Fact Or Fiction ?

Reply Tue 26 Jan, 2010 10:30 am
Don't reach for your wallet at the checkout counter . After you food items have been priced , tallied , and bagged , simply pass your right hand over the computer code scanner used on your groceries , and the charges will be deducted automatically from your bank account ! Impossible ? The plot of a science fiction novel ? Hardly ! The rechnology to accomplish such futuristic fears is already here . According to Tim Willard , managing editor of the World Future Society's bimonthly magazine . Futurists , the technology behind such a human microchip is '' fairly uncomplicated and with a little refinement , could be used in a variety of human applications . [ Emphasid added here and below . ] ''

'' Conceivably , a number could be assigned at birth and follow someone throughout life , '' Wollard said , '' Most likely , '' he added , '' it would be IMPLANTED ON THE BACK OF ONE'S HAND for convenience , so that it would be easy to scan at stores . '' It could be used as a universal identification card that would supermarket checkout stand , you would simply PASS YOUR HAND OVER THE SCANNER and your bank account would be debited automatically . Too farfetched to really happen ? Not at all ! In the last two millenia , Western Civilization has moved from the Age of Faith to the Age of resason , and into the Age of Discovery and science . Currently , we are said to be living in the Age of Information . Inded . It appears that the area of greatest economic impact in the next few years is likely to be telematics . Telematics is simply the information of economy . Telematics will increase the development of a wide range of Microchip - based dara systems of information processing .

These systems will be combined with advanced communications and control technologies , ultmately creating a global electronic network of internationally linked data bases designed for tracking and controlling people . Yes , the technological race is on to totally automate and computerize nearly every facet of our lives . In fact , many companies now have entered the competition to develop implantable I.D. transponder micochip systems for animals . Undoubtedly , human beings will find themselves the next target of such technological marvels in the not - too - distant future . The manufacturers of these implantable micochips boast that such markets have virtually unlimited potential . They say these transponder chips are the perfect solution for positive identification of living creatures . Indeed , once a transponder chip has been injected under the skin and is interrogated with an external scanner , it broadcasts back to the scanner a specific preassigned I.D. number that is unique to that creature .

It is the same concept as the Vehicle Identification Numbering ( VIN ) system , for cars . For example , car manufactures pressign certain VIN number to all vehicles that are manufactured . These number remain with the cars throughout their useful lives . Thereafter , the cars are trackable and traceable via computer by referencing these vehicle - specific numbers . Similarly , the biochip's number remains with individually implanted animals for life . allowing them to be traced , tracked , and controlled . Such a system affords owner a means of positive identification unlike anything that has even existed throughtout history .

Current state - of - the - art biochip transponders are encased in tiny glass tubes about the size of a grain of rice . As this technology rapidly improves , they no doubt will become even more compact and contain much more information . Presently , however , the chips contain only 10 - digit I .D. numbers . Many municipalites and farm operations are beginning to use these biochips to identify various animals . Obviously , they are much more effective than tags or brands , since they can contain identifying numbers specific to individual animals . Also , since the chips become a permanent part of the animal after implantation , they can't be lost , altered , or stolen Today , these so - called '' passive '' transponders ( meaning that they contain no batteries ) can be programmed with a number ranging between 4 and 10 digits . Using a hypodermic needle , the chip is placed just beneath the skin ( subcutaneously ) of an animal . When a hand - held scanner unit is brought near the animal's implantation site , the transponder becomes energized by a 125 kHz radio wave and emits or transmits its assigned number back to the scanner . The scanner then displays the number digitally on its liguid crystal screen . Note the sketches on the next page of a typical biochip , scanner , and injection - needle system .

One American company , Destron IDI of Colorado , is marketing its . I.D. chip products globally via infopet and other national and international distributors . These chips are being used to track , control , and identify Cows , Sheeps , Pigs , various pets , Fish , and other inanimate objects . In truth , this technology is based on a great idea . Branding and taggings of animals now will yield to a much more efficient system of identification . Farmers and city animal- control officials no doubt will welcome the system , as it greatly simplifies their work . But students of Bible prophecy will feel a chilly futuristic wind blowing across a sinister horizon , for the Bible warns us in Revelation , Chapter 13 , that someday soon the global economic system of the Antichrist world dictator , '' a man '' whose number is 666 , will call for just such an alphanumeric identification system .

Currently , Americans are numbered with a nine - digit Social Decurity number that allows them to be tracked anywhere in the country with computers . Soon , however . this system will be replaced by a new , global , 18 - digit mesh - block configuration of international numbers that will allow people to be tracked internationally . Such a planetary network will enable the illuminati's New World Order United Nations - controlled world government to assign everyone on earth a specific and unique I.D. number for tracking and control . This 18 - digit numbering system will consists of THREE separate sets of SIX DIGITS each ; 6 ' 6 ' 6 ! Coincidental ? No . Not if you believe Bible prophecy .

Implanting that number just beneath the skin of the right hand , as the Bible foretells in Rev . 13 ; 16 - 18 , is now a practical reality ! Individual so numbered readily could be identified , tracked controlled , and '' skip '' - traced '' in all their movements and activities anywhere in the world ! This teachnology undoubtedly will lead to a universal system of totalitarian enslavement under a computerized global economic network of electronic bondage . In this soon - coming CASHLESS ELECTRONIC DEBIT system , no one will be able to BUY OR SELL anything anywhere without the New - World - Order global biochip '' MARK '' in their right hands or foreheads ( the mark of the Beast ) .

The biochip will be the agency by which all financial transaction are registered . Without it , no transactions of any kind will be permitted ; there will be no income , no food no shelter . Once in place universally , Satan's system of total electronic enslavement will have been imposed upon all the citizens of the New World Order . No one will be excluded from having to take his '' MARK '' without facing the death penalty .... a truly '' DO or DIE '' situation ! The Bible tells us that there is only one way out of this evil system of demonoc servitude . That '' WAY '' is Jesus Christ !
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Reply Tue 26 Jan, 2010 10:31 am
There Are Many Companies Today Competing For The Right To Implant The Chip In You . Take A Look . Injectable Transponder Small Size .

Product Description ~ The Injectable Transponder Is A Passive Radio-Frequency Identification Tag , Designed To Work In Conjuction With A Compatible Radio -Frequecy ID Reading System . The Transponder Consists Of An Electromagetic Coil , Tuning Capacitor , And Microchip Sealed In A Cylindrical Glass Enclosure . The Chip Is Pre-programmed With A Unique ID Code That Cannot Be Altered ; Over 34 Billion Individual Code Numbers Are Availabe . When The Transponder Is Activated By A Low - frequency Radio Signal , It Transmits The ID Code To The Reading System . Although Specifically Designed For Injecting In Animals , This Transponder Can Be Used For Other Applications Requiring A Micro -sized Identification Tag . Specifications

Dimensions ( nominal ) 11 mm by 2.1 mm ( o.43 ' by 008 )
House Bio - compatible glass
Average weight ; 0.06g ( 0.002 ounces )
Temperature range ; -40 to 70 c ( - 40 to 158 F ) , operating and storage
Read range with the HS5105LMini - Portable Reader ; ( in a benign noise environment with optimal orientation of transponder and scanner ) Maximum ; 10 cm ( 4* )
Read speed ; Approximately 1 meter per second .
Vibration ; Sinusoidal ; 1 . 5 mm ( 0.06' ) peak - to peak , 10 to 80 Hz , 3 axis ..Sinusoidal ; 10 g peak tp peak , 80 Hz to 2 kHz , 3 axis .
Injecter needle size ; About 12 gauge .
Perating frequency ; 125 kHz .

Transponders ~ Industrial Transponder , Model TX1103 Circular , Models TX1200 , TX1202 Slugs , ;..... Card Transponders ~ Model TX1309 Coil Inser , Model TX1319 Card , Model TX1320 ProxCard ll tm .

A passive transponder consists of two basic components ; a microchip programmed with a unique ID code and an attached antenna coil , used for both reception and transmission . When the transponder passes through a magnetic field genrated by an antenna , it uses the energy from the magnetic field to '' power up '' and transmit the ID code via its antenna to the scanner at a rate of 4000bites per second . The transponder antenna can be configured in a variety of shape and sizes and enclosed in a variety of different materials to meet diverse application requirement . Read ranges vary according to the configuration and are shown in the chart on page 15 .

The Industrial Transpondershown above are made to withstand the harsh environments commonly found in industrial situations . Model TX 1103 is designed with a screw hole in the center so it can be easily attached to pallets or other non - metallic objects . The TZ1104 is designed specifically for industrial applications that require a smaller transponder. The TX 1200 and the TX1202 can be mounted in metal object so that the transponder surface is flush with the surface of the metal . Where a longer read range is required , one of the Card Transponders should be considered . The polycarbonate TX1320 is easily adhered to a work - in process piece or can be placed in a bin to identify the contents. The TX1310 and TX1309 can be packaged by the user to fit application requirements .

Glass - Encapsulated Transponders Model TX1400 , Model TX1408 , Model TX1410 , Because the glass - encapsulated TX1400 is so small ( 11mm x 2 . 1 mm ) . It can be used in countless applications where automatic identification would normally be an impossibility . It can be molded into plastic objects or inserted into predrilled holes . It can also be injected with a syringe in materials soft enough for needle penetration . For information about using the TX1400 , contact Hughes ID's Industrial Marketing Department .

Tiris ( Texas Instrument Registration Identification System ) ~ The Texas Instrument registration and identification system ( Tiris ) glass capsule 64 - bit read - only transponder is one type in a variety of sizes and shapes . The transponder permanently is programmed with a unique identitication number and a 16-bit block check character , its electrically erasable programmable read - only memory has 80 bits , which can be programmed only during production . The standard housing for the transponder is a 32.5 - millimeter glass tube with a diameter of 3.85 millimeters .

This Has Already Come To Pass Another Prophecy Fulfilled ~ They have alredy been stamped with This ISBN ( International Standard Book Number ) Code in preparation for the enactment of this system . The world of the anti - christ associates will be a cashless and checkless society , Where every financial transaction will be Computerized and executed at business centers and supermarkets without the use of cash . Electronic Fund Transfer ( EFT ) Is already practiced in most cities of The United States . EFT Allows a consumer to buy and sell without cash while a Computer merely Debits and Credites The Account . What's interesting is that fact that there are countries today that have already fulfilled The Prophesy of Revelation 13 ; 16 -18 .

Thailand who has a contract to supply information on it's population of over 56 Million People , And everyone over the age 15 is already logged in this system . They record vital information that would allow them to track any individual at any given time . The national I.D. Card Has Their Name , Address , I.D. Number , Fingerprints , Marital States , Educational Background , Occupation , Income , Nationality , Religion , Family History , Tax Return And Crimminal Record . ( What More Information Could They Possibly Need On You . Yes And Some Careds Even List Your Social Security Number And Blood Type !!! .

This Has Already Come To Pass Another Prophecy Fulfilled ~ In 1979 A.D. , A Church tour group visited the busines capital of The European Community At Brussels , Belgium And The European Parliament Alternate Centers At Strasbourg , France , And Luxembourg City In Europe . One Of The Officials Interviewed Conceded That There Was A Giant Computer Nicknamed The '' Beast ''

Paul Peterson , In His Book , Sinister World Computerization , Reports ; '' I Saw The Computer In Luxembourg That Can Computerize Facts And Figures On Everyone In The World . The Building That Houses It Is Over A Half - Block Square . The Main Floor Contains All The Computerization Equipment And There Are Five Or Six Floors That Are Used For The Business End ... '' One Item That Especially Intrigued Mr . Peterson Was A Reell Of Micro - Tape Approximately One - Half Inch Wide By Two Feet In Diameter , Capable Of Storing 20 Pages Of Documentation On Every Person Living In The U.S.A Think Of It ! A Reel With The Potential Of Recording 20 Pages Of Information Pertaining To More Than 220 Million Human Beings - And There Were 7,000 Reels On Location At The Time Of Mr . Peterson's Visit . A Mere 20 Reels Would Accommodate 20 Page Of Information On Every Person Alive Today .
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Reply Tue 26 Jan, 2010 03:44 pm
Interesting. Sounds like the job chip thing they use in Futurama, except only for identification.
It would make many things simpler. Although I don't know how many individuals would like to be identified with a code (even though they already are in their schools and colleges, and later jobs, and later retirement homes, and maybe all the time in the US government files).
Reply Tue 26 Jan, 2010 06:39 pm
As long as it's not mandatory, what's the problem? You already have a social security number, a driver's liscense number, an IP number, a phone number, etc, etc, etc.

As far as Biblical prophecy, I'm not going to worry until the monsters rise up out of the sea.
Reply Tue 26 Jan, 2010 11:03 pm
In the future, if this technology becomes mainstream, it would make all transactions a lot easier. I hope this does become mainstream in this lifetime.
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