surprise
then i realize ive fallen too
what teh **** am i gonna do
i guess i mad teh scrifice
i rolled the dice
came up snake eyes
no time for goodbyes
no time to whipe the tears from my babies eyes
then fall superman

lemme kno if its good
still needs some work
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Reply Wed 14 Jul, 2010 01:02 am
Reply Wed 21 Jul, 2010 03:49 pm
boy u suck dese lyrics are wack
u couldnt get no good rimes wit three stacks
i wanna give u sme pointers
but it mite make u good
so get off this site like u know u should
boy u special i need you to know wats up
my rimes will drop you flat on ur but..........................wat
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