So this guy thinks black people are still oppressed by white people

Reply Thu 10 Nov, 2005 11:38 pm
Yea so this dude randomly ims me and this is the result!

Mknowledge08 where are u?
a232stang: Hey
Mknowledge08 hi
Mknowledge08 i see your political forum
Mknowledge08 and i have a question
Mknowledge08 why isn't african politics included?
Mknowledge08 u have every other continent
Mknowledge08 are u there?
a232stang: Yes I am, I have created a Africa political forum as of now. I had not had that listed because I had a international forum to cover this area but decided against that type of forum and removed it.
Mknowledge08 hmm
Mknowledge08 ok
Mknowledge08 how diverse is the forum?
a232stang: Well we only have 30 members right now there are a lot of conservatives I gues you can say but we have our opposing views on different issues. Of course we are looking for others to join with other views as long as they are able to debate without emotion taking over and causing problems as they tend to do on political forums
Mknowledge08 well
Mknowledge08 things do get heated when u are talking politics
Mknowledge08 and/or religion
a232stang: yea
Mknowledge08 i'm passionate
Mknowledge08 and i was wondering if there was any censorship
a232stang: As am I
Mknowledge08 will i be banned based on my beliefs
a232stang: There is a word censor but it can be turned off per user... as far as how your views will be taken it depends on your views... you won't be banned for having a "radical" view but I can guarentee you it will not be warmly welcomed.
Mknowledge08 so
Mknowledge08 is it largely conservative?
a232stang: Among active posters yes... but that is like 6-7 people... so if your really liberal expect to hit arguments over your views
Mknowledge08 i am VERY liberal
Mknowledge08 and i don't get along with conservatives at all
a232stang: Well expect to be told your wrong and expect to be debated. Expect to back up your beliefs with facts. Conspiracy theories are not facts they are theories. If you can not get along with people with opposing views than that really isnt the majorities problems
Mknowledge08 umm
Mknowledge08 it's a two sided street
Mknowledge08 at this other forum
Mknowledge08 this conservative was very rude to me
Mknowledge08 made every excuse for bush possible
Mknowledge08 it was disgusting
Mknowledge08 but wait
Mknowledge08 i was looking at your myspace page
Mknowledge08 u have a bird
Mknowledge08 with the caption
Mknowledge08 "sup niggaz"
Mknowledge08 what is that about?
a232stang: Humor?
Mknowledge08 i didn't find it funny
a232stang: I'm sorry
Mknowledge08 the N word is not a word to be used so lightly
a232stang: Tell that too 90% of black people in this country
Mknowledge08 excuse me
Mknowledge08 it takes on a different meaning when Blacks use it
Mknowledge08 i know this hard for whites to understand
a232stang: Double standard?
Mknowledge08 it's justified
a232stang: Says who?
Mknowledge08 says Blacks
a232stang: Whites say it isnt justified
Mknowledge08 because u guys don't understand
a232stang: No I understand
a232stang: completely
Mknowledge08 no u don't
Mknowledge08 u think u do
a232stang: lol
Mknowledge08 but u really don't
a232stang: Ok glad you know me so well
Mknowledge08 well
Mknowledge08 then explain it to me then
a232stang: First you explain why a black person can say nigger and a rap song and it is ok and why I can not have a owl with Niggaz on it
a232stang: That some black guy probably made
Mknowledge08 why do u have to type it out?
a232stang: lmfao
Mknowledge08 just saying the N word is fine
Mknowledge08 i'm not laughing
a232stang: I am
Mknowledge08 Blacks
Mknowledge08 do not say the N word with the er
Mknowledge08 they said the N word with the a
Mknowledge08 note the difference pal
a232stang: Niggaz is what is on the owl
a232stang: Not nigger
Mknowledge08 but u said
Mknowledge08 Blacks say the er
a232stang: I have heard it plenty of times in rap songs
Mknowledge08 and i'd really apreciate it if u didn't type the N word out
Mknowledge08 are u kidding me?
a232stang: I would really appreciate it if you didn't think white people were oppressing blacks too
Mknowledge08 what?
Mknowledge08 they ARE
Mknowledge08 it is reality
a232stang: How so
a232stang: Entertain me
Mknowledge08 Blacks do not have the same opportunities as whites
Mknowledge08 this is a very racist system and society
Mknowledge08 let me give u an example
a232stang: How do they not
a232stang: There are plenty of black people that would disagree with you
Mknowledge08 sell outs and uncle toms would
a232stang: lol
Mknowledge08 any concious Black knows
Mknowledge08 that america is very racist
a232stang: Yes America is racist... there are white people that are racist as well as black people that are racist
Mknowledge08 nonwhites
Mknowledge08 cannot be racist
a232stang: Are you kidding me
Mknowledge08 because we do not benefit from the system of racism
a232stang: Racists hate someone based on the color of their skin
a232stang: Black people do not like white people because they are white
a232stang: they are racists
Mknowledge08 racism is not only the belief of superiority but the POWER to enforce those beliefs
a232stang: lol
a232stang: Your killing me her
a232stang: e
Mknowledge08 nonwhites do not have that power to enforce it
a232stang: let me go ahead and say this. I have no reason to defend myself on not being a racist. I simply am not. If black people want to succeed in life they have the same oppurtunity as me. Period. No matter what long winded crap you write out in this aim chat your not going to change my mind. I am not going to change your mind either. Go on believing what you want it is not my problem. Black people are not being held down by the white man, black people are being held down by themselves and their sorry pathetic leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. As long as you keep believing what you believe you will never solve your problems because you are trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. If Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, and Mrs. Rice can become some of the most powerful leaders in the world so can any other black person that believes it as well. If you grow up thinking your being held down and want to blame your problems on others you will go nowhere.
Mknowledge08 no
a232stang: yes
Mknowledge08 see the thing is
Mknowledge08 you don't realize how flawed the system is
Mknowledge08 hear me out please
a232stang: lol dude I have heard you out so far and trust me your just wasting your time. Black people are not being held down by the white people. Period. Maybe if you stopped listening to Kanye West and every other piece of **** rapper that talks about drugs, degrades women, and everything else they do you would see this. You sir have a double standard. You fight for the same rights for blacks even though they already exist, and I damn well bet that you support all these rappers that degrade women and make them out as some kind of toy. Now that sir is a hypocrite. Want to fight for rights? Tell 50 Cent to stop corrupting the youth of this country and making it sound ok to do drugs and disrespect women. Tell these rappers to stop telling kids that the only thing to life is money and how many gold chains you got around your kneck. Stop preaching to me about your goddamn rights not being upheld when your very race degrades womens rights and promotes the use of illegal drugs.
Mknowledge08 you are
a232stang: I am what
a232stang: Please tell me I am a racist
a232stang: please
Mknowledge08 one of those whites who have NO clue
a232stang: This convo is over
a232stang: as soon as you do
Mknowledge08 no i don't know that much about u
Mknowledge08 you just don't realize
Mknowledge08 reality
Mknowledge08 because
Mknowledge08 most likely don't interact with Blacks
Mknowledge08 umm maybe you never took a race class
a232stang: I do all the time
a232stang: You know what! That's probably it! I need to go sign up for that so I can edumacte myself on black people in their culture
Mknowledge08 your mind is closed, and you are ignorant, but you still have time to open your mind and learn
a232stang: I need to understand why it is they speak the way they do
Mknowledge08 see
a232stang: Why they feel they need to shake my goddamn house down with their subs
Mknowledge08 now you're being a jackass
a232stang: Why they feel that they can have a Black Awarness group and I cant have a White Awareness group
Mknowledge08 whoa
a232stang: I am being dead serious
a232stang: Dead fuckign serious
Mknowledge08 u are not even willing to hear me out
a232stang: If you could only meet me in person and talk to me
Mknowledge08 u think u know everything but you're way off and outta touch
a232stang: If you could only see how I live and who I interact with
Mknowledge08 i would
Mknowledge08 and i doubt u would be acting like this
a232stang: you would not tell me half the bullshit you have so far
a232stang: Oh really?
a232stang: That's funny
a232stang: cause I dont act any different on here than I do in person
a232stang: ask anyone that knows me
a232stang: If you say things I find stupid and ignorant I fire right back
Mknowledge08 listen
Mknowledge08 you are too
Mknowledge08 aggressive and out there
Mknowledge08 there is nothing wrong with passionate
Mknowledge08 being*
a232stang: I say what I feel
a232stang: want me to sugar coat it
Mknowledge08 sighs
a232stang: yea me too
Mknowledge08 no
Mknowledge08 your behavior is unacceptable
Mknowledge08 you aren't even tryna hear me
Mknowledge08 you're so wrapped out in your own views
Mknowledge08 up*
Mknowledge08 how would you, a white male, know about race relations in the usa?
Mknowledge08 you don't
a232stang: You dont listen to a word I say
Mknowledge08 i heard u loud and clear
a232stang: as did I
Mknowledge08 and u have a lot to learn
a232stang: you want to discriminate against me because i am white
Mknowledge08 what
a232stang: You want special privledges
Mknowledge08 u are a white man
a232stang: No ****
Mknowledge08 the world is yours
a232stang: I am well aware of that
Mknowledge08 u have all the privliedge
a232stang: and you obviously arent
Mknowledge08 and don't even realize it
a232stang: and you feel differently
Mknowledge08 i would suggest some readings to u
a232stang: Are you going to change my mind?
a232stang: No
Mknowledge08 but i doubt u would read them
a232stang: As long as it present both sides I am all for it
Mknowledge08 ok
Mknowledge08 i'm not sure if they are online
a232stang: Both
Mknowledge08 oh but there is one on white priviledge
Mknowledge08 one second
Mknowledge08 http://seamonkey.ed.asu.edu/~mcisaac/emc598ge/Unpacking.html
Mknowledge08 read it
Mknowledge08 and get to back to me
a232stang: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0060194367/qid=1131686396/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_1/102-3676404-6086544?v=glance&s=books&n=507846
a232stang: read it and get back to mee
a232stang: me
Mknowledge08 lol
a232stang: exactly
Mknowledge08 Black conservatives
Mknowledge08 are the worst
Mknowledge08 wait are u reading the article
a232stang: I bet you hate them don't you
a232stang: They are black and conservative
a232stang: scary thought for you huh
Mknowledge08 oh no
Mknowledge08 I don't appreciate Blacks
Mknowledge08 who are gonna forget who they are
Mknowledge08 and forget their history
Mknowledge08 because that's what whites want them to do
Mknowledge08 but i shouldn't be discussing this with you
a232stang: You're just now getting that?
a232stang: Yea cause having their own month and seperate section in my history book is going to cause us to forget them
Mknowledge08 my goodness gracious
Mknowledge08 i don't think i have ever encountered
Mknowledge08 a more ignorant white than yourself
a232stang: lol
a232stang: Your a funny guy
a232stang: Well...
a232stang: I would say I don't think I have met a more ignorant black person than you... but I would be lieing
a232stang: You got some strong competition in that category
a232stang: Are we done?
Mknowledge08 did u read the article?
Mknowledge08 u said u would
a232stang: Did you buy the book?
Mknowledge08 i don't buy anything online
a232stang: What is the point in me reading it, you already stated I am an ignorant white person
a232stang: Sooooo can I go about working on my websites and making my hard earned unoppressed dollars now?
Mknowledge08 stop it
Mknowledge08 read it
Mknowledge08 u said u would
a232stang: That was before I became the most ignorant white person you have ever encountered
Mknowledge08 stop it
Mknowledge08 read it
a232stang: nah, I don't appreciate being talked down to by some guy that think all the white man are out to get him
a232stang: Sooo like I said
a232stang: can I go about working on my websites now?
a232stang: Are we done with this lovely educational conversation?
a232stang: I have learned alot
a232stang: Learned there are some people in this world that can not help themselves
a232stang: and blame problems on everyone but themseles
a232stang: themselves
a232stang: Bye
Mknowledge08 if u are gonna read it
Mknowledge08 like u said
Mknowledge08 then yes we are done
Mknowledge08 not*
a232stang: Good
Mknowledge08 stay ignorant
a232stang: You too man
a232stang: You too
Mknowledge08 i'm far from it
a232stang: I beg to differ
Mknowledge08 your word means nothing
a232stang: and yours somehow does to me?
a232stang: lol
Mknowledge08 stop being emotional
Mknowledge08 i'm talking to your friend
Mknowledge08 and at least he or she is hearing me out
a232stang: Yes momma, but I got to run get my chitlins out of schoolz and axe them how day be doin in their race classes.
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Reply Thu 10 Nov, 2005 11:42 pm
@Brent cv,
I can't fathom how people can be so ignorant!!

Another conversation is coming.
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Reply Fri 11 Nov, 2005 12:53 am
@Brent cv,
jtuab225: louis farrakhan is racist, and he's not white
Mknowledge08: who is this?
jtuab225: a viewer of the forum
Mknowledge08: ok
Mknowledge08: nonBlacks cannot be racist
jtuab225: says who?
Mknowledge08: says the proper definition
Mknowledge08: racism isn't just the belief in superiority
Mknowledge08: it's the POWER to actuall enforce it
Mknowledge08: actually*
Mknowledge08: and nonwhites do not have that power to do so
jtuab225: where'd you get that definition from?
jtuab225: what about the black panthers?
Mknowledge08: it's the right one
Mknowledge08: the Black panthers were Black Nationalists
Mknowledge08: they were fed up with being treated like ****
jtuab225: and did nothing to harm whites?
Mknowledge08: they were NOT gonna be pushed around by whites
Mknowledge08: all they wanted was EQUALITY
Mknowledge08: and when you ask nicely and don't get it
Mknowledge08: you get frustrated
Mknowledge08: and to let whites know that they were serious
Mknowledge08: they unified
jtuab225: and harmed no whites in the process?
Mknowledge08: and Blacks unifying scares whites
Mknowledge08: who did they kill that was white?
jtuab225: i was asking you that question
jtuab225: did they not harm a white person in the process?
Mknowledge08: i'm not sure
jtuab225: if not, then they weren't a racist group according to your definition
Mknowledge08: but i do know that the racist and biased white media
Mknowledge08: painted an ugly picture of them
Mknowledge08: when all they wanted was equality
Mknowledge08: and no they are NOT racist by proper definition
Mknowledge08: only whites can be racist
jtuab225: "The Jews don't like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man," Farrakhan said in a speech last year.
Mknowledge08: show me proof
Mknowledge08: from a credible source
jtuab225: you mean from a black news media source?
Mknowledge08: no
Mknowledge08: a news media source
Mknowledge08: race has nothing to do with it
Mknowledge08: how dare u
jtuab225: the definition of racism according to www.dictionary.com is "the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
jtuab225: or "Discrimination or prejudice based on race."
Mknowledge08: listen
Mknowledge08: racism is a lot deeper than that
Mknowledge08: institutional racism
Mknowledge08: can only be done by whites
Mknowledge08: because it is whites who are in power
Mknowledge08: in those high positions
jtuab225: there are no blacks in power in this world?
Mknowledge08: not in high positions
Mknowledge08: white men are
jtuab225: what about kofi annan
Mknowledge08: who is that
jtuab225: http://www-cgi.cnn.com/US/9510/megamarch/10-17/notebook/
Mknowledge08: and what position do they hold
jtuab225: the quote i said earlier about farrkhan is from that website
jtuab225: kofi annan is the secretary general of the u.n.
jtuab225: i didn't say he's a racist, but he's definitely powerful
Mknowledge08: listen
Mknowledge08: compared to the number of whites that are in power
Mknowledge08: Blacks are largely outnumbered
Mknowledge08: do u understand this?
jtuab225: i do understand that
Mknowledge08: ok
Mknowledge08: and why do u think that is?
jtuab225: do you understand that there's no such thing as a biological race?
Mknowledge08: yes
Mknowledge08: race is socially constructed
jtuab225: i agree that it's harder for black men and women to gain power
jtuab225: but that's what affirmative action is for
Mknowledge08: to LEVEL the playing field
Mknowledge08: and white women benefit the most from it
Mknowledge08: 80%
jtuab225: 80% what
Mknowledge08: when u look at who benefits
Mknowledge08: white women are the majority
Mknowledge08: they benefit more than anyone else
jtuab225: everyone that's not a white male benefits to some extent
Mknowledge08: no
Mknowledge08: no one has more priviledges than white males
Mknowledge08: white males are at the top
Mknowledge08: they have the most power
jtuab225: in affirmative action, yes
Mknowledge08: socially, economically, and politically
Mknowledge08: no
Mknowledge08: AA
Mknowledge08: is simply leveling the playing field
Mknowledge08: they take two applications
Mknowledge08: and weigh them equally
Mknowledge08: it is not some
Mknowledge08: freebie
Mknowledge08: it is painted to be one
Mknowledge08: but it is not
Mknowledge08: and realize
Mknowledge08: that it WOULDN'T be needed
Mknowledge08: if business owners simply hired the most qualified
Mknowledge08: do u understand what i'm saying?
jtuab225: i understand what you're saying
jtuab225: explain to me why i can walk into a post office in a predominately white town and find nothing but black staff members
Mknowledge08: do u know the hiring policies?
jtuab225: black WOMEN staff members
Mknowledge08: is there something wrong with that?
jtuab225: i don't know the specifics, but i know they use "affirmative action"
Mknowledge08: are u sure about that?
jtuab225: there's nothing wrong with it
jtuab225: i am
Mknowledge08: ok
Mknowledge08: so why did u bring it up?
Mknowledge08: are there not supposed to be Black workers
Mknowledge08: in a predom white neighhborhood?
jtuab225: because i was illustrating how affirmative action benefits minorities
Mknowledge08: but
Mknowledge08: i doubt u have proof
Mknowledge08: that it was simply and only AA that got them there
jtuab225: postal workers have very stable jobs
Mknowledge08: seems like u are assuming
jtuab225: seems like you are unreasonable
Mknowledge08: there ARE Blacks who have jobs without it
Mknowledge08: no i'm not reasonable
Mknowledge08: i'm just tryna understand why you're saying what you're saying
jtuab225: why are you questioning how i feel about blacks?
jtuab225: i've not said a racist thing in this conversation as far as i can tell
jtuab225: i'm certainly not enforcing my racism
Mknowledge08: you brought up AA
Mknowledge08: and then u bring up Black workers
Mknowledge08: and assumed that they are there because of AA
jtuab225: i want to know why that in a population that is only 12% black, colleges are judged by how many black staff members they have
jtuab225: and their reputation is degraded if they don't have enough
Mknowledge08: what are u talking about
jtuab225: if you look at most of the staffs, it's probably representative of the amount of educated black citizens there are in this country
jtuab225: i'm saying that it's not racism, it's simply proportional
Mknowledge08: what are u talking about
Mknowledge08: u completely lost me
jtuab225: Mknowledge08: there ARE Blacks who have jobs without it
Mknowledge08: yes
jtuab225: ok, i was telling you about some
jtuab225: is it not unfair that college football staffs are graded according to how many black staff members they have?
Mknowledge08: listen
jtuab225: they often give special consideration to potential black staff members in order to keep their grade up
jtuab225: i'm listening
Mknowledge08: the reaosn for that
jtuab225: and by the way, that's discrimination
Mknowledge08: is due to the blantant racism back in the day
Mknowledge08: no it isn't
Mknowledge08: it's giving more opportunity to Blacks now
Mknowledge08: because Blacks before didn't have that opportunity
Mknowledge08: do u understand?
jtuab225: i do
jtuab225: but you were probably not denied those opportunities
jtuab225: ok
jtuab225: www.dictionary.com again
jtuab225: Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice
Mknowledge08: i am denied many opportunities
jtuab225: that's discrimination
Mknowledge08: as a Black person
Mknowledge08: and as a woman
jtuab225: specific example?
Mknowledge08: i am judged automatically
Mknowledge08: negatively
Mknowledge08: due to my skin color
Mknowledge08: a specific example of this
Mknowledge08: i go shopping
Mknowledge08: and i am literally stared at
Mknowledge08: because they believe i'm going to steal
Mknowledge08: why do they think that?
Mknowledge08: because I'm Black
jtuab225: they stereotype you
jtuab225: and i'm sorry
jtuab225: i can't help that
Mknowledge08: they prejudge me
Mknowledge08: yes u can
jtuab225: how can i?
jtuab225: i don't do it
Mknowledge08: but u keep it in place
Mknowledge08: by doing nothing to prevent it
Mknowledge08: the system of racism
Mknowledge08: is not a good one
jtuab225: when i'm at work (in retail), i don't stare at black customers to watch what they pick up
Mknowledge08: racism needs to end
jtuab225: racism does need to end
Mknowledge08: if u are ahite
Mknowledge08: white*
Mknowledge08: and u are doing nothing to end racism
Mknowledge08: u are helping to maintain it
Mknowledge08: think of it has a moving walkway
Mknowledge08: like they have in airports
Mknowledge08: you're standing on it and it's moving
jtuab225: how am i helping to maintain it?
Mknowledge08: if u are not running in the opposite direction
Mknowledge08: you are just moving right along with it
jtuab225: by not talking down to every single person i see that may be looking at someone in a weird manner
Mknowledge08: there are organiaztions you can join
Mknowledge08: that are anti racism
Mknowledge08: you can educate yourself on the system of racism
Mknowledge08: to know specifically how it affects nonwhites
Mknowledge08: and how it benefits whites
jtuab225: do i have to join an organization to be anti-racism?
Mknowledge08: you have to be doing some kind of action
Mknowledge08: that works AGAINST racism yes
Mknowledge08: how else will it end?
Mknowledge08: if no one does anything?
jtuab225: it will end when people stop treating it as an issue
Mknowledge08: it IS an issue
jtuab225: it's a movement that is based at the individual level
Mknowledge08: a very important one
Mknowledge08: it's gonna take a mass movement
Mknowledge08: many people have to change
jtuab225: but it's an individual decision
Mknowledge08: yes
jtuab225: i can't make someone not be racist
Mknowledge08: yes u can
jtuab225: how?
Mknowledge08: by educating them
jtuab225: punching them in the face?
Mknowledge08: on the system of racism
Mknowledge08: no
Mknowledge08: violence is not the way
jtuab225: i know it's not, it was a joke
Mknowledge08: ok
Mknowledge08: do u know how the system of racism works?
jtuab225: apparently not
Mknowledge08: do you know how you benefit from it
Mknowledge08: ok i can tell u
jtuab225: i don't intentionally benefit from it
jtuab225: i'm trying to make it in this world just like everyone else is
Mknowledge08: but u need to realize
Mknowledge08: that
Mknowledge08: you have white priviledge
Mknowledge08: it is given to you simply based on you being white
Mknowledge08: and whether you realize u have it or not
Mknowledge08: doesn't mean it isn't there
Mknowledge08: and doesn't mean you aren't using it to your advantage
jtuab225: i know something that would help stop racism
jtuab225: i honestly believe that it would
Mknowledge08: what is it
jtuab225: stop welfare abuse
Mknowledge08: no
jtuab225: i know it occurs with whites also
Mknowledge08: no
jtuab225: no, listen to me
Mknowledge08: that is not the way
Mknowledge08: ok
jtuab225: but when i see someone pull up to a welfare office in their caprice with $5000 rims, $1000 paint job, and $500 worth of stereo equipment, i can't take them seriously
Mknowledge08: you sound just like ronald reagan
jtuab225: if they wanted a change, they would have invested the money into something different
Mknowledge08: ok
jtuab225: i honestly believe that
jtuab225: but maybe that's just me being racist
Mknowledge08: you do realize that you are blaming the victim?
jtuab225: how are they the victim?
Mknowledge08: this society
Mknowledge08: does not give nonwhites the same opportunites as whites
Mknowledge08: suburbs were made
Mknowledge08: especially for whites
Mknowledge08: and the govt.
Mknowledge08: paid for it
Mknowledge08: and the homes
Mknowledge08: whites only had to pay 10-20%
Mknowledge08: do u realize what a boost that is?
jtuab225: where did this happen?
Mknowledge08: in the USA
jtuab225: not in the subdivisions i've lived in
Mknowledge08: this happened a good minute ago
Mknowledge08: the FDA act
Mknowledge08: i seen a movie on it
jtuab225: every bit of that $100,000 house was paid for by my parents
Mknowledge08: listen
Mknowledge08: whites got a huge boost
Mknowledge08: nonwhites did NOT get that
Mknowledge08: nonwhites were FORCED to live in high rises in the cities
Mknowledge08: the suburbs were made ONLY for whites
Mknowledge08: they got an unfair advantage
Mknowledge08: realize this
jtuab225: ok, so how are we going to fix it?
Mknowledge08: the govt. NEVER reversed this either
Mknowledge08: we fix it by educating people on this
jtuab225: by telling the white citizens living in those suburbs that they should feel sorry for the black citizens living in high rises?
Mknowledge08: whites need to realize their white priviledge
Mknowledge08: the govt.
Mknowledge08: did this
Mknowledge08: and it wasn't right nor fair
jtuab225: the government doesn't still do it
Mknowledge08: but the govt. didn't try and fix what they did at all
Mknowledge08: they gave whites a huge boost
Mknowledge08: and then slipped right on out
Mknowledge08: is that right?
jtuab225: no
Mknowledge08: when you see Blacks in the hood
Mknowledge08: know that it isn't necesarily THEIR fault
Mknowledge08: if Blacks got the same opportunity
Mknowledge08: if Blacks got to live in suburbs
Mknowledge08: whose to say things would be how they are now?
jtuab225: i know it's not necessarily their fault
Mknowledge08: then why are u blaming them
jtuab225: but i believe that it is in part their fault
Mknowledge08: for being poor
jtuab225: rims, cars, stereos, clothes, and drugs are their fault
jtuab225: i know not all black people waste money on that stuff
Mknowledge08: listen
jtuab225: but a lot do
Mknowledge08: the hood mentality
Mknowledge08: was caused by whites
jtuab225: how?
Mknowledge08: whites living in nice areas
Mknowledge08: Blacks not
Mknowledge08: whites flaunting their vast wealth
Mknowledge08: in Blacks faces
Mknowledge08: when you are poor and have nothing
Mknowledge08: and you see someone with everything
Mknowledge08: you envy them
Mknowledge08: and want what they have
Mknowledge08: so to make yourself feel better
Mknowledge08: you go out and buy it
Mknowledge08: but then u can't pay your rent
jtuab225: that's an irresponsible decision
Mknowledge08: yes it is
Mknowledge08: but look what it's based on
Mknowledge08: it's a weak mentality i agree with you
Mknowledge08: but you need to look at where it came from
jtuab225: i've never flaunted my wealth in a black community
Mknowledge08: you are ONE person
Mknowledge08: turn on the TV
jtuab225: i am
Mknowledge08: white wealth
Mknowledge08: is flaunted
Mknowledge08: in various ways
jtuab225: and one person is not going to stop institutional racism
Mknowledge08: so much emphasis is put on material objects
jtuab225: i will try to do my part
jtuab225: i have noooo problem with black people in general
jtuab225: i have a problem with irresponsible people, and that's including whites
Mknowledge08: ok
Mknowledge08: but u specifically called Blacks out
Mknowledge08: and that says something
jtuab225: i told you what would i thought would stop racism
jtuab225: or help to do so
Mknowledge08: and that would not work
Mknowledge08: there needs to be STRUCTURAL changes
jtuab225: i can't help that people don't want to make wise decisions
Mknowledge08: the system needs to change
jtuab225: such as?
jtuab225: how will the system change?
Mknowledge08: through a mass movement
Mknowledge08: people realizing how unfair the system is
Mknowledge08: and standing up in protest of it
Mknowledge08: structual changes include
Mknowledge08: affordable housing for all
Mknowledge08: free healthcare for all
Mknowledge08: free college tution for all
Mknowledge08: reworking public education
jtuab225: that sounds a lot like socialist ideas in effect in other countries
Mknowledge08: it is
Mknowledge08: they have free health care and childcare
Mknowledge08: in France
jtuab225: socialism and mass equality will not happen in the united states
jtuab225: they do
Mknowledge08: it can work
jtuab225: but they also have slums full of north african immigrants that are rioting throughout france
Mknowledge08: true
Mknowledge08: the govt. is acting up over there
Mknowledge08: and they are paying the price
Mknowledge08: and it's the same thing over here
Mknowledge08: the govt. is cheating a lot of people
Mknowledge08: and they need to be held accountable for that
jtuab225: is a revolution the only way to change?
Mknowledge08: structural change needs to happen
Mknowledge08: and the govt. isn't going to just magically be fair
Mknowledge08: so yes
jtuab225: even communist governments are not fair
jtuab225: and they don't last
Mknowledge08: that's due to people letting power go to their heads
Mknowledge08: truth is communism is not a bad thing at all
jtuab225: on paper
Mknowledge08: capitalism is a bad thing
jtuab225: people are power hungry, people are discriminatory, and people will do what they want if they have the power to do so
jtuab225: that's why communism doesn't work
Mknowledge08: i wouldn't say all people
Mknowledge08: the whites in power yes
jtuab225: and that's why "institutional racism" is evident
jtuab225: explain to me then the rwandan genocides
Mknowledge08: not everyone lets power go to their head
jtuab225: because there weren't very many whites involved in that one
Mknowledge08: that was caused by european imperialism
Mknowledge08: oh yes they were
Mknowledge08: european imperialism is extremely evil
Mknowledge08: and it destroys countries
Mknowledge08: and minds
Mknowledge08: and that's exactly what it did to the Africans
Mknowledge08: and countless others
jtuab225: did the whites make the hutus think that the tutsis were evil?
Mknowledge08: yes
Mknowledge08: the whites came in
Mknowledge08: and treated one tribe better than the other
Mknowledge08: gave more priviledges to one tribe and not the other
Mknowledge08: then the whites LEFT
Mknowledge08: left them alone to kill each other
jtuab225: the tutsis were viewed as foreigners long before colonization
Mknowledge08: listen
jtuab225: i'm trying to listen
Mknowledge08: i just told u
jtuab225: what about saddam's opposition to the kurds?
Mknowledge08: hmm
Mknowledge08: i'm not too knowledgeable on that
Mknowledge08: but i will say
Mknowledge08: the usa in iraq
Mknowledge08: is a damn shame
Mknowledge08: and very wrong
Mknowledge08: you don't invade countries that did NOTHING to you
jtuab225: it's a different issue
jtuab225: that had nothing to do with racism
Mknowledge08: well i'm not knowledgeable on it
Mknowledge08: so i don't know
jtuab225: it's ok
jtuab225: i'm just trying to prove to you that while in america, racism is a predominately white over black issue
jtuab225: but in other parts of the world, blacks impose racism upon blacks
jtuab225: arabs impose it upon christians and muslims
Mknowledge08: as a result of european imperialism
Mknowledge08: whites caused that
jtuab225: ok
jtuab225: so maybe we are a bunch of powerful racists who don't care at all about black people
Mknowledge08: collectively whites are
Mknowledge08: whites don't care about anyone but themselves
jtuab225: i think you need to look in the mirror at your culture before you condemn mine
Mknowledge08: before you get defensive
Mknowledge08: realize what i'm saying about whites IS true
Mknowledge08: you have no reason to be proud of your ancestors
Mknowledge08: realize that, acknowledge it
Mknowledge08: and be easy
jtuab225: my ancestors moved here at the end of the 19th century
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Reply Fri 11 Nov, 2005 12:54 am
@Brent cv,
the rest of the conversation panned out as her telling me that my family doctored my history to make me fell better, and that my german and welsh families that moved here during the late 19th century probably owned slaves. i'm not a racist, but ignorance overshadows all colors.
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Brent cv
Reply Fri 11 Nov, 2005 01:09 am
@Brent cv,
She believes that Bush caused 9/11 and it is a government conspiracy

She posted on another forum I go to but was banned because of obvious reasons.
0 Replies
Reply Fri 11 Nov, 2005 06:57 pm
@Brent cv,
I want her to IM me....I feel left out. I think I could speak a few things in the back of my mind to her, as long as she learns to type in complete sentences.
0 Replies
Reply Fri 11 Nov, 2005 09:13 pm
@Brent cv,
a couple articles I thought to be of interest...


Clicky 2

Clicky 3

The article that she wanted you to read brent was the worst thing I have ever laid my eyes upon, it was so one sided it was pathetic, not sure if you took the time to read it or not.
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Reply Sat 12 Nov, 2005 12:37 am
@Brent cv,
My head hurts after reading all that.......
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Reply Sun 13 Nov, 2005 11:34 pm
@Brent cv,
She's been drinking the coolaid for way too long! I laughed my ass off. Where does she get she cannot enforce here will? If i or any other slapped her, she would not defend herself. I dought that. She seems pretty intent on defending her premise of dismay! Can you ask her if I have chicano previledge, LOL? Never made it past the eleventh grade built and sold two business''s and am semiretired at fourty one? "only whites can be racist"
Also tell her i said nigger, nigger, nigger. Nice to know she thinks i cannot be racist? And if she calls me a spic i will enforce my minority hand on her minority ass, LOL. "jtuab225: what about kofi annan
Mknowledge08: who is that" And she has the balls to try and argue her point? Please tell her to join, i wanna piece of this action? It's evident she seeks out what she believes to be white stereo types to argue with, i wonder how her arguement changes with another race?
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Reply Mon 14 Nov, 2005 12:12 am
@Brent cv,
That was my problem with the whole WSAC thing.

It's ok for them to make the BSAC, because they're a minority. But I can't make a WSAC because it's racist to the blacks because they're a minority to us. But what about Asians? Is the BSAC racist to them?
0 Replies
Reply Mon 14 Nov, 2005 10:00 am
@Brent cv,
I would imagine so, it's blacks against the world.
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Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2005 11:01 am
@Brent cv,
So that black lady that told me the other day to learn some English or get in the river and swim back where i came from was not being racist cuz non-whites can't be racist?
Brent cv
Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2005 01:12 pm
JEB007 wrote:
So that black lady that told me the other day to learn some English or get in the river and swim back where i came from was not being racist cuz non-whites can't be racist?

0 Replies
Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2005 02:01 pm
JEB007 wrote:
So that black lady that told me the other day to learn some English or get in the river and swim back where i came from was not being racist cuz non-whites can't be racist?

I believe I'd have had to slap a hoe.
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Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2005 05:10 pm
@Brent cv,
Raceism will continue as long as people like Jess Jackson and Al Sharpton continue to abuse the use of the "race card" Yes, I agree that SOMETIMES it should be used, as racism is still a problem, however, it is NOT as huge a problem as they make it out to be. Unfortunately, the use of the "race card" makes me resent people of minorties, and that saddens me.

My beliefe, they don't want racism to go away, then what would they have to bitch about and use to ask for free handouts?
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Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2005 06:24 pm
@Brent cv,
I can't imagine a scenario where someone would need to pull a race card.
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Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2005 07:12 pm
@Brent cv,
What I meant were I am sure there are sometimes where some one IS discriminated because of thier race or whatnot, but its so hard to find the real problems because of how they say EVERY thing is because of race. As I said, they don't want raceism to go away. And I honestly beleive that.
0 Replies
Reply Wed 16 Nov, 2005 08:45 pm
@Brent cv,
Still. I can't see a scenario where someone should be able to pull a race card, or say, oh wait, I am black, and I should go, oh yeah, my bad.
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