Equality Is ...

Reply Wed 18 Nov, 2009 10:15 am
EQUALITY is the ceiling above which one dare not rise; the mental block which holds one back from superior accomplishment.

EQUALITY is hate for your superiors and contempt for your inferiors.

EQUALITY is the yoke that binds us to the failures, degenerates and primitives of the world, and the wedge which separates us from the inspiration of the hard-working, successful, and morally pure.

EQUALITY, the sociologists' supreme value, is the source of guilt for material abundance; the excuse for oppression; the promise, which because it cannot be kept, enslaves its believers.

EQUALITY is the denial of nature, the rallying cry of the willfully blind, the source of poetic inspiration for men without dreams; the ever-gushing source of tear-stained rhetoric for hypocritical politicians who seek power.

EQUALITY is morality for the morally bankrupt.

EQUALITY is the carrot and the stick - the sociologists' goal for all who are not sociologists; and the sociologists' justification for the whip to punish those who dare achieve beyond sociologically prescribed limits.

EQUALITY is the narrow room where sociologists cast all the world's people, then crank the walls closer.

EQUALITY is death of spirit, choice denied.

EQUALITY is never saying "Look where I came from. See where I am!"

EQUALITY is waking up every day of your life with no place to go.

EQUALITY is thinking always about other people - about whether they have more than you, or you have more than they.

EQUALITY is judging everyone the same, HATING everyone the same.

EQUALITY is no mountains to climb, no dreams to make real.

EQUALITY is spying on other people to make sure they have not become unequal.

EQUALITY is dragging down the ones who have climbed too high.

EQUALITY is taking from those who have too much.

EQUALITY is seeing yourself as no better than the most corrupt and no less than the most virtuous.

EQUALITY is wanting no more and no less than anyone on earth, achieving no more or no less than anyone; hoping no more or no less than anyone.

EQUALITY is having no more joy than anyone and as much sorrow as everyone.

EQUALITY as an ideal shuts out reason, closes doors, denies nature and reality.

EQUALITY as a demand can turn potentially kind, considerate, charitable people into aggressive, snarling beasts.

EQUALITY as a value replaces individual virtues of love, kindness, honesty, industry, truth, freedom, morality, faith, hope and charity.

EQUALITY is a zombie, head lowered, never daring to look up, ahead, or to the side - marching at a measured pace with all who deny individuality and self.

EQUALITY, if the sociologists have their way, is what we will bequeath to our children
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